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Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

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    I’m going to create an archive with all the past Zero to Marketing case studies.

    I got so many requests from new subscribers that it’s about time!

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      Hello, great job man!

    2. 2

      Please share more context! Interested to hear :)

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        If you’re interested in reading the story behind Zero to Marketing I’ve recently been interviewed by Email Octopus. You can find it here 🙂

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      Hope Zero to Marketing is doing well, @andreboso! How many subscribers do you currently have?

      1. 1

        It’s doing fine, thanks! I’m at 2.3k right now. Could be more but I religiously clean my list to maintain a healthy open rate (50/60%).

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      Hey @andreboso. I love this idea. I just signed up. What's the end goal with the newsletter?

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        Thank you! Right now it's just a side project with no other goal than building an audience. In the future I will probably create some premium products.

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      Where did all the case studies you made on indie hackers disappeared? Is it possible for subscribers to review old issues of your case studies?

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        I'm going to create an archive on my website with all the past case studies. It should be ready in a few weeks and I'll link to it in the newsletter.

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      Very much looking forward to getting these emails :D

      I'm a zero haha.

      Hopefully I'll get to marketing.

      1. 2

        Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get there 😂

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      As someone with no clue about marketing, I like the idea of this a lot. When I looked at your landing page, the first thing I did was google you to see if you were legit. Wonder if it might help conversion if you link to your Twitter and/or LinkedIn to give people confidence in you. Hope that helps! :)

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        That's a good idea and something I'm definitely planning to do once I have a full featured website (right now it's a basic landing page I used as an MVP).

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      Hey @andreboso happy to read that you went from a corporate job to work on your own business. Curious to know how do you select the online businesses you use for the case studies?

      1. 1

        There isn't really a rule, in general I try to pick different business models (SaaS, eCom, etc.).

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    I am working on We Care Social , we work on behalf of founders to build free websites for charities all over the world. We've helped 4 charities and saved them over $5130 and also have 17 founders on board in the last two weeks.

    The focus for this month is to help four new charities and sign more founders for the social impact partnership.

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      Thats dope! How exactly do you get in contact with charities? Do you just search for charities and message them or do they find your website and message you?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the kind words. I reach out to my contacts to ask them if they know any charities and that's how I have been able to help the first four charities.

        I currently have the bandwidth to take on two more charities so if you do know any small to medium charities, I would be happy to help them with their websites.

    2. 1

      Great idea and I'm sure leads to a big impact for smaller/local charities. Good stuff.

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        Hey @PinkLion absolutely. I recently helped a charity in India which help injured and abused street animals with their treatment. They also launched a pet ambulance which can be used by all the veterinary hospitals in the city free of cost.

        This is where the impact kicks in. The website would have costs around $700 but I did for free so the $700 has helped them secure the treatment for four dogs and party use the saved fund towards the purchase of the pet ambulance.

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          Very cool. Commendable!

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      I like your project. :)

      1. 1

        Hey @nearmint thanks for the kind words :) It's kind words like yours which gives me the motivation to continue the good work.

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    Gain 1000 subscribers from Product Hunt by different sub products to our main product –

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      Love the simplicity and awesome color scheme.

    2. 2

      Nice product, just saw it on PH, cool video!

    3. 2

      loving the simplicity of slide page

    4. 1

      How are your planning to get those subscribers?

    5. 1

      How did you approach launching on PH? Did you already have an audience? How did you get people to upvote?

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      Good luck with your goal! How many subs do you have right now?

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      Hey @begovatovd out of curiosity, what are the sub products you have created so far? Sub projects/sub products are a popular way of driving traffic. That's how Unsplash was born out of Crew.

      1. 1

        Really? Very interesting :) For example this one – a Christmas Stories Design Pack –

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    I will be working on Analytics Tally, right not it is just an MVP.

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      Very cool, useful for building in public.

      1. 2

        Thanks! Yeah that was one of the reason why I made this. I wanted a way to share my analytics openly and also wanted an easy way to navigate through google analytics.

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      This is interesting. I recently switched to Plausible for simplicity and of course privacy.

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      Very interesting. Basically a plausible-like view of google analytics. Is it just a free tool or do you plan on monetizing? Seems to me most people use GA because its free, or they choose to pay for plausible etc. because of privacy.

      1. 1

        No plans for monetization right now. Maybe I will add a premium tier if you want to add more than 5 websites, use some custom reporting features, etc.

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          Very cool. I think GA is definitely overkill for most people, this is a great idea.

    4. 1

      I love the concept! I just switched from GA to Plausible, GA was too annoying with too much data for my need.. this can be a solution!

