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    Started a fun little challenge for myself that I'm calling #12in21...


    Would love to have people join in and build along with me this year!

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      Hey! I'm doing 6productsin6months!

      Let's connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/angezanetti

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        Nice, you are proactive 👍
        Connected on Twitter to follow this adventure!

      2. 1

        That's awesome! Just followed you... Good luck!

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      Good luck with your project! My focus is completely on Paperless.io this year.
      I'd like to exchange how it's going over the year!

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      This is a great idea! I'm now following along. I'm really interested in a few of the projects as I'm also building two of them into my own project for this year.

      I wanted to do something similar a few years back. The idea, instead of developing my own projects, was to have people submit ideas and develop them as open source projects. Unfortunately between life's curveballs, the idea never became more then an idea.

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      This is fantastic, @schoon. Great idea and it sounds like you'll learn a ton in the process. Good luck and keep us posted!

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        Thanks for the support!

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      That's inspiring, I'd definitely do that sometime in the near future, when I'm in the mood of expanding my knowledge. Sounds like the perfect learning experience. Thanks for sharing this! :)

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      Nice design for the site. In the list of potential ideas, I only see solutions/tech you wanna use not really problems. I would prefer to formulate it in a way like this:


      1. what are the pain points of being a newsletter curator
      2. Wha are the pain points of running e-commerce on Shopify

      also, some of the topics you chose are HUGE .. like "Micro-SaaS service" which is alone a multi-years-pain-and-struggle thing... 🙂

      1. 3

        I love the idea of re-phrasing them from a pain-point perspective! That's definitely something I tend to gloss over way too often.

        I think you somewhat misunderstood my project though. The point is to be technology-focused, I'm a software engineer. I'm looking to level-up particular skills outside of my comfort zone. Making money or gaining a following would just be nice bonuses. But I'm mostly playing the long-game here.

        Either way, I do agree defining the potential value is important. I think it'll be good to do this in a blog post before I start each one.

        1. 2

          Yep I misunderstood your purpose 🙂. Usually, a 12x12 challenge is aimed to bootstrap a profitable business so this misled me.

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      Fun! Love the domain and list of potential ideas. I have some advice regarding crypto collectibles if you decide to try that and want to chat (not that you necessarily need my advice).

      1. 1

        Yea definitely! I'll DM you on Twitter

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      I am sort of doing something the same http://projekt19.com/ 19 projects in two years!!! Nice to meet you - would love to connect online!

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        That's awesome! Just followed you on here and on Twitter... Looking forward to following your journey.

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      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

      1. 3

        Wow I love this!! Especially since many of my project ideas also originated from domains I bought and haven't used yet.

        Just subscribed! Can't wait to follow your journey 🙂

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          This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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    I’m finally launching Material UI support for Divjoy. This took way longer than planned... It’s been by far the biggest feature request over the last year so feeling hopeful about this leading to a sales bump.

    1. 3

      Nice! So this is probably a bad time to also request Tailwind as well? 😂

      No joke, I was on your site the other day and was hoping to see Tailwind. I get it though, I'm sure the CSS framework is probably the hardest part to integrate.

      Maybe you could partner with @adamwathan and his team to offer it?

      1. 2

        Haha yeah I get that request a lot and it's definitely gonna happen at some point. I think step 1 might be supporting the base Tailwind config for people that would like to export with no UI and build their own (or drop in Tailwind UI). Hopefully later this year add in own collection of pre-built Tailwind components.

    2. 2

      Awesome product. Landing page is beautiful. I’m sure adding Material UI support will make the product even better and customers more happy.

    3. 2

      That's awesome man. More power to you.

    4. 1

      Good luck! I really like your website. Everything important simply explained and already really good testimonials!
      Maybe it will also help our team from paperless.io

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    Happy new year everyone!

    This month, I'm still preparing my logo maker logology for launch:

    1. Finish up the logo catalog dedicated to startups (that's done by Lucie Baratte)
    2. Add a way to browse all logos by type / category
    3. Launching a couple of ads in newsletters

    We're in the last couple of miles before our public launch. Pretty excited for 2021. Please give me your feedback if you have any, we still have tons of improvement to make.

    1. 3

      I just ran through creating a logo on the site and it was extremely smooth. I also liked the logo that came out at the end. Great work!

      1. 2

        oh thank you that's super encouraging :)

    2. 3

      Good luck with your preparations for the launch!

      I find your website definitely great! Maybe the "get started" could be more in the middle and in a different color. But I understand if it is extra in black and white design, because of the overall picture. However, the CTA could still be more present.
      Awesome that you already have so many testimonials, even better I would like to see the logos you have created for them.

      We are also preparing for the launch of paperless.io.
      If you have any suggestions or tips for us I would love to hear them.

      1. 2

        Thanks man, these are great suggestions. We thought it was enough to show a link to customers website, where you can see their logo, but showing it directly could be way better. I also wrote down to look into the CTA, as a couple people mentioned that they didn't see it right way.

        Paperless looks really good, really love the part about transforming existing docs into an interactive form. It's very well demonstrated. Don't see any big improvement to make on top of my head, seems good to go!

        1. 2

          Thanks for the amazing feedback!

    3. 3

      Great job there! Totally agree with Oliver on the overall presentation. The #2 logo choice that it gave was perfect for a product I am thinking about. It's so good, that if I go ahead with this product, I will definitely become a paying customer.

      One small note, the UI sometimes would get stuck between transitions for me (Firefox on Linux), especially when playing around with fonts and colors on a given logo. A loading screen would make the transition smoother.

      1. 1

        Oh that's awesome, I love that you found a match. Which one was it if you don't mind sharing?
        That UI color / font transition thing has been bugging me for a while. I used to preload all font / color combinations at once, which made playing around smooth. But the initial load was ~7seconds, so I changed it to not preload anything, and now it's less smooth. Taking what you said into account I will try a mix of both: preloading the rest of the choices once the page has loaded :)

        1. 2

          Of course I don't mind sharing. Does this string make sense:



          1. 1

            oh I love the 3d effect on that one, good choice :)

    4. 3

      I must say, at first I rolled my eyes thinking "please, not another logo maker"...
      But I decided to check it out anyway, and I totally LOVE the logos and the overall presentation! The art style really matches the personality I filled out in the questionnaire, and it's super fun to preview all the candidates in different color schemes, thinking "this could be mine" :)

      I guess my only advice would be - the more logos you add to this, the better. I was almost sad when I scrolled to the end.

