Using Twitter questions to build a parallel community

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    What if there was another platform that did a better job of building communities? Does Twitter have a group function? I've not had an account there for over 10 years...

    I think there's more than what meets the eye as I see freecodecamp completely taking off from where it was just 5 years ago. It seemed to gain the most traction on YouTube and grabbing some recognizable channels to produce or show content on their channel. Instant communities.

    Hopefully, it's not misconstrued that I'm 💩on Twitter. I just don't find it a good platform to achieve goals for myself or many other organizations. I'm sure it's good for other individuals/groups.

    I can replace Twitter from your article, and it's just as valid and may have varying results. Thanks for sharing!

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      Twitter is a long grind. You have to keep trying different angles until you start getting traction. When you start getting traction (engagement) you can use your Tweet metrics to figure out what you did right. Once you figure out what you did right, double down on it and variations of it.

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        this is true... you have to experiment to find the right "fit" in a lot of these networks. +1.

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        If I'm someone who's starting from basically zero following, how do the initial tweets gain any traction? Do I need to load up on hashtags? Most of the accounts I follow in my space don't really use hashtags.

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    I refer to some of my Indie Hackers work here. 😇

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    Any tips or ideas for someone starting from zero on Twitter? I imagine if I ask a question like this, it won't be seen by anyone.

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