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    Launching the Zero to Marketing archive with all the past case studies!

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      Awesome just subscribed, Excited to learning from case studies.

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      Done registered

      Looking forward to learning fro you and bring that to my recent side project http://madein.email/

      Have a nice day

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      Looks cool. Just subscribed.

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      Awesome! Just subscribed and looking forward to reading your content.

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      Just subscribed, looking forward to it!

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      Looking forward to this

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      Oooh, got my eyes on that.

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      Ey! Looking forward to this

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      Hi Andre! I just signed up, look forward to learning from your case studies :)

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      Hey Andrea - I love what you're doing here! I just signed up for your newsletter. I would love to chat more after reading your newsletter to learn about your process!

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        Hey Rick, sure! Just reply to one of my emails 🙂

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      I just subscribed and eagerly looked for an archive of past case studies! So glad to hear it's in the works :)

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        Welcome! It should be ready in a couple of weeks 🙂

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      That's is interesting project Andrea, I just subscribed!

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    My goal this month is to apply the lessons we've learned thanks to April Dunford's marvelous book on positioning on www.logology.co. It means re-writing and re-designing the landing page + working on the brand package in order to give more visual identity tools to our customers.
    I have plenty of work for March but I'm over motivated! 💪

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      Wow that site is 🔥! What a unique design!

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      The website looks great! I have given it a try and I think I may need to buy a logo. I do note however that it does not yet support certain characters (in this case the umlaut). Also, I noticed a small spelling mistake on the Grow pricing package "you marketing" instead of "your marketing". Good luck with the next bit of work, I'm so glad that you are so motivated!

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        Hi @gunterrichter, thank you for your support!! :) And thank you for spotting the spelling mistake, we'll fix that! I'm sorry the website doesn't support certain characters yet… We are working on this too. If you need help, you can create your logo with the "classic u" and we'll fix it for you. (We already did this for a customer who needed the character "œ").

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      Ooo very cool! Bought the book, haven't read, but heard some of her stuff from Lenny Rachistsky. Have been following logology too - keep up the good work :)

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        Thank you for your support @harrisonjohnson ! :) I truly recommend her book, I hope you'll like it too.

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      Obviouslyawesome is a great read.. good luck !!

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      Love the look of your site! I have a side project that needs a logo, I think your service might be just what I was looking for.

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        Thank you @feelgoodfreddy! I'd be happy to help you through our logo service! Don't hesitate to ask if have questions. What is your project about? Do you already know what you want/need for your brand identity?

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    Gonna be working my newsletter, The Slice, also recently made a new personal bonus newsletter that will go along side it.

    And the rest of the month I'll be swomped in client work :(

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      i wonder if the 1000 true fan also applies to e-commerce

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      I have subscribed. looking forward to it!

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    A super simple cloud function deployer. Write code and deploy from web browser in a minute.

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      Very cool. It’s like an indie AWS 😊

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        Thanks, I am using AWS Lambda on the back :)

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      That sounds interesting

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      Whoa cool concept! What are your plans for it?

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        This MVP is to help developers in quick-prototypes/learning/testing, etc. I am working right now on TinyDatabase.com which is going to give a quick and simple database which will work along with TinyFunction.

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          That's pretty cool. This could turn into a nice chain of sellable microservices.

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            Thats a nice idea, I haven't thought in that way. If I go that direction and make money you get a peace of it 👍 😉


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    Just launched thisisrags.com, a clothing brand discovery platform (community?), a couple of weeks ago. Feels like there's an endless amount to do but focusing on integrating some early feedback, reaching brand liquidity in some of the top North American cities, and chipping away at SEO. Godspeed builders!

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      Hey there,
      Love the idea for Rags! Looks like it already has some traction, and people posting on it.

      Out of curiosity, how did you initially attract your target demographic of clothing designers, and how did you get people to actually browse Rags?

      Would love hear back!

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        Thanks for checking it out! I've done a lot of the posting myself initially to get the flywheel rolling, but starting to have some brands post themselves as well.

        Majority of the traffic so far has come from reddit. I add a bunch of local brands from a target city and then post in the subreddit for that city sharing the list and asking for brands I've missed. People are passionate so it typically generates a lot of engagement/commenting and some decent traffic to the site.

        Here's an example from Montreal: https://www.reddit.com/r/montreal/comments/lrnyrx/the_11_best_montreal_clothing_brands_including_6/

        Hope that helps!

