October 18, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Oct 18th)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of Indie Hackers.

First, introduce yourself!

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For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 👇

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    Hi. My names Joel. I'm a self-taught software engineer from the North of England 🇬🇧

    I went from sales to software developer in a year and doubled my salary. 4 years later and I'm a mobile developer for an enterprise level SaaS company offering software solutions to the construction industry. That's my corporate life. I am currently working on a couple of side projects. I'm here to start, and I mean really start. No more stewing on doing it. Just do it. Be held accountable here and build some relationships with other like minded folks along the way.

    📝 TechPickle.com - My personal blog. It is currently a work in progress. I've been too busy trying to figure out the design that I have been neglecting writing. In true lean fashion I am just going to make a basic place to hold my posts and then build on it bit by bit as I learn and grow. I will be posting when it is fully launched with my first article. I will be covering an array of topics relating to tech, programming and product building. Alongside chronicling my journey of becoming a self-taught software developer, and through it, changing my life. I will also be working on different tech products through to completion and providing my insights, successes and failures I learn from along the way. Starting with Alexa skills.

    💬 30 day workout challenge - My first journey into building Alexa Skills. The title says it all. Voice is massive at the moment, so I thought this would be a great place to start for my blog/own interests. There are similar skills on the market but none with the ability to tailor workouts as far as I am aware. I wish I had started this when I originally planned. Would have been perfect for lock-down workouts, but its better to start late than to never start at all. My first step is to continue learning and building the skill before I move on to figuring out the right way to market it.

    📺 Learn how to create videos for YouTube. - My next progression into content creation. Once I nail the blog and hit is consistently, this will be my next challenge.

    ✔️ Finish the website.

    ✍️ Post consistently.

    💯 No matter what, enjoy the journey.

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    Hi all
    My name is Guillaume. I am actually working on a side project named Ninja Cookie with a friend. Ninja Cookie is an easy-to-use, free browser extension that rejects cookies and automatically removes cookie banners. The addon enhace web browsing experience and improve user privacy by opting out of advertising or tracking cookies.


    Now, the addon is published on Chrome, Firefox and Edge webstore. We want now to get feedbacks and tips to make the user community grow and maybe turn this side project into a pro project. So I'm here to read, learn and share :)

    Stay safe,

    1. 1

      Great product and outstanding landing page! Good job Guillaume :)

    2. 1

      Brilliant! I just installed for firefox and brave. Love the little cookie guy kicking the no button!!!!!!

      1. 1

        We designed Ninja Cookie to be useful and funny.
        So I'm really happy to read that :)

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    Hi everyone! I'm Hailey 👋

    I'm the cofounder of Growthmarketingpro.com - the largest growth marketing blog on the internet 🚀

    My partner Mark and I and built it into a 6-figure passive income business in 18 months with SEO alone (without spending a dollar on ads).

    We recently launched an SEO tool called GrowthBar 🌱 growthmarketingpro.com/growthbar/ to help others do the same.

    I'm here because we've got our first 70 paying customers for GrowthBar and we're in the weeds on a redesign and building something really exciting that no other SEO tool has done before -- we want to give back to the planet 🌎 by planting trees for every subscriber who signs up.

    We're so excited about it and I'd love to chat with the community and get some feedback as we are making product decisions along this journey.

    Let's grow stuff together!

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    Hello! My name is Daniel. Have been doing research and exploring happiness and productivity as part of Happyness By Design http://happyness.design/ would love to find out more about how people provide value to their audiences :)

    1. 1

      Awesome! There's a new community for audience building, you should check out: http://viralwegrow.com/

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    Oh HI! This is exciting. My name is Gabs and I'm from Lithuania.
    I'm currently running the whole marketing department of an IT startup myself, figuring out how to build sucessfull strategies, build community surrounding app development and improve efficiently as I go. It's been pretty hard, but I find my way using google mnostly lol.

    I am happy that I found this community, the best way to learn is with likeminded people help, right? ☺️

    So during work I do marketing, and off of it, I try to merge my extreme sports passion with marketing, produce engaging fun content, inspire women around the world to learn self defense and use their voice, as well push people to their limits and practise not overthinking stuff 😅

    I do also love to dance, I'm super into dancehall, afrobeats, hip hop. I enjoy creating events, creating visual projects and just being on the move.