      1. 1

        Same here, all I wanted was a few pieces of data and GA was way too technical for that. BTW al lot of UI is influenced from Plausible, Fathom and Simple Analytics

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      Looks interesting.
      The landing page looks clean.
      So it is an "expansion" of the google analytics?
      Good luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks. Yes an extension to google analytics that you can share publicly with anyone. Also a more simplified form to see the basic metrics everyone needs.

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    So, I think I'm the first one?
    Currently working on 🌬! My biggest goal is to make at least five pre-sale (I already made one yesterday!! 🥳)

    Still learning, still improving!

    1. 4

      Hi, @IndependenceDev. Firstly, let me say congrats on setting up the landing page and the pre-sales you've already acquired.

      I wanted to take a moment to provide some constructive feedback on the landing page. I was initially reading this post on mobile when I saw the compliments on the landing page, this is when I realized something didn't add up; I didn't get the initial experience others were commenting about.

      1. The first section - On mobile, the "Above-the-fold" looks great and the space is "Filled-Up" nicely with content, however in desktop-mode the space between the "Heading" and "Call-to-Action (CTA)" is quite significant and leaves the impression of something being missing.

      Recommendation: Add a "Sub-heading" in desktop-mode, this sub-heading would then disappear on mobile since it's not really needed there. The sub-heading could offer a short line or two to describe more of what it is you're selling.

      1. The second section - To me this comes across as a "Hero-Shot", which is also fun and interactive; however, on mobile it is significantly cropped, so you immediately loose the value/premium appeal of all the rendered and interactive components. Also, because it's mobile, the user doesn't get the immediate joy/surprise of the hover effects, I only realized they were clickable/interactive when I switched to desktop-mode.

      Recommendation: Personally, I would leave out that "Hero-Shot" page on mobile since it's not able to provide its intended value and comes across as a random extra page without any "Information".

      1. The third section - Your "Body-of-benefits", again this is great in desktop-mode, especially the dark-mode toggle however, on mobile only the middle component is displayed, so again you lose out on the opportunity to display value and highlight your product. Also, the toggle only switches dark-mode on/off for the components on either side of the middle component; when I tried the toggle on mobile I came to the conclusion that the toggle was broken because I couldn't see the components being toggled between dark and light mode.

      Recommendation: Allow the middle/primary component to be toggle-able on mobile so that users can enjoy the experience of playing with the toggle.

      1. The last section - As a potential lead, I get no value from this section and it doesn't flow naturally from all the proceeding sections. The landing page should flow like a well-read novel that only gets better as you get to the end. Also, on mobile the left and right segments disappear and only leaves the list of words which seems even more random.

      Recommendation: Take the opportunity to place a second CTA section here, this gives you the opportunity to guide potential leads into buying your product. Also, you could even try making it into a sign-up button where users will get notifications when new components go live.

      Anyways, I hope this feedback is useful and helps you get to your pre-sales goal. I've also been looking into tailwind recently so I will be following up on your progress, hopefully you'll convert me the next time I visit. 😉

      1. 1

        That's some EXTREMELY valuable feedback @bjoseph, you've earned your first Follower on IH!

        Thank you very much for this detailed feedback, I'm on my way to improve the mobile experience of the Landing Page.

    2. 2

      Wow I love the inclined elements reacting to mouseovers!

    3. 2

      Nice to hear that , hope to see you make more sales!

      1. 2

        Thanks! Just make another pre-sale !!! 3 more to go this month

    4. 2

      Nice project and design, good luck!

    5. 2

      Hey @IndependenceDev, congrats on your first pre-sale :)

      I'm just starting out with my project, and am looking to do similar pre-sales before building it out completely.

      Any tips on how I can proceed with pre-sales? I don't have any sales experience so far, could use some help :)

      1. 2

        Hey, buddy. Sure, I will probably make a post here on IH when I get 5 pre-sales at least! :D (I will try to remember to @ you on the post)

        If you have some questions, you can contact me! Would be a pleasure to answer them.

        Here are some random "tips" :

        • You need an audience/network (I have ~3k followers on LinkedIn - the most underrated social network for networking)
        • Don't listen to 'expert' (I mean... seriously.)
        • Follow your instinct
        • Don't forget that you are the expert of your problem
        • Ship your product ASAP, nobody cares about little details
        • BUT take some time with your landing page (a lot of time!)
        • People like 'instant fun' products. If you can, don't do the authentication process, it's annoying. Give your audience something right away.
        1. 2

          hey thanks Florian - this is a good list. Looking forward to seeing your post on 5 pre-sales - good luck to you :)

      2. 2

        also, really cool animations on your landing page, especially each of the analytics bars jumping up

    6. 2

      Congrats on the presale! Btw awesome hover effect on the components at the landing page :)

      1. 1

        Thanks buddy! I still have a ton of work to do, but I'm on my way!!

