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Using Stripe Atlas to form an LLC

Min Tran @mintran

I'm living in South East Asia and I'm considering forming an LLC in US so I could access to Stripe and its ecosystem. It looks like the LLC option is limited to US founders. Did they change the policy recently?

There're other similar services like ZenBusiness and Harvard Business but Stripe Atlas is the only service that has the ability to open a bank account on your behalf.

I'm looking forward to your advice!


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    Hi Min,

    Another good Stripe Atlas alternative for foreigners is They're less expensive and help with the bank account setup too!

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      Firstbase looks like a bettere option than Stripe Atlas! You are definitely better off with a wyoming llc rather than a stripe atlas C corp in Delaware

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      I'm looking forward to your advice @Mark_Milastsivy

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        Hey Min! We would be happy to help. Our LLC package is available to residents of any country. It normally takes 12-14 business days to get everything done, including all legal documents, EIN, and a bank account.

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          Thanks. I talked with Ksenia earlier today. I will apply in early 2019. Cheers!

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    I asked Stripe Atlas on Twitter and they said:

    You can still click through an open an LLC—you should be aware of potential tax complications as outlined here:

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    Wow! That's great. Glad to hear they now support LLCs.

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      They supported LLC since 2018. However recently LLC option is limited to US founders only.

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