October 9, 2019

Wednesday Stand Up: What will you accomplish today?

What will you accomplish by end of October?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

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    Yesterday: launched the android app for the logo game

    Today: write blog posts

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      Wow, you're killing it!

      Congratulations with the launch.

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      grats on the launch

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        thank you!

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    By the end of October

    • Submit new macOS product "Process Describer" at the Apple App Store by the end of the month.

    • Release Vimalin 64 bits for macOS Catalina

    (breathing) .. coming up for some air.

    As apple released Catalina I had to switch gears and moved my priority to getting Vimalin released for Catalina ASAP.

    So have been working frantically to get past the existing hurdles. I have found that the 64 bits constraint isn't really an issue, but the new security protections added to Catalina aren't the best match for backup software.

    The main problem is that Vimalin is not allowed to read or write from all locations that a virtual machine might be running. The Vimalin user interface gets the proper security allowance popups, but the worker process does not trigger any of those popups. You can't "whitelist" that either. The worker process takes care of the actual backups and as such backups won't work if the VM isn't in a sanctioned disk location.

    Yesterday Trying to figure out the best solution for the worker process lack of entitlements. I ended up moving the process to the App bundle in order to make it share the entitlement of the GUI. That's part one of the solution. Also spent time on improving the build scripts for signing and notarization.

    Today Continuing to work on the security entitlement solution.

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    Yesterday: Added an auth feature to our frontend

    Today: Joined indiehackers to learn more and communicate with other startup founders.

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    OCTOBER: Launch better design/copy prelaunch landing pages for https://Enphuse.io.

    YESTERDAY: Added better accessibility to the site.

    TODAY: 1. Complete better accessibility implementation.

    1. Add open graph and basic seo integration for landing pages and blog posts.
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    Reached out to interviewees for sharing their own content within their networks.

    Reached 15% open rates(from previous 11%) for the second newsletter sent on weekend.

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    • 🏆 Earn & pay my overhead.

    • Help a client hit the 1st goal.

    • Launch a small pilot.


    • Edit pricing page copy.

    • Join a coworking space to get shit done in 60 days.


    • Do client work.

    • Re-draft pricing page copy.

    • Ship pricing page & pilot agreement.

    • PT job.


    Realized high level stuff was figured out, but the details were a little fuzzy. Uncertainty always leads a customer to a "No". I had to come up w/ answers for a few customer questions.

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    OCTOBER: finalize MVP and pursue solid sales leads

    TODAY: find a way to continue motivating myself. Posted a IH question about it. Help! https://www.indiehackers.com/post/need-motivation-organization-tools-4441b7d790

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    By End of October: my list of new features...chief among them is security at the moment

    YESTERDAY: Been working through setting up an OpenID provider (both for AA and for a new client with a big contract. Two birds - one stone)

    TODAY: Wrap up prototyping for Identity Provider solution and work it into client app. Then hopefully start the new project for AA. Still some items to work out but it's a solid platform and I like where it's headed.