      1. 2

        Wow thanks, it feels really encouraging :).
        We actually have 500+ logos already, and working on more as we speak. But right now the website only allows you to see your top matches. Working on a way to explore more freely once you reach the end of the list.

  4. 8

    I'll continue working on Marketing Metrics blog that analyzes online marketing initiatives based on numbers:

    Here are 2 posts that went viral:

    1. How influencers have increased their followers by 10X in 6 months: marketingmetrics.io/blog/timeline-hacking-grow-your-twitter-following-with-data
    2. How MRR and other revenue numbers should be analyzed for marketing: https://marketingmetrics.io/blog/mrr-ltv-for-saa-s
    1. 1

      Great job I liked to read the articles. I was able to pick up a few things for us at paperless.io

  5. 7

    Happy New Year!
    After months of beta, I finally released https://datagrab.io, a point-and-click web scraping service.
    This month (this year?) will be all about traction, so I'm planning to:

    1. Launch it on ProductHunt, HackerNews, other similar sites
    2. Start a blog
    3. Get involved in web scraping communities
    4. Implement a referral system into the platform to fuel growth
    1. 2

      I was thinking about creating similar tool. Here are some ideas to grow:
      Check freelancer.com and upwork.
      There are people that are looking to have data scraped but they don't know how.
      Maybe you can create an instruction video on youtube how to do this and then share it with them.
      Or you can auto-scrape the data and sell them the results. Like, you scrape within seconds, send them a link where they see 10% of what they want, presented nicly, and then a payment wall for unlocking the rest

      1. 1

        These are some excellent ideas! On selling pre-scraped data, I always thought data needs are quite specific to the person, but hey, if multiple people are requests the same (or comparable) data sets, maybe it would make sense to extract and store them in advance, them sell them, as you mentioned. Thanks very much for these, I surely took some notes! ;)

    2. 2

      Good Luck! Where can i find you at ProductHunt?
      We also plan to launch paperless.io at PH.

    3. 2

      This is awesome! I've used a bunch of these and have a very simple feature request which is to add a direct database integration in addition to an API. (I have found that some clients had trouble accessing an API but could easily use a MySQL box if I gave them the admin info).

    4. 2

      Looks really great! I have been wondering if this service did exist, and here you are delivering it, thanks. I will definitely try it out

    5. 2

      Awesome goals. Focus on your blog. Keep rocking it.

    6. 2

      Great idea! I have been using web scraping libraries for node for years but it's always a pain in the butt to setup. Glad to see you making this much easier!

      1. 2

        How about trying python using a framework work like scrappy. It's quite easy

    7. 2

      Get started on #2 asap. The sooner you start, the sooner you start learning what works and what doesn't. I've been working on blog posts for SEO for nearly a year and I'm still learning.

      There are a lot of opinions out there on the world wild web and I also think a lot of disreputable people will tell you they know what they're doing to sell you an "SEO package" and they can really screw things up for you. I'm getting much higher quality advice from people here on IH.

      1. 1

        Couldn't agree more! I don't really trust these self-proclaimed experts either, especially if everything they offer is behind an expensive price tag. I realize I have a lot to learn about blogging; I'm trying to put together a basic content strategy on what to write about, how often, etc.
        To be honest, I think I should have started with a blog first before building the app (to build up a sizable audience), but I found it so unnatural to write about these things and yet have no real product to offer. :)

        1. 1

          We tried to build a social media following for our first product, thinking we'd have an awesome base of customers to sell into. It just didn't work out that way for us.

    8. 2

      Love the home page and demo of it, best of luck with the launch!

  6. 5

    Launching the second iteration of Restory, a goal guider program based on behavioral science (sign-up: https://mailchi.mp/e558cc8c4315/0ndyz8i3pc).

    While this is going on, also working on new content for the website (https://human-matter.com/)

    1. 2

      Regarding https://human-matter.com/

      I really like the initiative, as a behavioral science nerd it is nice to see such things.

      However, I am a bit unsure of what the site is about. My interpretation is that it is a signup page for a newsletter with behavioral science content. Is that correct?

      Maybe you can state more clearly what the site is about.

      With that said, keep up the good work :)

      1. 1

        Great job with your website! Kind of a inspiration for paperless.io 🔥 Do you have any tips for us?

      2. 1

        Thanks for sharing your thought. Your interpretation is half-correct. We want the company to be a sort of lab where we experiment with solutions for problems. Kind of like "hire a nerd to solve your specific problem".

        We're working on making the labs page clearer.

    2. 1

      Stumbled upon this - I love it!! The intersection of science + self development is my passion, and what I am starting to create too.

      Signed up for the Restory waitlist and subscribed to Human Matter!

      Just some minor feedback for Restory:

      • It's not entirely clear what Restory actually is to me - an app? a pdf? But the idea sounds great so I signed up :)
      • It'd be great to have another call to action (sign up) at the bottom of the page so that people don't have to scroll back up to sign up

      Anyway all the best and will be following your journey :)!

      1. 2

        Nice to see you here too :-)

        Right now Restory is a series of questions we email you. We collect your responses and analyze them. The result of the analysis is shared with you in a handbook (pdf).

    3. 1

      Behavioral-science backed advice and tooling for motivation/goals is a great idea!

      I took a look at https://human-matter.com/

      One thing I noticed is that while the headline (
      "Be better humans.
      Rooted in behavioural science
      Enabled through technology
      Motivated by human good"
      ) makes a lot of sense, the immediate benefit for me was not clear.

      I read it along the lines of "Learn how to become a better person, using scientific insights", but that might not be accurate. Just an observation.

      Good luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. Will work on making the immediate benefit clearer.

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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    leerly.io recently switched into a growth-focused mindset rather than a feature-building mindset, as we feel the core of the MVP is done, and now we want to test it against a wider audience.

    My cofounder is doubling down on outreach in communities for Spanish learners, and since I'm the technical one, I'm focusing my engineering time on growth related code only, which for right now means lots of landing page tweaks, building our referral system, etc.

