Tip: Segment your email campaigns to increase conversions

A one-size-fits-all approach to emails will miss the mark with many of your recipients. Get more out of each email campaign by splitting your list into segments and sending tailored emails to each one.

Segmented email campaigns lead to 760% more revenue than unsegmented campaigns. The more segmented your list, the better the results. Get to know each subscriber with interviews and surveys. Listen to the language they use, the values they hold, the problems they're dealing with, and so on. And keep track of where they came from (funnels, ads, etc.). Then, using the information you've gathered, place them into segments and create tailored messaging for each. As those segments grow, you can divide them into increasingly granular groups. Many email tools like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp support segmentation, so start there.

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    You can also create segments based on captured analytics data, if you are capturing information on authenticated users. The classic example of this is the "left in cart" email campaign, but there are other campaigns that can be powered by quantitative data. Here are a few examples:

    • Tier / plan (to separate high-spend from low-spend users)
    • Age of account (Mailchimp has a "days since added" filter, other tools probably do too)
    • Accessing (or never having accessed) a certain feature
    • Total spend (useful for e-commerce sites or SaaS with usage-based pricing)

    You can do some great work when you combine the original post's "qualitative" measures (such as feedback obtained by interviews) with quantitative factors that can be determined programmatically. This also better enables the automation of segment creation, which in turn enables automated campaign delivery at the best time for each customer and lets you put some growth on autopilot!

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      💯 Awesome contribution, thanks!

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    Segmentation is key, especially when it comes to A/B testing.

    For segments that are related to title / role based audiences I designed a lead gen tool https://prospectrole.com that can help you find role based personas and their emails you can use within your segmentation strategy.

    just in case someone finds it handy. I am giving it away for free =)

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