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    I have launched the learning community today:

    I'll probably be learning from launch, trying to improve the product and collecting the feedback.

    But I'm also planning to pick small project for December to maintain our challenge.

    I'm thinking about website with information about long term visas for different countries: nomad visas, job visas, residency programms etc.

    1. 4

      Very cool Idea. Learning should be public and encouraged.

    2. 2

      Really cool Idea and love the engagement you have gotten so far. Is there a way you can call a user to action and have them know what to do when then land on the home feed without having to go the about page. Also I loved the homefeed picking up little TDIL's, that was almost more fun for me then the idea of signing up because I was not looking to really start a streak. Cool idea though, I guess I should start a streak!

      1. 1

        Haha, I am welcoming you to do :D

        About the action, it's a great notice and I'm thinking the same right now. I'll try to add blocked Input fields where I'll show something like "sign up to start posting" or smth like this.

        I have landing page but I decided to focus on having a public feed more appealing, maybe add the promo hero section for not signed in users rather than improving landing page.

  7. 4

    Enhancing remote culture in companies by creating

    1. 2

      This looks like an idea that could help out live entertainers during these difficult times, not just remote companies. A noble pursuit, close to my heart. Best of luck!!

      1. 2

        Thanks bestape! Appreciate your words :)

    2. 2

      Hey @jamalavedra is truly fun! Due to Covid and more companies allowing remote working, the face to face team bond has gone down. Companies and founders are looking into way to improve the bonding between teams virtually.

      I quite like the magic show with the magician, maybe you could find activities which are more interactive so maybe a magician explains a few card tricks and if the users have cards at home they could try it out as well.

      1. 1

        Thanks for responding, Nakkeeran, good take ! Most of the activities are thought so they are interactive between participants and host.
        We are also thinking about including more activities for which the needed material is sent to the participants home, so it's even more hassle free to make them interactive. What do you think ?

        1. 1

          It's a good idea but doesn't it increase the cost of sending the materials since company employees might be working from different parts of the world so the shipping cost will be a burden.

          Instead, how about planning your activities in such a way that employees are already likely to have the materials at their place. Such as paper for Origami session or a deck of cards for a magic show etc.

          1. 1

            Yes, the total price of the activity would significantly increase as well as the operational difficulty to reach certain remote workers. It is something that we've nevertheless explored within a more reduced number of countries to which we can more easily reach within Europe. I think that we really need to evaluate the benefits of it in spite of all the burden it would carry.

            Completely agree! That's what we have been trying to focus ourselves on so far and it makes it much easier. That and activity hosts capable of handling all the sending of materials to customers.

            1. 2

              I can see the possible benefit of limiting your client geography location to improve the material supply and keep the costs low as well. Could possibly work if the margins are favourable and increases repeat customer sales.

  8. 3

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to validate an idea I've had for a book that gives curious product folks, founders, deisgners and marketers an insight into the world of coding. If you've got any ideas please let me know!

    Here's my landing page:

    1. 1

      Nice idea and a good-looking landing page :)

      1. 2

        Thanks @feelgoodfreddy, but I can't take any credit. I used!

    2. 1

      Have you tried to give a presentation to your target audience and get their feedback?

      1. 1

        Hey @AbeTsang, I've sent over the landing page to a few old colleagues of mine. They seem really interested in the concept, but I can't tell if they're just being nice! I might try and do the same with some strangers and see how it goes.

        1. 1

          Ask your colleagues to rip you apart lol, tell them the best way to help is to be brutally honest!!!

  9. 3

    I'm working on Heartfelt - a tool for thoughtful giving. This app replaces notepad as a place to manage things you want to do for others & you can contact a personal gift advisor to brainstorm gift ideas.

    Doing nice things for others can change your brain. By doing kind things you genuinely want to do, you learn to connect to your own feelings. This app helps you get there by using a technique called priming. There’s a bunch of benefits to thoughtful giving. For one, it reduces current and future stress levels, because this kind of giving generates lasting and resurfacing serotonin.

    My biggest goal for December is to publish the app in closed beta for Android & iOS.

    1. 1

      I like the concept! Good luck.