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    I'm working on an app to track/journal anything. Movies you watch, investment opportunities, what you eat, etc. You pick the fields/schema and input methods. No mantra about how what/how you should be tracking, it's completely personal to you.

    I started the project about a year ago but have been treating it as a full time job for 4-5 months. I'm adding features, building on a small list of beta testers, and iterating iterating iterating.

    I'm thinking a lot about pricing/monetization but trying not to let it overwhelm me.

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      I'd love this for movies + tv shows + books+recipes! I currently keep notes on my phone tracking what I've read/watched and a separate ToDoist list for things I want to watch/read. I'm up for beta testing.

      1. 1

        Yes yes yes and yes! All things that can be logged quite easily. You can even create a rating system for each one if you want, using numbers or emojis. I will send an invite to the email listed in your profile when I release the next beta version :)

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          Awesome, looking forward to it!

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      sounds awesome actually

      1. 1

        Thanks! It's something that I started building for myself, but designing it for a wide range of use cases.

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      That app sounds awesome. How far are you to completion?

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        Thanks! I won’t say completion because there are endless improvements I can make but it’s usable right now, and in a few days I’ll have some really awesome updates pushed to beta testers. I’m planning on a really lengthy beta testing process while I refine it, and make it an app that people really enjoy using every day, while growing a community of early adopters. Still a lot to figure out, from monetization to community to building a landing page, etc. Excited for all of it!

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      Neat, good luck and do share your progress on the same!

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    Implementing some sort of crawler so I don't have to add jobs manually on https://www.fourdayweek.io/ 😫

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      Awesome! Looking forward to more listings :) Keep it up!

    2. 2

      I like your work-life balance idea!

    3. 2

      That's a really great idea for a jobs board. Looks like the 4-day work week is really taking off these days.

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot! and hopefully... the 5 day model is out of date imo

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      Great niche/soon-to-be-not-niche to focus on! Dealing with a very similar problem this month 😛

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    Does it count if I built it the last couple days of February? I wasn't planning to, but I hacked together this alternative GitHub compare UI over the weekend https://git-diff.netlify.app/

    My bigger project, though, is https://1secret.app/. It has been in limbo for a while and still in public beta, but in March I want to spend much more time getting it closer to an official launch.

    The first task, for example, is a complete overhaul of the Pricing page, as well as the pricing itself (free tier + paid). 1Secret is a service for sharing short-lived, self-destructing secrets.

    1. 3

      1secret looks good, the landing page is nice and I understood industry what it does.

      My only feedback is to have somewhere we can find out more about how secure the data is. For example, How do you store it? Is it encrypted with the password I use or can you read it?

      People who aren't interested in security will just email each other passwords, so I would imagine that the people coming to you will already be knowledgeable about security and be looking for specific answers so they know they can trust you.

      1. 1


        There's more info on the FAQ page https://1secret.app/faq as well as https://1secret.app/how-it-works/creating.

        Unfortunately both are a little outdated and not obvious. It's definitely one of the areas I need to improve. I want to be as transparent as possible on how I store users' data.

        A future feature that I absolutely want is e2e encryption, but I don't want to delay launching for this, since it might take a while. Currently, data is always encrypted on disk and in the DB, doubly so when the user adds a password. Browser-to-server is via https, so I think it's fine for now, but I want to encrypt it straight in the browser (with the user's password).

    2. 2

      Hello @brbcoding, I don't know a lot about the market of secrets but I know about secrets and I love your idea! :) It's very cool to create a secure way to share some. It may be because I'm a graphic designer, but I have tons of visions of what you could do visually with a topic like this. It's a great project!
      I'm wondering about the pricing. Again, I don't know a lot about your market, and I think it's fine that the customer can use the service for free, but is there so much secrets that people would need a 10$/month subscription? Don't take it the wrong way, I'm just wondering if there is not a price in-between. Or maybe you would look for people that are completely aware of the lack of security of the other solutions.

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    Launching our new landing page! (https://loopit.dev/). We want to build an ultimate travel idea generator! Especially for lazy and busy people :)


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      Just a heads up you have a spelling error, right under the text "They Love Us, You Will Too!" you have a button that says "Trt it out". I presume you meant "Try it out".