    Hope too meet great people here 👩🏼‍💻

    In short, if you have a project or idea that involves dance, live performance, music, skiing, public speaking, marketing for a startup, marketing in B2B IT sector, application development - let me knowww. I am eager to learn and meet new people

    I know this is very broad, I hope to narrow everything to few passions, but while I have the energy, I don't want to miss a lot 🧗🏼‍♀️



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    Hi,I am a Student and I want to learn something in tech world.I found Web development suitable for me So I did html and doing css If you people wanna guide me ,it will be humble gesture . Thankyou :-)

    1. 1

      www.codecademy.com is a great place to start as it offers a lot of hand-holding to teach you the basics.

      https://www.freecodecamp.org/ is a fantastic free site with a mix of code challenges in your browser and project challenges you have to go figure out on your own. It's honestly a very fun resource for learning.

      Finally, you can't beat a classic YouTube video course.

    2. 1

      css is hard! I'll be interested to know if you have any favorite resources or techniques!

      1. 2

        I am watching tutorial from youtube
        And Practicing on phone because I don't have laptop.

        1. 1

          Sorry I didn't see the part about you coding on your phone. There are a few apps I used to use when I was on a bus. Check out 'SoloLearn' or 'Encode'. There are lots if you search 'Learn To Code' on the app store.

          Learning to code and sticking with it will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

        2. 1

          coding on a phone? Thats some hardcore difficulty for me, it works

        3. 1

          check w3schools.com they have a lot of resources

          1. 1

            I am trying to buy Laptop but due to financial conditions m facing problem

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    Hey - I'm a long time entrepreneur in the deep tech space. I've spent most of my career working on solving hard technical problems in data analytics and selling to large enterprise customers. I've recently started a few prosumer focused companies and am looking for help learning how to promote and scale products to individuals. I'm looking forward to reading all the amazing information and diving into the community.

    1. 1

      What is the deep tech you've been working on?

      1. 1

        I spent 15 years building analytic databases (Vertica), then Big Data (Cloudera), and large scale log analytics (Rocana, which we sold to Splunk). It was pretty challenging and exciting going from "how do we do fast queries" on what was in 2005 a huge dataset of 1TB to "how do we predict outages or intrusion attempts on a global scale" at Rocana.

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    Check this site to download and install aptoide https://apkrapido.com/aptoide/ for android phone.

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    Hi Rosie, you have been an inspiration. My name is Pallavai, and i am a founder at 5 elements learning. I coach people to write code and well learn along with them

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    Hi! My name is Joao Correia, I work in data & analytics in a PE firm and I also run Snowcatcloud.com, a Snowplow hosted event data pipeline as a service. Thank you @PedroVasconcelos for letting me know about this community!

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    Hello World !! hhhh , i love this words ! by the way my name's Mounir El bertouli , from Morocco , i 18 years old , Front-end developer , i have a passionate at Technology , my goal in this Year 2021 is to be a Full-stack developer, that's my big dream . And i am so happy to be here with you guys !! Best Regards Mounir El bertouli.

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    Akam here. Most everyone calls me A-K.

    I am a 26 year old Real Estate Investor based out of Washington D.C. that specializes in commercial real estate. I have flipped over 100 properties and own several apartment buildings. Technology has always been my passion since I was younger and now that I have traction in Real Estate, it is time to take the dive into building a tech business.

    I have a background in Sales, Finance, & RE. I enjoy putting putting teams together to execute on ideas. Creation is my happy place.

    Since beginning my entrepreneurial journey 5 years ago, I have kept a list of Tech ideas including SaaS, Marketplaces, & informational websites. Many of these ideas are app based & several are now in the AR/VR space.
    Of all these ideas, I am very passionate and determined to execute on one that I have been thinking about quite constantly this year.

    I am looking to meet other ambitious individuals in the tech space. I am here to help any of you in any way I am able.

    What I'm Looking for are elite developers that can build products from scratch, and understand the technicalities involved in such projects.
    I am very open to networking with individuals that specialize in any area. Feel free to reach out!

    Time to Build!


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    Hey I'm Norm and it's great to be here. I'm from Northern Ireland originally and I've been living in Australia now since 2009. I worked for a non-profit until 2016 and then started my own business. Moved from Sydney to Brisbane last year and I've had to take a full-time job at the moment while I get my business restarted on the side. The sooner I can break free from my employer and live the lifestyle dream the better! I'll share more of my story in an article.

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    Oh hi! I'm Dillan. This is quite intimidating. I'm quite new to the worlds of programming and business. I'm a life coach and I have a daily blog (dills.blog). My drive is to help others live healthier, more productive, more fulfilling lives...and I would love to use skills and lessons I've learned from this community to do that in more interesting and adventurous ways! Cheers!

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    Hi really excited to be here.
    I have been following this page for a while now and inspired to create something of my own.
    I curious to learn new things and that's why I am here.

