Content Creators July 13, 2020

What are you working on right now?

Joe Previte @jsjoeio

All of us are either currently creating content or want to start soon so my question is, what are you working on right now?

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    I'm working on a blog post that recaps a recent feature launch that did $10k in sales over a weekend. What worked, lessons learned, twitter strategies, etc.

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      😲 Incredible that you have included also Stripe integration. Congrats on sales!

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    I recently wrote a post called "How to Learn Quickly". I'm working on adding a free download cheatsheet, which summarizes the "Fast Framework" discussed in the post. I want to use that to grow my email list and see if people would be interested in a longer form (ebook) of this topic.

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    I've been working on my newsletter The Slice

    To put it short, I curate and showcase SaaS, apps, extensions, podcasts, other newsletters and blog posts for founders, devs, and makers to use on their own projects!

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      I'm a subscriber to your newsletter. I think it's really great!

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      Hey this looks awesome, but may try to add some spacing between the lines so it is easier to read.

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        Thanks, I'll take a look at it. What device are you using?

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    • free curated email goes out today
    • finish up 2nd article for paid subscribers
    • I have a Notion resource for my paid subscribers too, enjoying building it up

    All 100% focused on community building.

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      I love the sound of that - "Rosie Land" 😄

      I will be curious to hear your thoughts on paid newsletters (assuming this is a new project). I keep hearing about them and my curiosity is piqued.

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    Working on a couple of things

    1. A free online portfolio
    2. A standup slack bot
    3. On-boarded a new intern
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    I recently started Footsteps HQ on Instagram:
    Footsteps HQ presents business concepts and principles in simple and insightful snippets.

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    Building a subscription-based community that helps content creators earn money from sharing their content.

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    Hey Joe! Nice to see you here! ✌️

    I'm working on a few things:

    1. I want to build a travel blog but it's still in progress. Currently, I'm writing the first article for it about digital nomading in Bali.
      And I've revived my travel Instagram and started posting there as well:

    2. I'm building a service/community for learning in public. It's going to be a platform where you can share your learnings and peer up with other people. And I also plan to add some features to keep the habit going like streaks etc.
      So far I launched a simple landing to try to collect some emails for the launch:

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      Hey Dmitrii! Nice to see you here too 😄

      Nice! I will have to keep an eye on the second project. I love the sound of that. I've always thought about building something similar but never gotten around to it. I'm excited to see where it goes!

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        Thanks! If you have any feedback or requests I'd love to hear it! :D

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    I am working on my recent no-code newsletter. Just checked right now already 20 subscribers 😮

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    I'm working on so content creators such as yourself can enjoy selling their digital products on the marketplace :)

    Just finished up the designs and moved into development.

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    Working on some solutions for home-schoolers and distance learners, as I predict a surge of those coming this Fall :)

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    I am working on a startup game development company called "Norse Development Studios." We are also working on our first game called "Ragnarok: The Village." Its a very slow process, but trying to workout everything business is a pain. I'll definitely be seeking a mentor for that aspect. We have been mainly focusing on the game, however once the game is getting close to launching is when we plan on getting a lot of the business side done (at least trying too).

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    Building a telegram bot to replace email verification.

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      Oo this sounds neat! I'm surprised something like this doesn't exist, but I like the sound of it!

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    Currently working on AWSMAG - A weekly newsletter about AWS. Also looking into some of my opensource projects mainly in javascript.

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    I am building Startup Sanctuary. We help creators and entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses.

    Content creation makes up a large part of our marketing strategy at the moment. Consistently pushing out new content each week as well as building community and fostering a space where creators and entrepreneurs grow together is our main priority right now.

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      I like this. It is awesome. However i have 1 thing about your website. It is not responsive on phones. I love the idea though. Keep up the good work.

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        Thanks very much @The_Fallen. I appreciate the feedback. A website re-build is on the agenda soon. Appreciate this ;)

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          Not a problem bud. It's what were here for. I still have to build mine, so id hope for someone to tell me too.

  16. 2 - a text-only network centered around the idea of a virtual pub.

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      This is really cool! Do you have a specific audience you are targeting?

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    Working to set up my tech blog and maybe some automation to my Instagram account as well, so it will auto-post the preview to my Instagram account.

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    I am building a community knowledge base for BJJ, leveraging what I have already built with

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    I am working on a Fantasy Football API. This is the second product I'm releasing on my site and it's been tough managing product dev on a second product while also maintaining and marketing my first, but it's also been fun.

