What are 'normal' long term retention rates?

It looks like after about 1-2 weeks 95% of the users that try my product are dropping off...

I think the problem I'm having here is:

  1. maybe they're not seeing the value (my fault)
  2. maybe it's a UX/UI issue or bugs or key missing features.
  3. maybe they don't need this product.

I'm trying to figure out which one...

but what are NORMAL retention rates for successful apps. 20% ? 50%?

can anyone provide some feedback here?


  1. 1

    Also, you should ask what the quality of the audience going to your app is. Are they relevant? e.g. targeting 12 year old girls for a betting website would give you a similar drop off rate :D

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    Can you give a bit more background info about the product Kevin?

    For example:

    • Are these users paying or free?
    • Is this a free trial and they drop off at eg the two week mark when they would have to pay?
    • What's the magic moment? (the first time the user really gains value from the product and says "ahha, that's why I signed up, awesome!"
    • What's the difference in usage pattern between the users who churn and those who don't? Do the 'good' users see some results the others don't, for example? Or take an action which the others don't?

    Without that info, it's impossible to give you an example of a 'normal' retention rate which would be close to applicable for you...

    I've seen apps with a <1% retention rate turn into massively successful businesses, and apps with a >70% retention rate fail...

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