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    Hey folks,
    I am an experienced JS developer, looking to consume some great dev comm content also share intresting personal discoveries

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    Hi, my name is Hasan Abdul. I was an aerospace engineering student and lost interest in the field because I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I love creating stuff. I'm very creative when it comes to solving problems, designing, and creating new stuff and most engineering fields don't really allow you to let your imagination run loose. So I decided to make the switch to computer science because I can't take my aerospace engineering knowledge and create a business or a side income out of it or pretty much do anything with it outside of the office. So I started to teach myself networking, linux, and other stuff such as active directory etc. I then realized that it didn't really allow me to create cool stuff. I always thought programming was super hard and took a lot of time to learn. It really isn't. Once I got the hang of networking picking up programming was pretty easy. However, as I looked around different tech fields I came across blockchain. I thought blockchain development was really cool so I did an entire course on blockchain development that took me from beginner to advanced and creating new blockchains on Hyperledger, Multichain, Stellar, Ethereum creating smart contracts etc. However, yet again, I couldn't really create anything besides a blockchain from scratch and it was all backend. I couldn't visually see my work and couldn't create a front end for it. So I just went ahead and watched 3 hours of html on youtube, did a course on front end dev which I did html a second time and learnt css, and then finally I'm currently doing a really good full stack dev course on udemy that's teaching me everything from html, css, javascsript, dom, api's, databases using mysql and mongodb, and even backend using nodejs. I'm also learning how to use front end frameworks such as react and bootstrap which I really like since I can be creative and make cool stuff.

    Currently, I'm trying to master these skills to create fun side projects and maybe even create cool blockchain based projects and use the skills I've learnt so far in programming. I tend to get creative at times and come up with a lot of project ideas. I usually write them down and I have about 30 projects I could do. Writing them down and coming back to them a while later helps me figure out if they'e viable or even good ideas and if they're not I cross them out instead of deleting them. I'm also writing a script for an open world game concept. Once I'm done this course which I'm sure will be the first of many, I'm planning on starting 12 projects in 12 months as well as freelancing to gain some experience creating stuff from other people's imagination and requirements. I'm here to get inspired and maybe even inspire and share concepts and ideas and one day maybe profit from these projects and find partners to work alongside with. Thanks

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    Hey folks! My name is Justin and I'm based in Salt Lake City in the United States.

    I primarily work in UX design but I'm looking to meet new folks on the technical side of things as I start my journey of considering building out my side gig.

    Look forward to learning and meeting everyone!

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    Hi Rosie, hi community,

    My name is Martin and contrary to most of you (as far as I browsed until now) I am not a developer. I know my way around basic coding but I am far from being proficient.

    Nevertheless, I find the whole premise of indiehacking extremely fascinating and am currently dabbling into meaningful posters for couples at thingstodoforyou.com 💖💖

    I am mainly looking for a community to keep myself accountable as well as potentially getting some feedback (if you are willing to share your thoughts with me, I would be ecstatic.

    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day! Happy to be here.

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    hello i m sizan sharia..i am a new lerner.so,i wnt to know more about web development.so help me find out my best for this work.

  21. 1

    Hi..... Am really delighted to be part of indie hackers .I am interested in app development of and I believe this will be a great step have made since I believe in potentially in here.

  22. 1

    Hello Rosie. Thanks for the welcome.

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    Hi, my name is Amir.
    I like finding problems and solve them with ideas , mentoring , some code and some selects...
    Working with : Mobile Apps , Games , AdTech , ML , Unity3D.
    10 years experience on large scale web apps - coding and product. Go/React/PHP/MySQL
    Here to help and share some thoughts :)
    My Current goal is Attrackt.io , working to stream line in-app purchase mobile scaling for mobile developers.

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    Hello. My name is Mo. I am a Full Stack Architect from CA, USA
    I am interested in Motivation & Positive impact
    #Parenting #Autism #Autismparents
    #learning, #Android, #technology, #Java, #JavaScript
    Check my Apps http://bit.ly/2YvcnZU

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    Hello all! My name is Laura and I'm based in the U.S. My team and I just launched vigtec (vigtec.io), a new mobile and web app that helps anyone, with any experience level, use algorithms to find investment success. A good way to think about it is if Spotify, Medium, and Yahoo Finance had a baby.

    I'm currently working on crafting an effective marketing and advertising mix for the product. In the past, I've done marketing for everything from restaurants and dog daycares, to HR technology and space management solutions. However, I've never marketed a mobile/web app before. I'm sure many on here might agree with me that the marketing and advertising landscape has changed quite a bit, even over the last few years. My goal over the next few months is to gain a full grasp of these changes and solidify a mix of strategies that'll help us scale our user growth to a level that'll enable us to seek out a Series A.

