What are good places to advertise your product before posting on HN or Product Hunt?

I’m looking for places that could generate a moderate amount of traffic to test and prepare, but haven’t found many places. So far:

  • Reddit: r/selfpromote and r/startup have threads

  • lobste.rs: This one requires an invitation to post

  • hubski: smaller community but very engaging people - great for early feedback

Anyone had any other that would be worth sharing?

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      Thanks for adding Fifty to the list!

    2. 2

      Thank you for the list.
      Dang, I only know Hackernoon and Beta List lol

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        Welcome. No problem buddy, Hope this list helps you in some or the other way.

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      Hackernoon is definitely a great place to get feedback! Aside from publishing a story there, you can also post about it the Hackernoon community portal - I was able to get crucial feedback from the founder of Hackernoon himself by doing that!

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        Yes hackernoon can be really great source of traffic as well as feedback

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      This is invaluable! Thanks so much!

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      I noticed most of these have sponsorship options or other paid options to get approved faster. Has anyone tried these options and had any luck with them?

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    Since we've recently launched on PH I'm starting to have a process on how to optimize a launch... Including a list of places where sharing your product/solution could make sense:

    Planning to make a complete guide on IH explaining how we prepared our launches, where and how we posted our content, and more... Do you think it would be valuable/relevant for you?

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      That sounds very valuable.

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      That would be extremely helpful. Checking google on that topic doesn't good any meaningful or pragmatic answers. Thanks for sharing this list!

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        It is indeed always the same content: "Follow PH rules, have a set of pictures, ..." But it usually does not give an actionable plan that can be used right away :)

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    Hey @m15o, you can submit your project to SaaSHub. You won't get too much traffic bur rather a small amount of relevant traffic. Links to your project are "do follow". However, only tech products are approved.

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      Thanks for that! Quality vs quantity is definitly what I'm looking for in terms of traffic.

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      I submitted tractific.com but got almost 0 traffic. What should I do?

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      Submited 2 of my projects, I like the process of submitting it. By the way, to get started did you scrape any other software suggestions directories? Because I saw a competitior that was out of the market for more than a year.

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    I run a problem validation platform - https://needgap.com, where people post the problems they have; If your product solves any of the 'problem' you're welcomed to explain what your product does and link to it in the discussion.

    e.g. https://needgap.com/problems/30-getting-things-done-at-individual-level-productivity-taskmanagement

    P.S. Please be informed that its problem first site, so a 'startup idea' is not allowed to be posted directly unless it's in the discussion for solving a particular problem.

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    When I was launching One Word Domains, I posted about it here as a "soft launch" - partly to get some feedback from the IH community, but also to share my journey. It worked pretty well - I still get users coming in through that post every now and then.

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    This is what I did:

    1. Post of relevant subreddits related to your product. Since my product Blanq targeted marketeers, I posted on marketing subreddit and got to the front page. I got about 15 signups that day and great feedback.

    2. Start a blog and post articles in various online communities rather than submitting a link to your app. I would recommend listicles since they are easy to write and share.

    3. Learn SEO and optimize all your pages. I have at least 1 signup per day through Google and Bing.

    4. Stay active on IndieHacker - Contribute, help others, get noticed. My recent customer came via Indiehacker :)

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      I had a look at r/marketing subreddit guidelines. They seem to be against product/website reviews. Were you an active member and it was allowed ?

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    You can post on Reddit in r/SideProject & r/webdev on Saturday otherwise, they will remove it. I saw some good traffic from both the subreddits I also posted in r/notion as my app is related to it.

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