  10. 3
    1. I plan to write APIs for my URL shortening platform Blanq. Few people have asked for it so that they can integrate their platform and use their domains. It will involve good amount of work.
    2. Write at least couple more keyword focused blog posts that are mainly for user acquisition.
    3. Write Bitly-Alternative page to target SEO queries.
    4. Tweet often to increase followers.
    5. Automate some of the backend systems like restarting service in case it crashes.
    6. Cold email a few potential customers so as to get used to the idea of doing it.
    7. Take breaks and vacations.
    1. 1

      Nice project. I was actually looking for this exact service about two years ago for my day job. We wanted to include short urls and qr codes of those urls on our marketing material at trade shows. The idea was to track for each show individually.

      1. 1

        I am curious if QR codes are still popular in the marketing circles. I plan to add but, nobody has asked yet.

        1. 1

          I wouldn't waste time on adding QR codes. Based on the traffic stats we found nobody was using them. It was easy enough to type the short url and everyone knew how to do that without an explanation.

    2. 1

      This looks really cool. I've always wanted to build a url shortener as it is a common programming project suggested online, I just haven't gotten around to it. Yours looks really well done. I think you have a good plan set out and looks similar to the plan I have for working on my app!

      1. 2

        Thank you so much! I picked up URL shortening since it was fairly easy to start with. But since then I added more features and it became slightly complex. Selling software is also tough.

        Anyway good luck, hope you have a good Dec :)

  11. 3

    Getting beta users on
    We've already had our first demo with a potential customer!

    1. 1

      Interesting. It would be nice if you can answer the questions while viewing the video / without switching to the usual form UI, which would be similar to comments on a live Facebook video for example.

      1. 2

        We have that on the list of our A/B tests :) We want to limit the videos to very short ones. So there is always a question before the answer and the answers are more valid.

  12. 3

    A few things on Failory:

    • Launch a new website design.
    • Launch Amazon Cemetery, a collection of Amazon projects that have failed and the reasons behind them. Maybe also a Google Cemetery.
    • Define Failory's blog strategy and hire a few writers.
    • Move to a new email marketing tool and set up a sequence of emails for new subscribers.
    • Carry out a Twitter contest (cc @dru_riley)
    • Think about Failory's next digital product (cc @dru_riley).

    Besides that, I'll be working on my personal brand.

    1. 1

      Can you share what new email marketing tool are you starting to use?

      1. 1

        Still deciding. I'm thinking about ConvertKit or Mailchimp.

    2. 1

      Hey Nico, since Failory features also successful entrepreneurs have you ever considered rebranding?
      I’m not suggesting it would be a good idea, just curious if that’s something that’s been on your mind.

      1. 2

        That was something we considered when we launched the interviews with successful founders a few years ago. We ended up deciding not to do it and I think it was the right decision.

        Failory's domain is quite powerful right now and organic traffic represents 80% of our monthly users. Moving to a new domain would mean losing that SEO power.

        Re-branding also takes a lot of time and I think it's not what will bring the best ROI.

        On the side, the interviews with successful founders put some focus on the mistakes and challenges faced by the founder, so the name "Failory" kind of fits well.

        1. 1

          I'm a fan the humanizing factor of the name in success stories, but I also see how there might be a potential impact on positive sharing. Makes sense though

        2. 1

          You wouldn’t lose search traffic with a proper migration, but I like your branding and I agree with your decision!

  13. 2

    I'm currently working on which is a realtime Q&A tool for any type of event.

    Landing page definitely needs more work but hopefully I'm conveying my value prop.

  14. 2

    I'm working on an Open Source hardware triage product to help livestreamers make some much needed extra money.

    A good chunk of my friends are musicians who rely on live shows to make money. It's a really hard time for them and I think this triage product could help out!

    I might use the aesthetic I developed in the triage product, maybe not:

    Triage is kind of like MVP but more lean, might remain a temporary fix (different iteration path). :o)

    I'll try to remember to share the triage product with Indie Hackers when it's sorted.

    Thank you.

  15. 2

    I am working on BTCDB - bitcoin and crypto related websites directory. Mostly because I need it for myself, but maybe others will find it useful too. (it is pretty simple right now, more features coming soon)

  16. 2

    Building an investing analytics site: (with little previous programming experience, so slow going). Goal for December is to write a new blog post weekly, and to build a backend that allows user to save their preferences.

  17. 2

    I am going to work on my digital coupong generating web app. I already what platform I am going to do it on and I pretty much know how I am going to tackle it. Hopefully I'll be done by the 15th of December and I am aiming to generate 10k before the end of this year 2020 :)

  18. 2

    i launched the presale campaign for my book! it's been a crazy journey and my goal for december is to raise enough money to publish. it's my first experience with crowdfunding, so my fingers are crossed :)

  19. 2

    A marketplace for people's time.

    Sellers set the hours they're available every week and their hourly rate.