    I'm very excited to connect with fellow members, share experiences, exchange ideas, learn, and hopefully help some people along the way!

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    Hi, I am Oberon, a freelancer, with 10 years of experience in website projects, I has worked as a front-end engineer for an online game platform, a website planner & front-end engineer for an insurance company. From being a one-man studio, to specializing in front-end engineering and WordPress custom development, I have participated in various types of website projects. I founded Hellowp WordPress hosting service in 2017, gave a speech at WordCamp Taipei in 2018, and successfully uploaded my first plugin in 2019. This year, I continue to work on WordPress development, hoping to create more interesting web apps.

    My website is https://oberonlai.blog/en/

    Nice to meet you guys!

  27. 1

    My name is Nikhil Nair.

    I'm currently running a tech-community for an ed-tech startup myself, figuring out how to build sucessfull quality engagement.
    It's called G-tribe: https://g-tribe.greyatom.com
    "A Community committed to YOUR life long tech learning
    Request to Join"

    Really excited to learn(and possibly guide) different ways to successfully build a community :)

  28. 1


    I'm Fabian, and 18 year old builder from Sweden.

    My passion is to create. Mostly projects that does good for the world.

    Let's connect on Twitter, @fabianarbor, for more! :)

  29. 1

    Приветствую людей будущего! Вы уже там, хотел присоедениться.

  30. 1

    Hello, my name is Cosmin and I am a fresh member here on indiehackers.
    Love the community so far :)
    I recently launched https://funreaktor.com - a platform dedicated to meme and fun content, that shares its revenues with the users via dividends.
    Please check it out, I am looking forward towards your constructive criticism.
    It is my first project ever into production.

    Thank you in advance!

  31. 1

    I am Vishu . I work as a software engineer . I work on python and react .
    I am looking for a way out of corporate job and start my company or free lancing :)

  32. 1

    Hello World. That's how I was introduced to a lot of things ;)

    I am Vivek from India. I'm a college student studying computer science and very much interested in business / economics. I contribute to open source. I have been awarded as the Top Contributor for the year 2018 and 2019 @ freeCodeCamp.org.

    I also do some freelance side projects to help my family. The IndieHackers community will help me network with people. And one day I'll definitely build something huge by starting small, aiming high and eventually building huge.

    I'm @vkwebdev on Twitter and @vkweb on GitHub.

  33. 1

    Hey, Dan here. I'm a marketer with around 5 years of experience under my belt. I co-founded 2 businesses:

    🌶️ Chillital.com - a CRO (conversion rate optimization) consultancy agency focused on helping e-commerce owners and SaaS founders get more conversions from their existing traffic.

    🚀 Conversion-apps.com - a business focused on helping Shopify owners find the right apps for their stores as well as tips and tricks that can increase their conversion rates. Sharing is caring, so we write about tried and tested methods they can use to get more people to reach the Thank You page.

    But we don't just write about apps, we also build them. We are launching EZ Order Tracking, a blazing fast app that creates a tracking page on any Shopify Store.

    We are going to launch the app early December and so we created a pre-launch exclusive free plan. If you want to get on board, be sure to go to our website and sign up, there is a special offer waiting for you and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

  34. 1

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Balazs, and I'm a developer in Budapest. I love new technologies and try to learn something new every day.

    As a side project, I started to build an app to support my needs in video-based learning: https://moocnote.com
    This site gives you a distraction free environment for video based learning with note taking options.

  35. 1

    Hi all, really excited to be here. I have been following this page for a while now and inspired to create something of my own

  36. 1

    I am Md Abdul alim.
    I am a freelancer as a Lead Generation and CPA marketer. My work is lead Generating and CPA marketing so for collecting invalid lead your help is most important for me

  37. 1

    This is Asif..really want to go ahead with freelancing. My expertise are mainly based MS Office and MS Excel.. I have been working as a merchant in Karachi city for the last 12 years.
    One month back, I have completed/transcribed 50 jpeg/gif files in 7 days, as a part time, working 5-6 hours daily.

    I can merge multiple Excel files into a single file.

    Above is a brief intro of mine. Trial is mandatory.


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    Hi, Stuart Maxwell is my name. I live in Wellington, NZ and dabble on Python/Django projects in my spare time. I've just released https://djcheckup.com and have a bunch of other projects on the go. Starting to get more interested in networking to learn from others who also have the dream to support themselves with their side projects. :-)

  39. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Max. I'm a Computer Science student in my last semester at the University of Michigan. I would like to build something to solve the problems of STEM basic research having to do with funding, publishing and reproducibility. I'm interested in using the concepts of prediction markets and quadratic funding in this area, but I feel that I don't know enough about research and academia to know how to specifically solve their problems. If you have any experience in this area, please feel free to reach out! Thanks.