      1. 1

        Hi @Derppey,
        Thanks for your information! We will fix it ASAP! Thanks a lot, and feel free to give us any further feedback!

    2. 2

      That is very cool! I love how clean is the design

      1. 1

        Thanks, @anastasionico! We are so glad you like it! How can you find us after almost 3 weeks? anyway feel free to play with our service and any feedback is welcome!

    3. 2

      Awesome! Just signed up to get notifications.

      1. 1

        Thanks @Luigiunitm, we are so glad you like it! Feel free to try it and give us any feedback!

    4. 1

      Your new landing page looks amazing!

      1. 1

        Thanks, @bktan! Glad you like it! Feel free to play with our service!

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    I'm having a 'BAU'(ish) month for INF Club (ish, because I'm planning to host a new 'intentions for the month ahead' livestream), to give me the space to finish editing my book, The Indie Author :)

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    Writing and promoting my event-first community handbook

    How to start, grow and monetize community around event series - https://event-first.communityweekly.co/

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    I'm 2 issues in to a newsletter that teaches computing concepts to developers.

    I was really lucky to get quite a few subscribers early on, so my goal for March is to focus less on growth, and to develop the habit of writing regularly instead.

    1. 1

      Great concept. Agree with the premise fully, far too often we see, "Here's how to build a Facebook clone" in one blog post. It's so much that you don't truly learn anything.

      I'm trying to do that in the Jamstack book I'm working on too - I'm touching on a lot of material but trying to break things down well enough that you absorb the pieces well. It's challenging!

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    Working on the financial statements pages on Aquiloo

    One of the problem when looking at those numbers is that beginner investors do not know their meaning.
    To solve this I added pop-ups to each items that explain how the numbers are calculated and what's their significance.

    Here is an example: https://www.aquiloo.com/app/stocks/AAPL/financials

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    This month, my main goal is to launch the creator system on the international women’s day https://gum.co/thecreatorsystem

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    I’m finalizing a online program for people who are tired by not being able to switch off their busy mind. I’m in the process of collecting reviews for social proof through my new website by offering a free 60 minute experience of my process.

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    In March, our goal is update our Geeks UI with landing page design in Feb. In Last month we get 50+ sales of Geeks UI. We excited about more update in design and HTML.
    Its courses related lead page for academy and sale courses. Here is example of header section. alt text
    Demo: geeks UI

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    I am working on (well continuing to work on!) a new information product that I am building on Notion. It is a business change toolkit for change managers and project managers. I am aiming to launch this month. Aside from Notion, I have used cardd.co to build the landing page which you can view here https://changemanager.tools

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    UX Research & Building our Beta Program
    Beta User acquisition has been a difficult task.

    Our process:

    1. Reaching out to current users.
    2. Reaching out to our network
    3. Reaching out to the maker community.

    Let me know ifanyone has any feedback or is interested in joining our program as an end-user or an implementer!

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    Working on new logo, brand guideline and packaging design. Also looking to add a way to automate some of my instagram content generation :]


    Vietnamese specialty coffee imported directly from the mountainous highlands of my homeland Vietnam. It's coffee that is sweet, low acidity, fruity and not bitter

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    Non-destructively white out a difficult client's Wordpress website with WP Killswitch - https://wpkillswitch.io/

    In the last 2 days I've already built half the application to allow WP Killswitch to work remotely. I'll be looking for some beta testers in the next few weeks, and launching an MVP by the end of the month.

  21. 1

    I'm working on helping teams communicate better! (https://mycheckins.io)

    I'm building a tool for teams to create and run async meetings. I want to help teams to be on the same page - focusing on the right priorities, collaborating effectively and being productive - without excessive Zoom meetings.

    I started working on the MVP with a couple of folks on our team after facing these issues myself and speaking to a few founders who shared similar experiences. We wrapped up the MVP and the landing page this week after 4 weeks of work!

    My goal for this month is very clear - talk to as many founders and team members as I can and learn what they're missing when it comes to team communication. I want to learn what they feel about how their team communicates. I want to learn what friction points they run into, and what they think they can do better. I want to learn how I can help them build better culture and communication in their teams.

    The learnings from these conversations will play a crucial role in helping me narrow down the problem statement, get a better picture of the ideal user, and build a clear roadmap for the product moving ahead. I want to get to point where I feel like I can solve a single significant pain point, even for a small number of founders/teams.