    We've found that when we reach out to our core audience on reddit/FB, we have a great conversion rate, which means that, to me at least, when our customers know about leerly, they sign up, so we need to focus on getting people to just know about it. We didn't have a lot of luck with ad campaigns, even after optimizing them to our target audience, so we are doubling down on organic outreach.

    1. 1

      Neat idea! I used to teach English back in the day and we’d read articles together. It helped a lot. Good luck!

  8. 3

    Hi, I am working on Eurekea(https://www.eurekea.org/) - a dataset of 250K+ saas & apps to get you inspiration for your next hustle.
    Please share your feedbacks, we are just live for two days.

    1. 1

      Sorry for unpleasant feedback but design needs rework. I would suggest hiring consultant on that matter.

  9. 2

    🚀 Just released https://meet.cam/ as first free public beta for macOS - virtual camera that let's you add useful (Timers, Notes, Agenda) and fun (GIFs, Emojis) widgets to your video feed on a call using Zoom, Google Meet or similar tools. No one else needs to install anything.

    This month we're identifying more specific usecases, niche user groups and communities to reach out to and figuring how to do it. Right now we're thinking everyone who facilitates online meetings for living - teachers, coaches, project managers.

    Wondering who would you think is also worth approaching? 🤔

    Our goal is to have the first 250 Daily Active Users by February 15th.

    1. 1

      use FaceApp to generate stunning pics of the team instead of the not cool photos of the team (not the people are ugly but the pic)

  10. 2

    Started a project to help me pass exams. Calling it ExamBuddy

    1. 1

      Sounds cool, what kind of exams are they? We've built a study hub app recently, https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NJBP6GTJXPN

      If you want to bounce ideas or vent any frustrations feel free to drop us a message, nice to have companions working in the same area. (Also if you'd like a free download code for the app I can send one over)

      1. 1

        Hi StudyNerd. I am studying statistics and having a hard time keeping the conceptual plates spinning in my brain. I built an app to help give me a framework to hold the concepts. I tried to install the Zofoco trial from the store but I got a message "To download to your Xbox, it must be on or set to instant-on with automatic updates and purchases on, and have enough space" ( I was trying to install on my Windows 10 desktop ) Trying to release apps on Windows Store was never a great experience for me. Source code for my app is at https://github.com/kgreed/Exambuddy
        Thanks for your kind offer to bounce ideas or vent :-)

        1. 1

          I think frequent venting keeps us sane :)
          Yes I’ve definitely found a few annoyances with the Microsoft store, it’s starting to almost feel like it’s just an afterthought for Microsoft when it could be much better. The latest update worked locally and passed all their certifications on upload but then when some users can’t get the trial to work I only hear about it through interactions like this instead of a message from Microsoft. So I appreciate you trying it and telling me, we’ve sent another update through today with some of the settings changed to see if that helps.

          Our original motivation to build this app was to help those studying for the actuarial exams to get used to doing it all on their computer (as the exams will be for the moment). Just focusing on the wordy ones though and broadened it to be more a toolbox anyone can use. So can appreciate all the fun you’re having studying statistics!

          1. 1

            Ah, I just had another go at installing. Same message about XBox. I agree about the afterthought feeling

  11. 2

    I'm working on a Chrome Extension to show you the opportunity cost of an online purchase so you buy less stuff you don't need!


    1. 2

      This sounds great! Considering I just nearly purchased the new Airpods Max, this kind of thing would be helpful for me 😅

      1. 1

        Awesome! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

        A second coffee maker was what inspired me :)

    2. 2

      Interesting! What was your inspiration for building this?

      1. 1

        If you're still curious - we just launched on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/how-much-does-it-cost

      2. 1

        It's kind of the result of considering two problems I have:

        • Impulse purchases that end up sucking
        • Failing to buy things that would improve my life

        My hope is that by considering the opportunity cost, I can get better at buying things that add big value and avoid stuff that won't move the needle.

        You can read more here! https://medium.com/jimmys-ten-cents/how-much-does-it-cost-ca415c16a113

  12. 2

    Ahoy 👋

    I'm spending this month on customer development for the managed GraphQL space. The matrix of possible features is enormous, and I really need to constrain it down with user conversations.

    I was inspired by Patrick McKenzie's talk "Your first 60 days". I'm going to enumerate GraphQL communities, provide as much help as I can, and use the help to create resources on a website that I can use for SEO juice. I'm going to work towards the numbers that Patrick suggests: 500 emails, 25 "great conversations," and 10 purchase commitments.

    1. 1

      Good plan! I'm a fan of Patrick and didn't know about this talk. Thank you for sharing.

  13. 2

    i am working on Wicked Blocks and Wicked Templates.

    I am implementing a button to import code to codepen and tailwind.play on wickedblocks and then I will be working on a new template, while I learn react.

  14. 2

    This month, I'm working on WidgetStack (WIP) , which is a unique Wordpress plugin studio.
    Currently listed two plugins:

    1. Etta list, which is a content curation plugin
    2. Nulgo, which is a plugin to create a changelog section
  15. 2

    Healthy, Wealthy And Prosperous New Year Everybody.

    I've just released my very first paid game on Google Play Store:

    And I'm working on the next game called "Hey Taxi" and planning to finish this of this month. Fingers crossed.

    I'll post a project details soon on IH.

    1. 4

      Hi, here's some free advice on apps that I've learned in the last 4 months:

      1. Many Android users will not pay in advance for apps; most want to try them before they buy. That's certainly been our experience with our Android app. If you look at other horse racing games, you'll see that none of them charge to download. IAP works much better from a monetization strategy perspective.

      2. You're unlikely to get much traction in the beginning because you have no downloads, no ratings, and no reviews. Again, you're unlikely to get any of this since you're charging a fee to download.

      3. Images from the app are good but you should consider "upgrading" your app images using a tool like applaunchpad (https://theapplaunchpad.com/) where you can add short text descriptions to the app images. It helps explain what the potential user is looking at.

      4. Google Play Store listing - you should consider adding way more text to your listing. Especially keywords that you want people to use to find your game. The Google Play Store still uses similar algorithms to Google Search (keywords) to help people find stuff.

      5. Instead of working on your next game, you might instead consider investing more time into this one.

      Just my $.02 FWIW.

      1. 1

        Hey @razermuse, I'm grateful for your comment. I'll consider these and prepare some update soon.
        I'm too eager to learn more about app launching process.
        Thanks very much.