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    Creating my weekly newsletters for - HTML themes made easy as pie 🥧

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    I'm working on the new version of . Basically, I'm updating the infrastructure to go serverless, update the chatbot and app UI as well as preparing the underlying data structure for adding more form types like API Forms, Wizards, etc.

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    Hey Everyone! Greetings to all my fellow Makers/Hackers/Nomads!

    I've been a "maker" for a couple years now, I'm always tinkering with something. I also have many other facets of work/learning/personal/side projects. Most of my time, I spend working in a browser or other app. Basically all of my writing, development, designing, community involvement (like IndieHackers), and personal browsing is done in a browser.

    I started to get overwhelmed with all of the things I was working on and even just the daily chaos that was working/using a web browser for everything. I always had way too may tabs open, I lost things regularly, and got distracted constantly. I tried to keep myself organized but I was frequently side tracked by other work and urgent tasks.

    I thought, there must be a better way. After reading about productivity strategies and trying other apps to keep myself focused, productive, and efficient I decided I needed a better solution. General "project management" and productivity apps weren't working, I was still facing the same problems just within another app in my tool case now.

    So, I started building Partizion. The main methodology that productive people employ (and is the foundation on which Partizion was designed) is that multitasking is 1. impossible and 2. less efficient.

    The more you "partition" (see where I got the name from?) your work, and focus on the task at hand, the more efficient and productive you can be. You'll finish tasks faster, you'll stay on track to complete your daily checklist/goals, and you'll be able to pickup where you left off or switch contexts/tasks much more easily.

    I built this methodology right into Partizion. You can separate your work, create groups of tabs for projects/tasks/daily habits and open them with one click. Partizion is still in its early stages but I have committed to developing Partizion into the tool that should have come standard with every web browser.

    If you have some free time, I'd love for you to check it out and let me know your thoughts. I'm open to all feedback + suggestions!

    Happy Making/Hacking :)

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    I'm working on a mobile progressive web app creating some budgeting software

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    Presently writing a series of tutorials for installing Pixelfed on Opalstack shared hosting. There are various moving parts, so it's a good case as a demonstration of various ways to get things done on our system.

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    Testing content distribution methods for a client. Want to see what works best - plus, organizing my content for repurposing of an interview series I've been doing.

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    Discover accessibility issues without having to open the browser's console. See logs in a toast notification format and find out issues you didn't know existed.

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    Tweaking Tabler Icons according to comments I've received in. the past three days.

    Not everything that users mentioned will be implemented but there are few interesting things that could be implemented.

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    I been trying out different authentication solutions for my application Guider. My app is a NextJS app and I've I tried out Cognito from Amazon and Auth0 so far.

    Cognito was easy to set up but their SDK's documentation and support for SSR is lacking. My hope was to launch with just the the default hosted UI but the customization options they support are very lackluster. I would have to roll my own login/signup forms to launch with this solution and wait for SSR to roll out from their preview release

    Auth0 was also very easy to set up and their UI customizations are more robust. I can very well launch with just their default hosted UI and easily transition to a fully custom solution.

    From a back-end perspective both integrated pretty seamlessly with Hasura with JWT tokens.

    So. far Auth0 looks like best solution for developer experience and UI

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    Just built a landing page to validate idea for my app – This is autocomplete for JIRA tickets. Especially useful for QA Engineers who create dozens of same-looking tickets every day.

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    Working on social media visuals to explain the mental models at

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    I'm building a place where you can post your startup to attract early adopters and collect feedback. To increase traffic I'm working on a blog, currently on

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    The next release for Neatly, moving it to MDP phase.
    Adding bulk uploads, syncing, easier sharing & collaboration and most important, an onboarding wizard!

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    Being back after a while, my companion and I reviewed (pun unintended, but let's keep it here) our ReviewDodo platform idea. We're currently turning it into a - hopefully - innovative review marketing platform with a new view on reviews, and how to boost your (webshop) sales with them. We're finalizing our plans soon so I'm sure I'll be posting about it more in the near future!

    As of now, we're implementing a lead page and figuring out a way to get (not so much the most, but rather high quality) leads which have a buying-intention. As currently, it'll be an opt-in lead page, because we're trying to learn ourselves to not actually build a product, rather validate if people want it first.

    Regarding to that, if any of you have experience in this, all feedback about how to set up such a landing page is obviously welcome :-) happy to learn.

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    I' m still hacking away on Fifty.

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    I'm working on Inciteful Newsletter. One curated business podcast episode per week with notes to help you decide if it's worth listening to.