  40. 1

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Sameer Mehta and I'm a software engineer based out of Toronto, Canada looking to build some side projects and eventually a startup. I've been listening to the Indie Hackers podcast by for a while and thought that I would finally join the community and learn from y'all.

    Hopefully I can make use of the time saved from commuting to launch a project! Feel free to reach out and connect!

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    Hie Rosie Sherry and Everyone, My name is Bezel and I'm an IT student trying to figure out what the tech word has to offer.
    I'm very passionate and currently working on MongoDB as my side project and I hope I will come up with something with the great team around here

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    Hi. I am Olajide from Lagos, Nigeria. Recently caught the no code fever. I am here to learn about no code products and get inspired to build something myself

  43. 1

    Hi, I'm Jamesal an Insurance agent. I want to learn how to use the Digital marketing to enhance my career. I will be happy if you can get help from this platform

  44. 1

    Hi, I'm Fiqri Syah Redha from Indonesia. Currently I'm into fullstack web development with Express on back-end and Vue on front-end. I like TypeScript, but I can't harnesses it's potential power without knowing about architecture design, etc. I want to learn about system design but I don't know where to start and where to looking for resources. I hope I can find new ideas and inspiration here. Thank you.

  45. 1

    Hello, my name is emmanuel and a student, working and also learning frontend development. and also love to engage with others to create friendship. to share ideas and build great communities. and hello to everyone.

  46. 1

    Hi, Im a CS student and junior developer and I'm looking to build my knowledge and eventually launch my own SAAS product. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  47. 1

    Hello, I am a community builder based in Bekasi, Indonesia. Thanks!

  48. 1

    Hi Rosie and everyone, What a nice warm welcome! I have lost my teaching job due to closure of our Electrical Engineering department at our University. I want to learn Ecommerce from sunnyali, Digital Marketing, Web Development and Data Extraction... Need helpful tips and advice from pros..

    Currently I am focusing on Fiverr and F
    reelancer for Web Scraping and Data Extraction jobs to generate some easy income...need support and guidance here..

    I have also started to build a tech blog using WordPress basics
    And another 3D printing and designing and manufacturing site

  49. 1

    Hi Rosie. I'm an Architect from Nigeria and I'm looking to get independent contractor gigs with firms and clients from countries like the U.S and the U.K. Any help or advice is welcome. Thanks

  50. 1

    Hi community! If anybody here needs help with business model validation, fundraising and related disciplines, don´t hesitate to let me know. I run a small startup-bandwidth-aplifier firm called J/C (http://jcvc.info/) that has recently gone through pretty successful cases with new ventures. Stay safe!

  51. 1

    Hi my name is Zak. I'm from the Caribbean and I think there's opportunity for me to create local spinoffs of popular apps. I'm an electrical and computer engineer by day but I truly am passionate about web design because it has benefits for both entrepreneurship and employment scenarios. I am focusing on developing using the mern stack primarily because there are so many full project tutorials online and for me doing projects is the only way I'll understand and learn. Any advice is appreciated and I don't mind helping as I grow.

  52. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry Is there a way to bookmark posts, or to save them to read later? I voted one up because I liked it but wasn't able to find my vote history, is there something like that? thanks

  53. 1

    Hi everyone I graduated on 2018 as a Computer Science Engineer in El Salvador, that's Central America, I would like to start a business in web development, so I want to get started with Gatsby, I first got into JS, now I'm into react to my way to Gatsby, glad to be a part of this community

  54. 1

    Hey, my name is Jigme and I am from Bhutan. I am currently majoring in computer science. I am learning MERN stack. I'm hoping to find inspiration and new ideas on indiehackers.

  55. 1

    Hi, I am President of "Digital Skills Rainmaker Club" with a seft-service on line of Professional Education. https://sites.google.com/view/imritech/accueil

  56. 1

    Hi! After some time floating around this world without really diving in, I finally followed the crumble path all the way here and I'm very happy I did so. This seems a very welcoming community.
    About me: Im a designer, did some work in innovation consulting but I'm itching to make stuff. Still unsure of what to create, though. I'm sure you'll help me figure it out!