    Then they get a unique page where buyers can pick available slots.

    1. 1

      Hacking on this with @imwm

  20. 2

    December turns out to be a big month. Strively, the social goal tracker is doing a soft-launch midmonth for anyone interested in a place to log and grow in they journey towards any personal goals (can certainly be Indiehacking ones as well).

    Also, we hope to launch an Indiegogo campaign for Pikk, a mobile technology based in India that will modernize tapris, which are roadside merchants. We want to re-envision their supply chain and see what's next.

    Hope everyone is working well to end the year!

    1. 2

      would love to hear if you end up doing the indiegogo! i launched mine last week for a book i am writing and have definitely found the experience interesting. good luck!!

  21. 2

    In December and going forward, I will be workong on mereku. It's a discovery platform for newsletter issues. I launched it in September but had to put it on the backburner due to time constraints.

    1. 1

      would love to hear how this goes. i have a newsletter and have definitely found discoverability to be a huge issue, especially if you don't want to invest time into social

      1. 1

        I agree, a lot of focus is put on social and many find it hard to believe that not everyone is on social especially Twitter.

  22. 2

    Just launched a fun side project -

    A tool to help you to express gratitude to folks in your network in a unique and meaningful way.

    1. 1

      This is cool, I love the idea of spreading positivity even for small things. So it generates these images like on the homepage to download then you send them via whatever? Or is it a gif of them combined?

      1. 1

        Thanks for responding. Think of it as the "Kudos" feature that LinkedIn has, but with a Carousel post. It's obviously a bit more than that, but that's the basic idea.

        I definitely would love feedback because, as cool as I think this is, the conversion rate has been very low. I don't think people are getting what it actually is upfront.

        You put in the name of the person in your network you want to recognize, choose "why" you are recognizing them, then input a short message. You then give some details about yourself and we automatically generate a PDF that is optimized for LinkedIn Carousel Posts for you to then share on LinkedIn. The PDF has the information you included generated dynamically from the form.

        1. 1

          Ah that makes a lot of sense! I think if you added some information that it generates a downloadable pdf specifically optimized for LinkedIn carousel posts it would be a lot more clear.

          I think I hesitated to try it at first because there are a lot of fields to fill out in order to test what happens when I hit nominate, and I wasn't sure if I was downloading something, or emailing something, or what the output was when I hit that button. Your comment made it very clear though, thanks!

          1. 1

            I actually really appreciate this feedback. The page has gotten a pretty decent amount of visits from my promotions, but almost no one has actually gone through with it (besides people I reached out to directly). I am pretty sure the things you pointed out are some of the reasons why. We are going to make a bunch of changes to see if it helps. One is to give more explanation as to what it is and what you get, the second is to make the form 2 steps.

            1. 1

              Glad I could help :)

  23. 2

    I'm working on Material UI integration for (a React codebase generator). It's been by far my most requested feature, so excited to finally get this out

    1. 2

      This is a pretty cool product. I just built out my MVP with React + Material UI + Firebase so I glad you're working on the Material UI integration.

      1. 1

        Thanks! What was the most frustrating part of building out your MVP with that tech (whether related to setup, specific components you needed, etc)? Anything you wished was just magically handled for you?

        1. 2

          Honestly, I don't have much frontend experience so I built out all the components and navigation myself. Here is the platform:

          I would've greatly appreciated it if there was a template that I could instantly create with the necessarily components (i.e. Auth workflow, etc) and have blank TODO locations for me to fill in my logic.

          Not sure how helpful this is since what I'm building is rather simple.

          1. 1

            Thanks that's helpful! This is very much what I'm trying to make easier with Divjoy :)

  24. 2

    I am writing the first issue of a newsletter!

    The newsletter is about gaining intuition about the metrics that drive business growth: acquisition, churn, and friends. The first newsletter will be about understanding growth rates early in your business, when you are "doing things that don't scale." The web version of the post has embedded interactive tools that I'm still finishing, and then I need to get a domain, publish it, and hook it up to a mailing list.

    Still haven't bought the domain yet. I'm going to gather feedback this week and then send it next week!

    1. 1

      Sounds very interesting! Good luck with it!

  25. 2

    Our roadmap this month in the Marketing department at FROGED is:

    👉 We'll change our website desing and copies in order to clarify our value proposition

    👉 We'll prepare a new launch on Product Hunt with a "Side-project" (It will bring a lot of value to Growth Hackers, Marketers and CSM

    👉 We have to decide about our SEO strategy and start to create content

    👉 ABM strategy to reach big accounts

    1. 2

      Love the designs with the pond/water. Design overall is on point!