    2. 2

      Just bought it! Way to go!

      1. 1

        Thanks for your support. Cannot wait to hear your feedback on this.

  16. 2

    I'll be working on https://p42.ai/ - a tool for modernizing JavaScript code.

    My goals are:

    • create an improved landing page with help of a design to achieve better conversion rates
    • add 7 more modernizations to increase the core value
    • add pricing information and basic infrastructure around plans
    • write 4 blog posts
    • help open source projects upgrade their code
    1. 2

      This sounds really cool! I like that you have concrete deliverables that include outreach. Good luck

  17. 2

    Newsletter where I breakdown my income from my freelancing business.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

      1. 1


        Carrd is pretty good. Cheap. Does its job. That's what is important to me.

  18. 2

    Getting ready to pre-launch on 15th of Jan (UI cosmetics + bug fixing) a video editor focused on ease of use + speed - https://cinematicstudio.app .
    At that point, I'll launch a contest with $5K in prizes and will announce the winners beginning of March (when I would formally launch).

    That is, assuming all goes according to plan :D

    1. 1

      @CinematicStudio Hey i'm also making a video editor, I know how hard it can be - good luck!

      1. 1

        Yes it is, good luck to you too ;)

  19. 2

    There are two big topics for this month:

    1. During Christmas, I thought about landing pages and keeping them as minimal as possible (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-minimal-can-a-landing-page-be-076054c8d0). I want to give this a go but instead of going minimal from the beginning, I want to build the textbook landing page and then experiment with removing certain parts of it and see how it converts. This month will be about getting that landing page done. It's fully designed but still needs to be implemented.

    2. I am still working on how I want to get people to https://getmaxout.app, I have a rough idea that is working already pretty ok'ish. But for this side-project, the biggest goal is to write down all learnings and procedures, so I want to finish creating a document (or blog post or even a post here) about the strategy I'm going for right now.

    1. 1

      I'm going to risk getting skewered for this but I'm just not a fan of the landing page concept. I know big businesses like ClickFunnels are being built around this concept but I just don't think it works for all types of businesses.

      There's seems to be this impression or assumption that it's some kind of holy grail. In many cases, people need to build trust and there may be multiple visits to your site or other interactions necessary before someone will decide to do business with you. A landing page doesn't solve those problems and likely hurts the ability to close those customers. I personally think this is especially true if you're selling a big-ticket item but again, these are just my opinions.

      1. 1

        Not sure if I'm following you. What do you mean by "it"? Are you talking about the text-book landing page I was referring to or the minimal one?

        1. 1

          Neither - the "it" I was referring to is landing pages in general. I think they're likely good for certain businesses and not good for others. And even then, if they're a good marketing tool for a business some might get the most marketing bang for their buck using both landing pages and a full website.

          I'd like to watch what you're doing with an open mind because maybe I've just been doing landing pages wrong.

          1. 1

            Thanks for clarifying. And I like your take! Mostly because I partially agree.

            I see landing pages as a tool that answers questions that a potential lead was looking for when they landed on the page. But to be able to do that you need to know what they are asking for.

            That's why I was initially thinking if I could just ditch the general "all questions answered" landing pages and go for small but detailed landing pages. So a landing page that only answers one question.

            I don't think you can ditch landing pages in general. That would mean that your acquisition happens somewhere else but what is that "else"? There is nothing that you have so much control over as your own website.

            What do you think?

            1. 1

              I think the way I've mostly heard of landing pages being used is in the context of a specific effort or marketing campaign. That is what drives the content of the page - you're controlling the visitor's experience before they ever click.

              So let's say you do something for a Facebook post but you know that they have a limited attention span and you're trying to focus on something you know resonates with your Facebook crowd, like maybe a Pilates oriented training program. You create a landing page that is designed exclusively around pilates. Maybe the Pilates training program is $6 per month. There is no mention of any other programs you offer on this page - it's intended for converting people interested in pilates into paying customers. It's found at pilates.getmaxout.app.

              Let's say you find an awesome sub-Reddit but they're into bootcamp style workouts. You put together a landing page that guides people through a bootcamp workout but it's $19 per month (because presumably there are more people using it). Again, there is no mention of any other programs, products, or offers because you're minimizing distractions to try and get people to buy. This is bootcamp.getmaxout.app.

              However, if people want to know more about you or your company, they can figure out by the fact that you have your domain name how to get to your main website which could be www.getmaxout.app.

  20. 2

    Working on getting Jolt Block (a comments, analytics, and monetization layer for blogs) soft launched by the end of the month! Just finishing the blog comments feature now that blog analytics is working consistently through Plaudy.

    1. 2

      Sounds great! The link you've posted for Jolt Block is connecting to another page in Indie Hackers.

      1. 1

        Hey thanks for pointing that out! Didn't realize I needed the https:// in the link :P Fixed!

  21. 2

    I'm working on Gabzzle, a tool to generate cover photos for all social media.

    Excited to launch in a few days! 🤞

    1. 1

      Good luck, just signed up also. Like the loading animation on the email signup. One small thing but this might just be me. I tried clicking into the input on the right hand side. I didn't realise it was an image. Perhaps there is a way to signify that to the user.

      1. 1

        Thanks for signing up Allan! And thanks for pointing up the input thing, you weren't the only one 😬. Guess I'll have to find a way to make it more obvious that it's an image.

    2. 1

      Just subscribed, I'm actually curious to see what you'd generate from my logo :D

  22. 2

    Launching grammar and spelling checks on Hey Check It (https://heycheckit.com/), and building sales on there!

    1. 2

      Cool idea! I think your navigation is missing some top padding! The buttons are right at the top of the screen which looks a little bit weird to me :)

      1. 1

        Thank you! Will get that fixed

        1. 1

          Sure! py-3 on your outer navigation div looks good. BTW, the mobile navigation doesn't expand as well ( tested in chrome )

          1. 1

            That should also be fixed now as well.

  23. 2

    I'm working on Enter Network, the community for early-stage European entrepreneurs.

    Our community is doing quite well; we host events, offer services, and members enjoy being part of the group. That means that I don't need to work much on the 'product', but rather, I need to work on selling it. So my main focus now is direct sales and marketing through different channels (ProductHunt, HackerNews, blogs, etc.).

    So my biggest goal for January is to get a LOT of new trial memberships going — growing to at least 50 members.

