Course Creators September 4, 2020

What are the best resources for course creators?


Hi all,

I'm interested in learning more about the needs of online course creators. Can you share your thoughts on:

(1) What are some online communities where online course creators hang out? (other than this group, which is excellent!)

(2) What are the best blogs / newsletters for online course creators?

Thank you.

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    You can check also from an IndieHacker (don't have his handle right now)

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      Hey @aqui_c, thanks for the mention!

      I'm glad you've found the newsletter helpful to be sharing it! :)

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    Twitter is a great resource, and a good place to find and connect with online course creators. You might want to check out the followers of online course platforms such as Podia, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.

    Also, a couple of my favourite blogs about online courses:

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      Hi @Merott thanks for the mention 😊

      @ryanh1 My email is on my profile. Let me know if you want to talk sometime. Also, let me know if you'd like to see content on any specific topics.

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        Thanks Brian. Let me look at your site, and I may reach out after that. I appreciate your helpfulness.

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      Thank you, Merott.

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