      1. 2

        Thanks!! We'll keep the design but improving the messages and the structure of the website :)

  26. 2

    I'm working on Gonna create seamless experience in creating A/B tests for client site!

    1. 1

      So you can test mutiples landing pages for example? With the same URL?

      1. 1

        It will be possible to change the behavior of the element during one test. F.e. to change button text "Buy" to "Order" and change the color of it. If be honest I have never thought about changing the entire page on one url at all) But it's possible in theory)

  27. 1

    We finally released the MVP for Senseily and we'll try to get the first users to try our service this month.

    We are developing new features at the moment but probably will switch to marketing mode at the end of the month.

  28. 1
    1. We're working on our AI Social Media Manager that learns from your previous behavior to assist in doing social media engagement.
    2. Our biggest goal for December is to finish the implementation of the "human in the loop" where humans will review the "Engagement Plan" curated by Natasha.
  29. 1

    I built ecsview over the past few weekends, a Terminal UI for browsing your AWS ECS clusters, built with the excellent tview terminal GUI golang library.

  30. 1

    It's mid-December already but I have this goal to get 100 new users signed up for my product, Xoba - the fastest way to do work across all your cloud applications.

    1. 1

      Did you start from 0 this month? How is it going?

      1. 1

        Yes, started from 0 this month and currently at 22 so there's a lot more work to be done. Trying not to beat myself up too badly because it's holiday season.

    2. 1

      Interesting! If you're looking to identify the best marketing channels for Xoba, I just launched a tool for that. It's currently free to use as it's in beta.

      1. 1

        This is awesome - I just submitted Xoba on it. Looking forward to the report!

    3. 1

      This seems interesting! I just signed up 🙈
      How do I collaborate with other people?

      1. 1

        Thanks for signing up, I can't wait to hear what you think!

        You're able to collect documents, messages, files, etc from any app you want and curate them into a Xoba Card. This Card can be shared with anyone you would like and any updates made to that card automatically get pushed to those people you shared it with, meaning they are always on top of what the latest information is on a certain project, topic, etc.

        Let me know if you have any questions.

  31. 1

    I was preparing the launch of my little baby: and it got featured on Producthunt today. So it's already quite a successful December for me :) I will continue to work on the post-launch activities and maybe try to improve the product a bit more if I find the time.

  32. 1

    Working on a new online product Bootstrap 5 Generator
    goal to attract 100 paying users in the first month.

  33. 1

    I am working on scaling my servers to gather the data needed for my MVP here:

  34. 1

    Three things going on side by side:

    • Finalizing the last touches for launching Nana, a fully-fledged SaaS starter kit including subscriptions, payments, Docker containers, CI/CD, Kubernetes and more:

    • Finishing up the documentation for OceanPDF, a single API for converting any website or document to PDF via a single call:

    • Starting on integrating Facebook Ads into ReportMonkey, a digital marketing reporting platform with PDF + PPTX outputs (heads up, it is free for now, and will stay free for a longer period):

    I guess it is pretty ambitious for the whole month, but given that I am very close to be done with the first two, I might even be able to launch both of them this month and keep focusing on ReportMonkey.

    Hit me up if you have any questions or feedback about any of these products, I am quite excited to hear more.

    Have a great December!

  35. 1

    big month! we're looking to soft-launch our platform. yay!

  36. 1 Recruiting metrics dashboard. Doubt anyone on here will find it interesting but there definitely is a need in the space. ANY comments/feedback are appreciated. Thanks!

    1. 2

      The form at the bottom is a touch translucent - I'd suggest making it more easily visible

      1. 2

        Good call. Appreciate that.

  37. 1
    And editable 3D and flat illustrations library

    1. 1

      Nice! btw clicking on the logo sends me to a 404

  38. 1

    Hoping to spend the holidays learning about app development. For those much more experienced than me (read: zero), would you recommend starting with React or React Native? How easy is it to port a web app I create in React to an iOS/Andorid app and vice versa? Does the question even make sense? 😀

  39. 1

    My wife, @danicapierce and I just took our project Hashtag Slayer public.

    So what are we working on? Getting our first customer ;)

    1. 2

      This is really cool. How do you convince influencers or small businesses they NEED this project. How do you find those people that really are not doing hash tags correctly. If I was a small business doing hashtags I might say shoot, I need to throw some more variety in there and grab a thesaurus without signing up. Is there something about your algo or data set that guarantees more hits, how do I know its not just a bag of words im getting, maybe give the product away for free to some businesses that have poor hashtags and you can put a success story up on how they grew there following and engagement.