  57. 1

    Hi, I'm Olamide, I have few projects I'm working on to be able to upgrade my skills and I am here to learn more in this journey of software development

  58. 1

    Hi, my name is Aleksi. As a recent first-time co-founder, I am glad to have stumbled upon this awesome community. I look forward to learning from my fellow indie hackers and contributing myself in return. A few minutes into my membership, I already feel better prepared for the exciting challenges we all face.

  59. 1

    I m here to manage clients for typing work

  60. 1

    Hi I am Volcan from Turkey. I have been doing motion graphics for 2 years and want to get into VR & AR industry. I am using 3D & 2D editing, animation and modelling software.

    Besides, I am here to chasing development and entrepreneur community closer.

    Keep in touch twitter: @volfcan :)

  61. 1

    Hi I am interested in work of computer

  62. 1

    I'm a digital explorer, just published my first landing page, and am excited about information discovery across a number of domains.


  63. 1

    Hey, I'm Simon, an entrepreneur, working on my 2nd start up EvantoDesk.com. I'm an engineer, an applications developer - love building apps, love connecting with people in a similar space - love learning new skills and better ways of doing things!

  64. 1

    Hi, I'm Bruno a Software iOS and Rails enginer from Belgian. Developing by night when I doesn't sleep my own products.

  65. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    After joining various other app metrics platforms, App Annie, CrunchBase, Sensory Tower etc I just found your wonderful site with the story of Cron-o-meter, which fit perfectly with what I'm learning on my MSc in entrepreneurship. I could really value the resources on Indie Hackers. Thank you for creating this.

    Best regards
    Hearth - Nutrition

  66. 1

    Hi, I'm Arsal. I'm a Software Engineer interested in Web Development on PHP(wordPress and Laravel) and .Net(Core and MVC).

  67. 1

    Hi, I'm Ben. I'm a software engineer interested in building SaaS products

  68. 1

    Hi all,
    My name is Mike Zyeman. I am currently working in a software engineering company, but recently its beginning to frustrate me, so I am beginning working on my other projects, that can help me and maybe could help others for different kind of problems.

    I'm interested in all kinds of development, mainly front end development. I see my future in it, because its either creative and logical at the same time. I am grateful for everything I learn. Even when Covid is trending, Ill make sure I am educate myself further and further

    Stay safe everyone,

  69. 1

    Hi there! I'm a career public school educator who stepped away from a regular paycheck and summers off to start my own online business. I was guided to this awesome platform and community and I'm excited to be a part of it. Thanks!

    1. 1

      :) thanks for the follow!

  70. 1

    Hi there! I am Semilore and I am a fullstack web developer. I joined indie hackers to rub minds with other developers and hopefully work on cool projects. Am just trying to level up my skills as much as possible

  71. 1

    Hi there! My name is Maxim, I'm an iOS Software Engineer, develop own applications. Also interested in SaaS marketing and development.

  72. 1

    Hi am Nath and am on my way to becoming a better react js developer before December 31st 2020

  73. 1

    Hi I am Arnab! A content marketer and SaaS marketing enthusiast. I am here to connect with you all SaaS owners and marketers to learn and grow. I also aspire to create my own SaaS product oneday :D

  74. 1

    I'm Divyanth Jayaraj (32, M) , a software engineer from Bengaluru, India. I joined indie-hackers because I was fired from my job as a software developer at a company I loved and cared about. Having met all of my financial obligations and then some; and having worked for more than six years in total (2 in this company), I have finally decided to break out of the pattern of getting hired and getting fired in software companies.

    The biggest problem I face as an employee and in general, is that I am an aspie and don't comform to traditional social norms. Although I struggle with socializing, building and maintaining relationships, I have the ability to learn things and hyper-focus to get difficult tasks done. As you can see, it is this ability that let me find all those jobs in the first place. Now, as someone who has no idea what an "aspie" is, you might be thinking that it's just a case of not having social skills; and that my problems can be solved simply by learning them. To that, my answer is this; Learning social skills is what led me to stay at this job for two whole years. No matter how much I overcame my aspie nature and "learned" social skills, getting fired is an eventuality for me. Maybe, I'll last for 3 years the next time I improve my social skills. Maybe it's 4 or even 5. To me, extending the timer on the ticking bombs that I have for jobs is only worth it, so far. Now that I've put myself in a luxurious financial position where I can last for about a year without a job and then cash out my investments for the rest of my life if I could live frugally, I have decided that the time to break out of this cycle is NOW.

    I have a number of options as to what I could do, some of which include being an indie hyper-casual game developer or being crypto trader.

    I'm hoping to find inspiration and new ideas on indiehackers.