    1. 2

      just subscribed. Good work Jochem.

      1. 1

        Thanks Ismail! If you want to join one of our events, you're very welcome to. Just let me know and I'll send you an invite.

  24. 2

    Working on the icons improvemens of my packs: https://www.petrbilek.com/products/iconuioo

    Adding more interesting topics to my blog about UI design and Webflow.

    1. 1

      Interesting website. What's your take on noun project (https://thenounproject.com/)? That's my current source for icons.

      1. 1

        Thanks for getting throw @katerinabc. I actually applied to thenounproject, just waiting to be approved with m icons. Hopefeully it will be soon (the waiting time is longer than I thought).

  25. 2

    This month is all about growing my new project -> podots.com

    For now, it only had a silent launch since there are more things on the laundry-list.

    Other than that, back at work, back at helping people, back at delivering awesomeness through my humble newsletter/blog.

    1. 2

      Pretty cool concept.

      Here's my feedback:

      1. It isn't clear what it is or why I'd use it just by navigating to your app.

      2. Your site is not using SSL which will lose you potential signups.

      3. What is the benefit of logging in or registering for an account? Do the points mean something?

      4. How will this be different from something like podcastinsights, podtrac, toppodcast.com, etc? Is the intent to market and provide groomed podcast content exclusively for entrepreneurs instead of other podcast types?

      1. 2

        Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this feedback!

        1. The "why" is still under construction, the idea was to have a community-driven podcast exploration platform, I still need to add an about page and a headline somewhere in the interface.

        2. It's actually using SSL but I cannot figure out how to redirect to it (I'm very new at web development stuff) :)), need to talk with my cofounder about this...

        3. I will need to connect this to number 1 somehow, you need an account to post and comment.

        4. This will be something more similar to hacker-news for podcasts than toppodcast.com, something more towards community curation.

        Feel free to follow the project here for more updates as we go along -> https://www.indiehackers.com/product/podots

        1. 1

          Are you using Apache? Here's a decent article on how to do it if you're using the LAMP stack: https://linuxize.com/post/redirect-http-to-https-in-apache.

          If this article doesn't do it for you, just Google "force your site to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS".

          1. 1

            Thanks! I fixed it now.

            We use AWS beanstalk for hosting and it's pretty unintuitive to use.

            I managed to find the documentation to do it though, thanks again!

            1. 1

              Absolutely! Glad you got it resolved. I use Amazon EC2 so I have access to our Linux servers.

    2. 2

      Hi, any reason why you don't have a SSL certificate in place? Seeing http instead of https in 2021 hurts my eyes a bit :)

      Edit: It looks like you already have that in place, you just need to add a redirect from http to https

    3. 2

      That's really cool @LexPaval, Podots seems like a good idea. And you have a couple of users already, how did you find them?

      Some feedback if you don't mind: it wasn't really clear to me what it was at first. My first thought was that it was a sort of Hackernews alternative where you could submit interesting URLs/articles/etc. It was only when I read the footer that it became clear that it was only for sharing podcast episodes. Hope that helps!

      1. 1

        I'm glad you like it! The platform is incredibly early-stage, that's why it's probably not that transparent on what it does.

        At this point it's really a Hacker News clone, more features will be added in due time, most of them are related to the identity of the platform.

        The users that have posted so far are from me and my co-founder, we figured it will be nice to pre-seed the platform a little for the proof of concept.

  26. 2

    Making it easier than ever to block spam text messages. I'm getting ready to launch version 2 of Dont Text, which will offer automatic spam filtering.

    I've been building the app with SwiftUI and its been a lot of fun and I've found it really intuitive.

    1. 1

      Wow, that seems like it could be a really complex product! Or are you trying low-tech solutions?

      1. 1

        Nope, I've been building the app using swift. The app itself isn't too complicated, users can add keywords in the app, and any text message from an unknown sender containing those keywords are blocked. The app also allows users to upgrade to premium spam text blocking (coming soon). This is the more complicated side of the app that uses code on the backend to determine if a text message is spam and block it. This is built on Cloudflare workers to run the server less code for automatic spam text blocking.

  27. 2

    I'm working on three things this month...

    1. Some really cool marketing and product stuff for SparkLoop.app --> which unfortunately needs to stay a mystery for now!
    2. The next cohort of my Sales for Founders course starts on the 18th of Jan. So I'm wrapping up the preparation for that
    3. I set myself a challenge in 2021 to help 12 creators grow their newsletters. One per month. This month I'm working with someone who only has 30 subscribers to see how far we can get them!
    1. 1

      I need to grow a newsletter but first I need to grow a spine to create one :p

      Jokes aside do you always have three major goals/tasks per month?

    2. 1

      Oh, man, where do I signup for the newsletter growing thingy? 😁

  28. 1

    I'll be launching my MVP for sure. iconvey.io

    It will take a few sleepless nights but that's fine, I'm tightly integrated with coffee!

  29. 1

    Work hard on https://clankapp.com, a crypto whales tracker across 20+ blockchains :P

  30. 1

    I've just built a site full of experiments that founders can carry out to validate their ideas before investing too much time or money:


  31. 1

    Improving my landing page Tappy👈 to deliver clear value pro.

  32. 1

    Super Locals - a Newsletter for people who love travel, nightlife and discovering new things: https://superlocals.substack.com/

    Also a linked Community, which I'm building with Circle.so - currently in Beta.

    I've also written an eBook, my first foray into creating and selling a digital product:

    How To Take A Month Off Drinking: https://gumroad.com/l/howtotakeamonthoffdrinking

  33. 1

    I've been working on releasing our MVP tomorrow https://www.neocoach.io - a new kind of online 1-to-1 personal training and nutrition coaching service for the new generation of hard working, busy people.

    Our goals for January are:

    • Get to 50 paid users (currently 12 starting this week)
    • Grow our twitter and instagram following (Twitter @meet_neocoach Insta: @neo.coach)

    I've attached a link to an explainer blog post below if you'd like to check out more! https://www.neocoach.io/online-personal-trainer

  34. 1

    I've been working on building a forum that equally represents both sides of a conversation.

    My goal for this month is to find some users who want to have a new type of discussion online and also report back to me with some much needed feedback!

  35. 1

    Whoa, what a long thread already! 🚀

    Alright, that doesn’t stop me. Let’s see if there’s room for just one more reply here.