    Finding people to talk to and getting on a call with them has been a massive learning experience. I've been experimenting a lot with my approach and the handful of conversations I've had so far have been really interesting and insightful. I'm really excited to continue this for the next couple of weeks and learn as much as I can.

    PS: I would love your help if you find this interesting. You can reply to my comment or pick a slot here (https://calendly.com/rushabh-chourasia/30min) if you're up for a chat!

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    I'm working on customer acquisition and SEO content for my saas project APITemplate.io - Auto-generate images and PDFs with a simple API.

    besides that, I'm working on the integration with some of the low-code platforms.

  23. 1

    I'm working on HuntStrap - a platform where you can pre-hunt before hunting on PH

  24. 1

    Iam working on Antix. It is an editor like the HemingwayApp but it is made for people who make ads on Facebook so that their app can remain compliant.
    You just have to paste your app copy and Antix will compare it to Facebook policies and underline all the words that may have your ad flag by Facebook algorythm.
    And I am planning to do it with no-code.

  25. 1

    Relaunching https://fanatos.net/en - probably the most interesting fantasy football :)

  26. 1

    🚀 Day ZERO yesterday for my recent side project http://madein.email/

    March GOAL

    • Post ~22 Products via Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)
    • Sent out 4 newsletters
    • Reach 99 subscribers

    Thanks for the support ✌️

    1. 1

      Hey Rui,
      Love the idea for the newsletter. I am working on a newletter over at wispa.substack.com and I was looking for advice on how to grow it.

      It is completely free, and I am using it to build my startup in public.

      Do you have any advice on how I can grow my newsletter through social media?

      I would love to hear back from you

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    This month I'm focusing on core marketing fundamentals, learning basics of facebook ads, copywriting etc. Reading The Boron Letters first and may conjure some experiments from some of the ideas in there

  28. 1

    Working on social media tipping.

    Basically people will have a link they can drop in their social media profiles or feeds. Others can then visit the link and give them a tip ($0.01, $0.05, $0.50, anything) with a single click (assuming they have accounts and are logged in).

    Creators/influencers will be able to directly monetize their social media audience. Really anybody can sign up to receive tips for whatever reason from wherever. Will work anywhere you can post a link, like here on IH.

    "That was a great post/advice/picture/meme, let me leave them $0.05"

    "Thanks for creating IH Rosie, here's $0.50!"

    Hopefully will be live by the end of the week.

  29. 1

    Exposing Roast My Website to the public by posting it on different platforms 🚀

  30. 1

    Thinking about diving into C# for a native windows app that renders redundant a couple of extra clicks to change settings. That is, was thinking - it's time to sit down and work this through :)

  31. 1

    For a week, I shot and edited videos that will be published on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok for my startup. 365 videos in total. This month I will upload and schedule these and make videos on my personal YouTube channel (180 videos). I will set up a global YouTube channel. I will write and publish a book on "Instagram Entrepreneurship" (All the techniques from the start). If the book is sold enough, I will establish my company on April 1st.

  32. 1

    I'm working on https://www.polygaku.com - A Japanese course built in Notion. I'm planning to release it along with a Notion template for study when self-learning a language.

    1. 1

      I like your site a lot - very clean and enticing! Nice time to be launching something like this with more focus on Japan given Netflix's show "Age of Samurai"! Maybe post this link on reddit pages dedicated to that show? Good Luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks, I think the clean/minimalist aesthetic is great for long-form content and learning like this - eliminates distractions.

  33. 1

    Trying to track Personal Development projects with Jira.
    For CI/CD - Source based using SFDX( salesforce ) and Pipeline setup with Bitbucket.
    Gotta look into Docker as well.
    W-I-P since a week because don't got no time after office.
    It's not much work so hoping to wrap this up in this week.

  34. 1

    👋 fellow indiehackers.

    I am building apistack(https://getapistack.com) which provides simple to use APIs for all the auxiliary flows for mobile/web apps.

    Be it OTP verification, sending SMS, Job queues, Key-value stores; you don't have to open accounts with multiple services like Twilio, AWS, GCP; apistack provisions it for you and provides simple apis to consume them.

    Integrate OTP verification in < 5 mins using apistack: https://youtu.be/A5iL77IrIEM

    I am currently running 50% off for first 100 customers. Let me know what do you think 🙇‍♂️

  35. 1

    Working on https://socialdeck.io

    A platform for bloggers, social media managers to save their time while automating their journey through social media and taking decisions based on our analytics.