    2. 1

      This is super cool, I used to run an ecomm store that leaned heavily on IG for growth so can fully relate to this problem. If you're looking to identify the best marketing channels for your SaaS, I just launched a tool for that. It's currently free to use as it's in beta.

  40. 1

    Still cranking away on . Check out for a good collection of startup/bootstrapping talks and discussions

    1. 1

      Love the simplicity of your UI. With this style, you're likely to only attract tech people - but the simplicity is really a breath of fresh air.

      1. 1

        Lol thanks! Somewhat still craigslist inspired UI haha, trying to stay focused on core functionality but it is a work in progress for sure!

  41. 1

    Building Kbee. Kbee lets you build a searchable knowledge base right on Google Docs

    Our goal for December is to get our first 10 users (we've been using it ourselves for another project)!

  42. 1

    Working on the MVP for

    The idea is to "Improve your mental health by removing negativity from your Twitter feed".

    Made the v1.0 for the landing page and hoping to get feedback on the actual product soon!

  43. 1

    I launched a free app Dont Text on the App Store. Users can add keywords to the app that will block spam text messages from unknown senders.

    My goal for December is to finish the premium version of the app, offering automatic spam filtering for paid users.

    1. 2

      That is a great idea. I get so many updates about packages via text.

      1. 1

        That's awesome to hear! If you found it useful, leaving a review will help others find it on the App Store, thanks so much.

  44. 1

    Working on trying to find market fit and to create an initial base of users.

    1. 2

      Have you considered making it possible to try Canvas without registration?

      1. 1

        And the reason is that we have templates, designs, and files that are user-specific. Maybe we can create a demo site for the canvas with basic functionality.

      2. 1

        We have a very simple registration flow and sign in with Google as well implemented.
        Actually, we didn't think to remove the registration process for now.

  45. 1

    Working on a product to help founders get their testing/surveys completed. We are in beta testing stage so inbox me if you want to try out the services for FREE!

  46. 1

    I'm excited to be working on WarmUp , an airbnb for home gyms and fitness equipment. I just put up the pre-launch website and have gotten started on building the actual application. I'm hoping to have an MVP by the end of the week.

    I'm building the website on and the actual application itself on Adalo. If you have any experience or tips you'd be willing to share, I'd appreciate it!

  47. 1

    Finally putting our beta (pre-beta? alpha? draft?) app out into professional circles for user feedback and trial. Likely have lots of iterations and hopefully a final application by the new year!

  48. 1

    Just aiming to put some solid work in to Lurnby.

    I hope to get a few active users to start using the product and help me figure out how it should move forward.

    Hope to get image support in for epubs and roll out pdf support this month too.

    And I need to figure out the logic behind the recall practice and the spaced repetition.

    Taking it slow and realizing that my model isn’t really product + tech but more like public service. A long time horizon and emphasis on public good.

    This takes a lot of stress off me because I can slowly fuck up as much as I want to as long as I improve consistently.


    1. 2

      I just looked into your product, maybe you can get users from local universities or high schools?

      1. 1

        Yeah. I'm definitely thinking of that option. Been holding off for now because in universities much of the reading is via PDFs.

        So before I start pushing that, I was gonna build out the functionality first.

        Had a few grad students and phds try it out but the PDF thing was a necessity for them.

        I appreciate you taking a look and thanks for the ideas!

        1. 1

          I like to think that we are all helping each other in this community!!!

  49. 1
    • Currently validating a Startup toolkit for founders, so far we got 60 sign ups on the first day.
    • The biggest goal for December will be to gather some feedback from the toolkit to improve it for V.2.
      Any feedback will be truly appreciated 🙂.
  50. 1

    Looking to really improve the documentation for Nodewood and finally release to open beta!

  51. 1

    I'm building Enlight Cohorts, a two-week mini-bootcamp to learn web development by building projects.

  52. 1

    I'm working on a Shopify app / integration for

  53. 1

    Hi, working on It's an emoji that is made into iOS 14 homescreen.

  54. 1

    Working on:

    • Getting Hayward ready for alpha users! Check out the landing page here:
    • Growing my Twitter account - tweeting about running an effective consulting business, bootstrapping, Django, Kubernetes, application security, and my lifestyle (

    Let's push for a strong close to the year!

  55. 1

    Just launched 🚀 a little marketplace for Carrd templates.

    After my last launch ( Carrd templates stood out as the most in-demand so I reworked the formula and focused on these.

    Next steps:

    • Launch a small competition (Best template wins 'x') to help seed the marketplace
    • Finetune the listing documentation
    • Promote in a few other groups

    Getting the hang of this now but still nervous as hell to push that launch/post button

    1. 1

      Wow. Really interesting how you're building a feature on top of the service. I'm surprised this is permitted by their TOS, since it could be confusing to customers?