    Im building a platform about to revolutionize how affiliate marketing works. Helping affiliate marketers pick and choose the best offerings across more than 120 networks, 27,000 webshops and 2 billion products is soon possible.

    It’s a set of powerful online tools for the ambitious affiliate marketer. The overall aim is to bring transparency into the affiliate industry - and thereby creating stronger customer engagements and drive sales for publishers, influencers and bloggers.

    Two main features will be the start of this accomplishment.
    🔍 A cross-network lookup to show which webshops are related to which network and ease your choice to select the best ones for your content.
    🔍 A cross-network product search to find networks and webshops based on which products you want to advertise for.

    On top of that I’m adding historical data of the payout/earning previously for that specific product and opportunities to favorite products, campaigns, brands, resellers and networks to get notifications when action is required or special earning opportunities arises for you.

    I just now launched my very first landing page and I’m desperately looking for beta testers (bloggers, publishers, influencers..). I’m offering life time free access I’d you sign up now at https://affil.ooo

    Happy to chat with anyone with great ideas! ❤️


  36. 1

    We are currently working on the launch for paperless.io.

    In the next weeks we will collect feedback for our landing page https://paperless.io/.

    In addition, we are sending more and more invitations for beta access to our waiting list

    We are happy about feedback!

  37. 1

    Working on our study app https://zofoco.com/


    1. We've just added an extra feature this month so will be responding to feedback on that (fixing any bugs).
    2. Hope to have a basic skeleton of the MacOS version built before the end of the month
    3. Potentially adding a blog section to the website from the developer point of view and also some from any students that volunteer to give their take on the app
  38. 1

    I am reviving CommunityStash a collection of tools and resources for community building.

    Rebuilt it in Notion, going to finalize the content connect the domain with fruition + launch it.

    That's what i have so far:

    Happy to hear any feedback :)

  39. 1

    Building out my idea for a learning platform using the scientific principles of how we learn. Want to get the basic flow of a user signing up to a learning unit in a cohort by the end of this month. I am building it in public on twitter if you care to follow. Don't have any of the branding or marketing stuff up yet, not even a name. I want to have something there and test it with some users before I focus on that.

  40. 1

    I'm trying out Webflow, and building a directory of Slack communities with it. https://www.slackcommunities.com/

    1. 1

      Look forward to joining this slack community! Also your no-code one! Good work :)

  41. 1

    Just submitted the first, pretty crappy, version of DetoxBox (https://detoxbox.carrd.co/), a Gmail productivity extension that would help you unsubscribe from all unwanted mailing lists easily and focus on emails that are important (you can vote for features here: https://app.handypolls.com/p/XALk0K).

    My goal for January is to get a few paying users. If I won't succeed, I'll move to the next project. I love the 12/12 idea, but giving a side project at least 2 months feels more like it. If only I didn't have to work on my day job...

  42. 1

    I'm working on hitting my pre-sale target (I need $6000 and currently at $4300) for my book. My hope is to connect with a few schools and non-profits, as well as host some events.

    Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated!

  43. 1

    I'm working on improving the admin for https://similarbooks.to/. I got a prototype up and running with some good feedback but the biggest issue now is lack of content. So i'm working on redoing how you add content and pre populating as much content as possible to avoid manual work.

  44. 1

    finally launching our master plan™️ — working on leading up to our public launch of the b2b saas (or commsaas as i call it).

    it's been a long time building. more to do.

  45. 1

    Rebuilding the Vim for VSCode course website and adding a blog component. The new site is almost done!

  46. 1

    I'm building an app for tracking input/output in team meetings (agendas, notes, meeting objectives, next steps etc). It's already one week in development and I'm very excited about it. I'm also doing it in public, sharing my experience in my blog (here's the first post about it), here, on twitter etc. For January my plan is to have a working early prototype/skeleton of the frontend and the backend, as well as a stripe integration.

  47. 1

    I'm working on Exakt, finally launched it just before holidays! We've launched on Baremetrics and now working with people who signed up for Private Beta access to set them up!

  48. 1

    Started to work on a budgeting app. Beside obvious features, the main difference is to help people to get rid of debts, save more money and retire early using provided analytics of your cashflow.

  49. 1

    Hi all, I have started a "yet another" job board, it's a niche, email only job board - https://emailtribe.io I put it lie 6 days ago, but have not ran an official launch as I am not at that stage yet (picking up lose ends and creating content)

  50. 1

    This year I'm working on Sourcetable.com, a next-generation spreadsheet that syncs directly to all your data sources, so everything is always up-to-date and accessible to non-technical users.

    My primary goal for end of Jan is to release a stable MVP with enough functionality for bizops folks to create reports across various business functions (sales / Salesforce, customer support / Intercom, finance / Stripe, product / MySQL).

    My secondary goal is to start building a waitlist throughout the month so I have users ready to use the app at MVP-release, as well as people to do user interviews with as we keep refining the product.

  51. 1

    I'm working on Washi, a note-taking app I've been building for some time. It's my personal take on productivity and personal writing, it's currently in early access and I started opening it to the public.

  52. 1

    Wow those ideas look very intense, I just follow, good luck and thanks for sharing!

  53. 1

    Happy new year!

    This month, I'm working on a 3D device mockup builder (https://things.morflax.com), will finish and prepare for launch till the end of this month.

    Also I will do some small improvements on a 3D clothing mockup builder (https://qlo.morflax.com).

  54. 1

    In 2021, there are a plethora of affiliate programs available for usage and that can be incorporated in our blogs. But we usually get lost in the process of research or information is too much scattered.

    So I have created an aggregated sheet, which consists of top-performing affiliate lists which are working 100% in 2021.

    Order it now @ Gumroad Link: https://gumroad.com/l/oeYGh.
    I have kept the pricing open with $2.99 is minimum. 50% of the revenue will be donated to NGO's.

  55. 1

    Hello everyone, happy new year 🎉

    I'm working on my first online course on how to create good habits that stick https://gumroad.com/l/betterhabits

  56. 1

    I’ve got 2 irons on the fire:

    Sipp, a TypeScript MVC web framework: https://sipp.dev.

    And I’m building a Twitter scheduling tool for developers with Sipp to help make it production ready. I don’t have something to share for that yet—but soon!