  75. 1

    Hey all, I am Thanos and I am the founder of SROP. I am a software engineer by trade, this is my second attempt at a SaaS venture. srop.co is a safe and secure way for businesses to exchange sensitive information with third-parties and vendors. Right now, I am looking for advice on validation.

  76. 1

    Hello! My name is Lucas and I am the Co-Founder of Zendit. Our mission is to build the best email experience of all time! Email hasn't changed in over 50 years and I was wondering what aspects of email you hate the most?

    We believe that email should be about creating relationships rather than filtering threads.

    Check Zendit out: https://zendit.io/ . Would love your feedback!

  77. 1

    Hey Guys, I am a Software developer and wanted to start a side hustle in form of Saas product. I hope indiehackers community will help me learn in this new area. All the best

  78. 1

    Hi, my name is Priya and I am from Singapore. I am new to the world of startups. I love the experiences people share in this community and looking to learn from them.

  79. 1


    My name is Madhan, co-founded number of saas startups and saas inbound marketer. My saas startups are myreviewninja.com, coldemailninja.com,signaturehero.com and two are under development. All of my saas makes 5k-12k MRR and fully depending on organic inbound leads. Love this community and want to learn from you guys and give back by sharing my growth strategies. I also have a book SAAS inbound bible, which became best selling book for a week in Amazon.in. my book did Ok in sales but I didn't promote as much as I should. Maybe I am not passionate on book promotion or something. Most of our saas got lots of sales and demo from our content focused on customer pain points like how to get reviews on vitals.com site, and doctors signup with us. Similarly my coldemailninja focused on helping Marketing agency pain points. We are getting agency sign-ups. I'm excited and sharing my thoughts. But will keep you posted more. Love you all. I'm from Tamilnadu, India and the same place where Freshworks, Zoho, kissflow, etc born.

  80. 1

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Jeremy, I am the founder of two fintech startups and, when I find some time, I am also building a side project.
    My goal is to get founders to stop arguing about startup names... and test them with the market instead. Check it out on https://namefixer.co
    I have been reading posts and interviews for a while now and I find the community super inspiring, I am looking forward to be more involved.

  81. 1

    Hello fellow indie hackers,

    my name is Michael and I am just starting my first SaaS business for Poker Analysis (check it out: https://3betfold.com).
    I am already impressed of the incredible support and openness of this community and can't wait to participate.

    Stay safe,

  82. 1

    Hey folks,

    My names Moe and im starting my 2nd business online looking forward to reading indiehackers for tips and tricks and support.


  83. 1

    Hello all,

    My name is Oskari and I am looking forward to learning from and contributing to this community. I recently established myself as a co-founder in a startup so I will also be looking for peer-to-peer support and tips.

  84. 1

    Hi fellow Hackers!

    I am Ikhtiyor and I am a backend developer based in Netherlands. Here I want to get motivation to focus and keep building awesome things.

    Good luck everyone!

  85. 1

    Hi fellow Indie hackers!

    My name is bash and I am a frontend developer currently based in Prague.

    For a few years now, I have wanted to start working on my own product / business but I kept procrastinating by saying that I don't have "a good enough" idea to build and that since I have to work full time, I wouldn't have enough time. I discovered indie hackers earlier this year but I postponed signing up, thinking that I would do so when I finally have something to show. But I decided now that I am not waiting any longer.

    The biggest challenge for me is to stay focused. Even though I wanted to start in the past, I didn't want to stop any of the other things that I worked on in my spare time (my blog https://bash.lk, home automation, travel) I kept thinking that I could juggle all of them at once but that never really worked. So from today, I will focus only on this, because I really value being able to work on my own projects and owning my work and having more freedom over my time so that I can take longer time off to travel / do new things.

    I still don't know exactly what I am going to build but I have been learning recently that it is better to start with an audience rather than an idea. So I am going to put my list of ideas aside and start keeping an eye on spaces where developers (specifically react/frontend developers) hang out to find what they struggle with and see if I can build something to help them. My goal, which sounds very ambitious at this point, is to create a product that generates more than 1000USD by the end of next March.

    With all that said, I look forward to being a part of this great community!

  86. 1

    Amazing personality

  87. 1

    Hi friends! I'm Mateja, currently working as a React developer at jolausa.com. What's more, I am an aspiring entrepreneur and my newest project https://learn-ed.web.app was inspired by people around me who wanted to get into programming. My goal is to grow the app into a distributed learning platform, empowering people and communities around the world.

  88. 1

    Hey everyone I am Mpho and I will like to start a cosmetics company but I am still at varsity doing my first year. I will like to learn on how to start up a business.

  89. 1

    Hey everyone, l'm running a content marketing agency and I just want to get more engaged with like-minded people. Let me know if you have any content related questions!