  56. 1

    Will launch The Friday ( in the next week. Looking for sponsors to manage google web store, domain and hosting costs.

  57. 1

    I'm doing some work on a web scraper using Ruby/Rails. I've wanted to work on one for a while. My first idea is to scrape some company related data that plays into a certain stock strategy (buying on the dip when a stock lock-out period ends).

    It would be pretty easy to set up email notifications for this.

  58. 1

    Working on Coulf maker community, like I've been doing for the past couple of months but have grown a bit now.

  59. 1

    Finding the right people to cold email in organizations to create a sales funnel for

    Finding those emails is really tough, though!

    1. 1

      Hey @biologistbrian have you considered using someone on Upwork to build the list for you? Makes it easier for you to focus on emailing folks and building the funnel!

      1. 1

        @saiarora Not at all. Thank you! That is extremely solid advice....I'm going to go check that out now.

  60. 1

    I am working on
    I am building free and paid Tailwind CSS templates.

    My goal for this month is.

    • Move to Vercel from Netlify.
    • Build at least 4 paid templates and 2 free.
    • Finish some details on the site.

    Actually, today I made infamous "power by" badege for those using the templates for free.

    Also implemented a creative commons license for the free ones...

    1. 1

      Looks promising! Though your "Why the web needs one more form builder" is pretty long-winded. It's fine to expand, but you should start with the tl;dr there, since it's a lot to ask potential customers to read just to know what's special about Keenforms.

      1. 1

        That's fair, it is a bit long winded. I'm not a professional writer, I just sort of spit it out over a few days. I should look into trying to condense it. I'm already thinking about that. I appreciate that you took the time to read the whole thing.

  61. 1

    This month I try to build and create info products, because I have no experience in this field and I try to learn/experiment.

    Although I try to create these info products with using APIs and other technologies, because I don't think I have proper english and/or experience to truly share valuable insights just from my head (at least for now).

    (My first product is out on gumroad if anybody is interested:

  62. 1

    I've been very busy building tools to help me grow my Twitter audience. I've found it's a great way to grow my business and finance weekly round up newsletter, The Summary

    So far it:

    • has a tweet scheduling system
    • tweets out upside/downside of stocks based on an average of analyst predictions
    • retweets my popular tweets
    • has a dashboard of all the latest headlines where I can easily schedule relevant tweets

    Now this is very almost near completion, I'm going to focus on getting it over the line, as well as resuming focus on growth. This should save me a considerable amount of time, and keeps my account busy with useful and relevant content!

    1. 1

      Hey @PatrickS this is very interesting especially the angle of writing the summaries in the investing perspective. Have you sent these out to tech investing funds? You should give it a go, if they like your analysis they are sure to subscribe.

      You could even charge a small fee.

      1. 1

        Hey Nakkeeran, I've not considered this just yet. As I'm still a one man band, and trying to grow an audience I think any sort of partnership might be a little premature. My audience is primarily every day retail investors, not HFTs/Banks etc.. . You do raise a really interesting point of sector specific weekly updates for companies - something I'd not thought of. I'm sure there's something there!

        1. 1

          Hey Patrick, thanks for the reply.

          If you get a chance do check out Kevin Conti's Software Ideas, he started by writing quality software ideas content and soon people started to see the value in it. He's active here on IH and journals all his progress so far.

          The reason why I mentioned Software Ideas is because you could write a summary piece and have a price for the full analysis so people interested in the full analysis will pay for it.

  63. 1

    Deployment from Scratch:

    • I would love to have a Christmas pre-release, although not everything goes by the plan (again!) since I got Covid-19.
    • Right now writing and polishing chapters on Linux processes and systemd, specifically resource constraining with cgroups.
  64. 1

    I'm working on improving my personal website:

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    1. 1

      Looks noice. Are you using some CMS? If note, I suggest going to and pick a template. I made my site with their help,

      1. 1

        Cool stuff. Any way to get notified about new posts?

        1. 1

          Thanks. You can visit my Twitter ( or subscribe for my newsletter at

      2. 1

        Thanks for the kind words! Yours looks good as well!

        Thanks for the suggestion, I just heavily modified one of the open-source theme for Gatsby to make it happen. Didn't know about stackbit before.

        1. 1

          Oh wow, I used stackbit just to get that template. I modified it too. Added dark mode, changes a lot of other stuff.

  65. 1

    I'm building a product to help entrepreneurs with collection of invoices from SaaS vendors automatically instead of having to log in manually every month or quarter.

    1. 1

      I wish you luck in your journey!

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