  57. 1

    This month, I am working on:

    1. Growing my YouTube channel- need to get 1000 subscribers.
    2. Launching my course on 18th January. It is a Beta phase and looking for testers. It is on "Side hustle 101- How to grow your side hustle without burn out and stress" https://goeenterprise.gives/side-hustle
  58. 1

    Hey Rosie,

    I am working on revamping my weekly newsletter Visualwisdom.substack.com.

    Each week I send out ideas and mental models explained through simple visuals.

    I have 572 subscribers now. Working on releasing a website with more organized content which I have been sending through the newsletter!

    1. 1

      nice! Good recommendations from what I see so far. Are you doing the illustrations yourself?

      1. 1

        Yes, I am. I love drawing and illustration. I mostly use Figma for my illustrations and Procreate on an iPad for hand drawn stuff.

        1. 1

          very cool! Signed up :)

  59. 1

    I've come to the realisation that I've spent way too much time focusing on developing and not much time on sales! So this year will be focused on focusing on customer-centric development.
    This quarter I aim to get from 0 to £500 MRR
    How I'll do this

    • Start a blog - already got this up at https://blog.turboapi.dev but will be writing lots more content there. I'm passionate about this topic so that helps
    • Launching on ProductHunt, Reddit, Indiehackers, Makerlog etc.
    • Being more consistent with my social media presence
    • Reaching out to potential customers directly and offering to get them onboarded personally
    1. 1

      Great outline for the quarter.

      1. 1

        Thanks @GOEE - hope to share my journey with you all!

  60. 1

    I'm digging into the world of No Code for the first time with my friend Ziev, and seeing where it takes us. We'll be sharing the learnings and discoveries as we go on IH and over at our (currently non-existent) site, www.nocodecollective.com.

    1. 1

      Nice to see more people getting interested in nocode. If you have a more technical background, low-code might be interesting to check out. And with node-red or BPMN there are open source alternatives available as well.

      I'm doing a little tutorial to show that low-code/AI/smart-home can already do a lot and it's easy to get going, so far doing silly poses to change the color of a light bulb:
      screenshot of node-red with a webcam image of a human pose, analyzed by AI to change the color of a light depending on limb's positions

      1. 1

        Thanks, Jonathan. I have a marketing background, but not technical, so definitely more interested in no code than low code atm. That tutorial looks really fun. Please share once you've finished!

        1. 1

          Hi Nelson, it actually was a lot of fun to do, here it is: https://youtu.be/LM7bk_jDHWw
          I'm still experimenting, so feedback is very welcome!

          1. 1

            I really liked your energy and I thought the editing was pretty good too! The sound quality wasn't great though, it had a low-level ringing that made it hard to hear you, so investing in a mic if you're going to do a lot of these would be a good idea. I use a Blue Yeti snowball for mine. Looking forward to your next video!

            1. 1

              Thanks for the feedback! Yes I think that's a good idea, you aren't the only one who has mentioned sound quality. I heard it's better to move the mic close to the mouth, so do you keep it in the frame in your videos? That mic looks pretty neat as well - so won't be a problem if it's there

              1. 1

                Yes, I keep mine quite close. When I'm sat at the desk I pile a few books underneath it to raise it up a bit. I'm not too bothered if it appears in the frame! Lots of YouTubers have mic stands in their shots anyway from the looks of things

  61. 1

    I launched a weekly newsletter and coaching business to help senior PM's find their superpower. I share tips every week on what I've learned building product strategy in my 15 year PM career that spans a bunch of startsups, Facebook, and Oculus.


    My goal is to reach $1000/mo in coaching revenue by the end of the year.

  62. 1

    Our developers are troubleshooting a couple of issues with our the next major release of Signils (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.consumeraffinity.whereistheblue).

    My biggest goal for January is to start generating revenue we can use to continue to fund the development of the app and to pay for marketing if and where necessary.

    I will continue tweaking our listing for keywords, adding updated screenshots, and working on our blog posts and website for SEO. Since I significantly reduced our Google App Ad spend, our organic traffic to our Listing has started picking up which is great news. It would be amazing to be able to reduce our CAC.

    As usual, I will continue to monitor our metrics and KPIs and look for ways to continue to improve them and our app.

  63. 1

    This month (and probably for a while) I'll be working on https://www.merchdigs.com! It'll be an online market-place for resell band merch and records.

    Unlike previous (unfinished) projects of mine, instead of jumping straight into coding, I did some research to see if there was any interested in this kind of thing. I posted on a FB group and got overwhelmingly positive response and some early sign ups!

    I'm looking forward to working on this and getting this released!

  64. 1

    Teaching myself Bubble.io to build viablefeedback.com and launching minutesofvalue.com so I can start inspiring/helping other Indie Hackers!

    1. 1

      How long until launch?

      I would start doing posts like this on IH (they usually do well and have a waitlist page for the actual app)

      #unbundling IHs

      1. 1

        You're right, I should do that. I will start looking into it right away.

  65. 1

    Launching roommate stories on roombuddy.co, a page where people can share roommate experiences, and also a small redesign for the landing page where I want to add the main features of the platform.

  66. 1

    Mainly working on zubbit.io but also planning out a new product called Power Traffic X, as well as building up several product based eBay businesses.

    Main things initially on zubbit.io in 2021 are:

    ✅ Improve customer acquisition - We need more traffic basically - and the right traffic!
    ✅ Improve customer on-boarding providing a customised journey for a new customers needs.
    ✅ Improve customer retention - Customer retention is currently pretty good but could be even better.

    New features for 2021 include:

    ✅ Better agency account/campaign management tools/features
    ✅ Team based access to platform
    ✅ Add in 2FA support
    ✅ and lots more....

    PLUS we are still taking on Software projects, especially SaaS if anyone needs help building those, check out http://tcfsoftware.com or just message me directly. We are looking at a $200k project now which we are pondering going for, but we'd love to help more people get their projects off the ground.

    One way or another it will be a busy year.

  67. 1

    The newest community for location-independent workers!


    We just opened up the application process to be public, but we're still going to be very selective until we have better tools in place to welcome newcomers.

  68. 1

    Working on growing my newsletter subscriber list to 500 subs (currently at 400)!