  90. 1

    Hey there, I'm Alex!
    I'm an industrial engineer from Canada learning to code so I can build products to fill the many gaps in my field that is definetly lacking programmers. I hope to get some meaningful insights from community members that didn't start their path in cs or se. Cheers!

  91. 1

    Hello IH-universe:

    I have been coding for 20 years; worked at many startups -- and have a wide variety of skills. I have always wanted to hone my own balance so I could reap the rewards of my own skills. And now I'm here...


  92. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm a very tech savvy product guy, and I love to get my hands dirty. Vurrently working on a live-streaming app, I'm quite interested into building a valuable network where ideas can be born throughout discussions and knowledge excchange.

  93. 1

    Intermediate Web Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in HTML Scripting,Javascript, Typescript, Angular7+, react,Node and azure.

    i am here to learn from experts.

    i want to become full stack experienced javaScript engineer. don't know what to follow and which are good practices.

    Currently i am working as freelancer, but want to quit from daily bidding communicating with client, in short want to make passive income source.

  94. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I'm very excited about this community. I have a PhD in Mathematics. I am at some point in my life where I would like to take a new direction and a fresh start. I don't like my job right now, and I have decided that I should build a business myself.

  95. 1

    Hello guys,
    This is Sampath Vinayak. I'm a postgrad student interning as a business analyst. I found IH a few months back and been hooked on to it ever since. I'm great at taking initiatives but bad at sticking to them! IH gives me the inspiration to finally take charge and start working on my ideas and keep at it.

  96. 1

    I am a technical turned business person, bootstrapped a successfull startup, cofounded another startup. Now looking for new opportunities. Happy to help with business side of things.

  97. 1

    Hi everyone, I am excited about this community! I am a Computer Science PhD candidate specializing in AR/VR and automotive computing and also work on side projects in my spare time. I look forward to learning from you and also sharing my insights about my work!

  98. 1

    Hello Everyone,
    i am Software developer, currently working for a company,
    i'm looking to span out and make some side saas projects, been refered to this group from @jaketran33 youtube video.

    i am glad to be part of this community.

  99. 1

    Hello everyone, I am a computer engineer! Being an engineer sometimes makes it harder to be creative, but I am seeking for an idea that can help me to fill-up my remaining time meaningful and fun work!

  100. 1

    Hey there Indiehackers! I'm very excited to be joining this community.

    I started a small software agency (Nevron) and I'm a full time student studying International Creative Business in The Netherlands.

    On the side i'm building an app that lets you create dynamic links, QR codes and NFC tags.

    I look forward to learning from you and sharing whatever I can.

    If there are any hackers that would like to exchange feedback, ideas or connect, please reach out!

  101. 1

    Hey there, I am Onur. Indie hacker and owner of a One Man Person company (for legal reasons in my country).

    I am working on side projects and client work. My latest project is heeey.app but website is not ready yet. I am open for new ideas, co-founding and suggestions for landing page. Just say hey on my twitter @onurgenes.

    Thank you!

  102. 1

    Late 30’s. Family. American expat in Japan. Transitioned to web developer two years ago. I want to use my software skills to support my family, myself, and the community. Looking to learn from (and hopefully share) product successes and failures. Most of all, just ready to get the journey started.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 3 days ago.

  103. 1

    Hi! Glad to meet you!

  104. 1

    Hey guys! I am an aspiring digital marketer in SaaS community. Looking forward for collabrations with SaaS organizations.

  105. 1

    Hi guys, I'm Shajid and thanks to this wonderful community <3. Well, I'm studying to be a React JS developer, thus I came here to read all you success stories to get stay motivated on my on-going journey. Stay pumped.

  106. 1

    hey marcus hey hows everyone

  107. 1

    Hey, I am a student developer and love to make tech products for everyone and anyone!

  108. 1

    Hello, I'm a first time founder, non-tech founder, record-holding sales/marketing person who is here to expand my knowledge and network in tech. I am excited to help where I can, when I can, how I can, since I am simply hardwired that way. Some things that make me special are: I see paths that most people don't, I find value where others don't, I am honest to a fault, I am realistic, and I am always willing to tell you exactly what I think. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of or strategize with, I'd love to help you out!

    I have posted as to what I need help with, thank you -Rick

  109. 1

    Hello im a computer engineer now venturing into Commercial filmmaking and want to specialize in commercials for startups and kickstarter campaigns
    Im based in Los Angeles and open to travel.

  110. 1

    Hello world I’m korede a self taught junior developer

  111. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 days ago.

  112. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 days ago.

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