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    I just finished a guest blog post for a twitter connection and I am trying to finish drafts of few posts that I have pending for a long time for my own blog.

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    I just published a collection of 40 SEO case studies - need to start marketing it now.

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    I'm nearly done with some research on landing pages, related post here, and I'm now planning on writing this up and sharing asap. I tend to be apprehensive when writing and sharing so I'm trying to focus on getting better at this

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    Working on a short newsletter about evidence based ways to live a healthier way to support my app which will help people understand how to care for their holistic health.

    Here is my newsletter -

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    Glad you asked, Joe! 😄

    Tabbs for Chrome ( - A lightweight tab switcher for Chrome.

    Decided to launch a couple of small productivity tools before building our big project.
    Starting to work on Droppable ( later this week, which is our next small project :)

    Hope y'all having a great start of the week 💪🏽

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    Pinger - Uptime monitoring service

    Right now working on status pages & some customization stuff

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    Reworking my personal website ( to focus more on product management and entrepreneurship. Next up: planning more blog posts regarding startup idea validation and my personal experiences (mainly failures, some successes - real-life stories).

    All to promote my startup:
    Where I help solo developers validate their startup ideas fast and early.
    (because there's nothing as painful as discovering you created no value after 100s of hours of coding).

    We're looking for alpha testers!

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    I launched Engagebound ( last month and working on its marketing and sales right now. It's going well because there is a huge demand in the market and companies are looking for affordable solutions like ours.

    Struggling a bit personally because of being too mentally beaten up by the COVID lockdown.

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    I'm currently working on iconsizer. It is a free tool that helps developers generate their logo/icon in all sizes for different devices including SVG version of it 👍

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    Documentation for Nhost (

    Our current documentation is outdated (

    The reason we focus on documentation right now is that our core service is very stable, but it's not easy to get started. That's what we are fixing now!

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    Working on yet another clone of Zapier however with a twist.

    Planned to launch the first product based out of it in September and every month after that, 22 products in 24 months.

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    Hey @jsjoeio, I'm working on Spread (, which is right up your alley and many others on this thread - as content creators.

    Spread is a content repurposing tool that turns Youtube videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs, and blogs into twitter threads!

    Would love to hear YOUR opinion on this as an avid content creator!

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    Just added domain availability and price for my SaaS Name Generator, 3sName. Will publish a post on Medium soon!

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    I'm working on a tool to help content creators quickly take notes on any webpage. More here.

    Sidenote, I'll be looking for beta users soon if anyone's keep to take this for a testdrive.

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    I'm doing more customer conversation with companies in Rotterdam for I'm looking at what problems copywriters have and how I can solve them better.

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    Currently validating the interest for a course "Learn Testing
    using Node.js & JavaScript"

    On the side, recently started working and also validating the idea for "Creating professional looking product listings in minutes"

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    I am working on adding more integrations to UpStamps

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    Hi Jo!

    I'm doing some refactoring of and optimizations to some code that's been bothering me ages!

    Then, I'll continue writing and sending messages out to editors, authors, journalists, researchers, and so on…

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      If you are a midnight hacker, I would never recommend refactoring code unless it's on a project that is already making you money. There is too little time and too many projects to work on to go back and refactor code which generates $0 in revenue. Customers do not care so unless it's some huge performance increase or you have tons of people working on the code, then I'd say just write the code differently on the next project since you learned from it.

      1. 1

        It's a requirement of adding a new feature.

        1. 1

          Ahh cool! I should have asked sorry!

          1. 1

            I could have explained!

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    I'm writing my first blog post for my personal website! I have no experience in content writing and English is my second language. It's harder than I thought. 😅

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    I'm working on the largest database of premium fonts, with more than 140,000 items:

    What do you think?

    1. 1

      Do you charge for this service or give out the fonts for free?

      1. 1

        The service is free, but the fonts are sold directly by the creators

        1. 1

          How do you specifically make money then? Or are you not trying to make money?

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    I'm working on a site to learn UX/UI with a personalized learning path based on how you want to learn and with online live classes.

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    We are working on content monitoring feature for UptimeMate. This feature gives you the option to monitor a page to include/exclude certain words.

    And I'm finishing-up a client website redesign. That website is using a sweet stack. GoHugo, NetlifyCMS, Alpine.js and TailwindCSS.

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    Working on - an email finder for B2B startups or sales teams. Find anyone's email or it's free. Absolutely loving it, can't wait to roll out the next update!

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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