  69. 1

    My January goals for BetterMorningReading.com:

    • Have my book club feature code done and ready for testing
    • Add 10 more books
    • Figure out why plain links and buttons are being blocked by adblockplus and fix them
    • Finish a blog post I had been writing off and on for the past few weeks (already done!)

    Though not exactly what I'm working on, I put a lot of effort into blogging in December so I'm hoping to see whether new users will continue to come in while I focus mainly on coding and less on marketing.

  70. 1

    I have also started a 12in12 challenge with some variation... I will try to do a 12 nano-MVP-coding-as-less-as-possible in 12 months to discover which is the community that I really want to help (besides the dev) and learn to ship not-perfect-projects.

    Planing to give updates on Twitter and here

    I realized that when you are a DevOps & full-stack developer able to build pretty much anything, such skills sometimes become more an obstacle than actually an advantage 😟 so trying to overcome this forcing me in the opposite direction.

  71. 1

    Sneakily released the production version of https://glitterly.app/ and got a paying user already! The goal is an easy video maker where you can make short marketing videos fast.

    In the pipeline:

    • A cheaper alternative to Bannersnack with better transitions and animations
    • Automated IG post to story video
    • Automatically generated marketing videos from your apps url + logo + brand colors
    1. 1

      Nice! It’s a fantastic web framework, and the dependency injection is done really well. One of my more favorite parts.

      What are you building with it?

      1. 1

        A way to monetize your telegram grop, Discord server and others (If you know other please let me know.)

  72. 1

    Starting a brand new role today with an eCom SaaS player allowing brands to sell inside SMS - never worked in this space before (B2C background) so huge learning curve for me!

    Challenge is to grow unique users on this young blog page (https://bit.ly/3hH21Ph) 50% MoM - ended Dec 2020 on 1700 views so starting from a v low base.

    Would love to virtually meet and share insight with anyone in the B2B eCom space, holla at me people! 😁

  73. 1

    Building a list of SAAS affiliate programs https://gumroad.com/l/affiliatelist

    1. 1

      Hi there

      Is this a list you plan to keep updating or is it more a one-off thing?

      1. 1

        Hi Kenneth, I will be updating the information every 2-3 months while continously addine new programs every now and then. The plan is to have 500 programs right now add more later.

        1. 1

          You’ve got yourself a customer 🚀

    2. 1

      This is so helpful! Would love to stay posted on if you compile other affiliate programs in different niches

      1. 1

        There are different niches (Email Marketing, Web Hosting, Website builder) if you are referring to that.

  74. 1

    Hello everyone! Happy new year 🎉

    I'm building https://polygloss.app, a game that helps you express yourself in another language.

    My goal for this year is to transform this project into something solid!

    1. So to start the year I wrote a Values page https://www.notion.so/Mission-and-Values-1a03a2ad34ba4911ad418446b9120901. I'm very interested in knowing how early other projects feel it's time for something like this, but I encourage this for the first time other humans beyond ourselves are involved.

    2. Besides iterating on improving the product, this month I want to build a real landing page and not the minimal thing we have at the moment.

    3. Onboard a new co-founder

  75. 1
    1. Get a side project to an MVP stage.
    2. Roll out one experiment for an existing side project
    3. Build a weekly planner that fits my planning style
    4. Turn my mac off and on to make the emoji keyboard work again :o
  76. 1

    I am working on getting some initial customers and feedback for http://justredirect.io/. After focussing on coding for quite some time, it's now all about sales.

    In addition to that my-cofounder is currently working on the missing redirections overview, so that our users can always right away spot missing redirections and turn these into rules. We also need to invest quite some time in the landingpage and add use-cases and a contact page to it.

    1. 1

      Looks cool and certainly a feature I could use! The one thing which stood out to me is that it feels very expensive. E.g., I want to define a few custom redirects in a mail I send out from time to time, and they all go to different places - so I can't use the personal plan (I think).

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback! Very much appreciated! What's a reasonable price tag for the personal tier in your opinion? Also, what kind of limits in terms of redirection rules, domains, and processed redirections would you like to use? I'd be more than happy to give you a discount tailored to your actual consumption in addition to an extended trial.

        1. 1

          I guess it's hard to judge a fair price, but here's my use-case.

          I want to track link open metrics in an announcement email I send occasionally. I need it for a work project (relevant to my employer), but for my own curiosity more than anything - which means I would have a hard time convincing anyone to pay for it.

          I want to create a few redirects (~10 max) to various domains and track which get clicked and how many times. I'm not sure what you refer to as a redirect rule, but if you mean 301/302 - then it's 301 (but it doesn't matter much).

          One thing I suspect is that these links don't get clicked much - and if that's the case then I wouldn't be inclined to keep paying for the service (unless I can use it for something else).

          I'd be willing to try it out for a few months and see how it works and provide you with some feedback, if that helps!

          Thank you!

    2. 1

      Just trying to be helpful, the text under "Missing Redirection Detection" needs editing. It should say "Automatically detect missing redirections to never accidentally lose traffic again".

      Also, you might want to consider rewording your free trial verbiage. I would suggest something more like, "We offer a 14 day trial of our professional plan, support included. No credit card information is required to start your free trial."

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot! Will change the copy!

  77. 1

    Getting ready to publish a new version of Provider Portal for Prompt API Marketplace.

    The new version will include some cool features;

    • Improved endpoint management
    • Improved documentation and code examples section
    • Domain verification
    • Custom plans
  78. 1

    I'm working on adding new quizzes to Kwiz (https://kwiz.dev / Quizzes for Coders) and getting user feedback / talking to other hackers about potential integrations.

    1. 1

      Very, very nice idea, could consider it at my current job 👏

      1. 1

        Ah cool, yeah I'm going to be adding more question types and then will look into how businesses could use it as a talent filter

    2. 1

      I think your perfect audience for this could be large development shops that need to vet people before they hire them or put them on projects.

      1. 1

        Hey! Yeah that is also something I'm thinking about down the track, once the quiz maker is more fully featured, thanks for the feedback :)

    3. 1

      I like the feel of the website, simple and friendly color palette.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback :)

  79. 4

    This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

    1. 1

      Amazing product! Your website is really nice. paperless.io Could be a good extension for the tools at hybrid works

      Just signed I think it will also help our team from paperless.io

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

    2. 1

      This is very good! I read the first 3 post, all of them are inspired and useful! Woohoo!

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

  80. 1

    This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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