  36. 1

    Not exactly sure. Been casting about, looking at a bunch of things, trying to find what to work on. The last thing was a Stripe payment workflow builder, but I'm having trouble targeting an exact audience.

    Other things I was looking at were, in this order:

    • How to integrate WebRTC in a 2D game.
    • The different playbooks companies had for remote work, and what's been working for them.
    • NFTs with for a deck building game about spices
    • Inventory management for omnichannel sellers.

    Still trying to figure out what to work on.

  37. 1

    Working on 2 Goals

    1. To create landing pages for my product Accessibility Enabler

    2. Working on my new product called VideoSeek

    1. 1

      Accessibility is always an afterthought in most web applications.

      I see you can enable the accessibility checker on mobile. That's a nice touch.

  38. 1

    Going to publicly launch https://minipoll.co and hoping to grow https://workspaces.substack.com to 1,000 subscribers (currently 650+)

    I have my work cut out for me! 😅

    1. 1

      Hi Ryan,

      I'm also writing on substack, but I am struggling to grow it. Do you have any advice for me, on how to market and grow a substack newsletter?

      You can find my newsletter over at wispa.substack.com

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  39. 1

    Working on www.tailwindflow.io - A browser extension tool to streamline the process of using TailwindCSS!

  40. 1

    Working on curiousfounders.com ,

    We have two products as of now: a newsletter(news.curiousfounders.com) and a development agency for startups(contact us linktr.ee/curiousfounders).

    Create the content and build a following in social media
    Grow the newsletter.
    Launch the newsletter in Product hunt.
    Get huge contracts for our agency.
    Launch another product (By next month)

  41. 1

    March 2021 I'm learning my way through Elixir + Phoenix LiveView to develop my first product: a visual roadmap tool to convey what I'm working on and capture user feedback.

    This is primarily a learning exercise, but is also something I intend to utilize on my future projects!

  42. 1

    Building a site that makes managing tabs easy and sharing groups of links with others a breeze! Here is my morning routine https://polyl.ink/qcdH6TOe and here is my tech stack https://polyl.ink/gclkdDsx

  43. 1

    Building our roadmap to a real MVP. My cofounder and I spent the last month validating our idea with some quick and dirty landing pages + social media. Really pumped to turn my ideas into reality.

  44. 1

    Launching http://bestwebdigest.com/ a curated design digest to inspire you!

  45. 1

    Working on a new 3d/360 walkthrough image tour viewer. I'm not coding it, but guiding someone that is.

  46. 1

    Thanks to someone that offered a First Podcast episode, I'll be starting my operator screwups podcast. Been 5 years since I wrote it in a Google Doc, 3.5 years since I shared it with some Indie Hackers + friends to comment, 2+ years since I had people suggesting I should do it so they could sponsor. We'll see how it goes Wednesday. Long time overdue.

    Now, if only I could get more people to share what they'd want to read about startup lists on a timeline.... Could launch multiple.

  47. 1

    Building more partnerships with influencers and sites for Zlappo

    It has produced an inflection point in my MRR, and I intend on tripling-down.

  48. 1

    I have been taking a month off and it's my last 2 weeks. Doing some self reflection and re-organizing my work & side hustles.

    Currently working the Notion edition of VenturesList, excited to show to my users!

  49. 1

    Finally finishing and launching book clubs on BetterMorningReading! I've been working on it for 3 months now and I'm ready to start testing and writing up my blog post announcement.

  50. 1

    I'm working on an image sharing website like Unsplash, except you can also share SVG graphics, PNG, and any other image type.

  51. 1
    1. I plan to finally sit down and really give our landing page www.makemix.co some love with updated messaging, product shots, CTAs, etc in advance of our April (🤞) early access launch.
    2. I want to build up our early access list from 11 to 20. I'm going to continue directly reaching out to artists on Instagram & testing + refining my messaging as I go.
  52. 1

    This month will add some #chatops into the mix.

    I already has slack and ms teams support, discord on the way, and then to publish it all together with some nice use cases, like downtime monitoring, deploy management from messenger and etc.

    That would be enough for me to present the product on PH and HN as a descent solution, but no high expectations, I will not be trapped into this again

  53. 1

    Anyone have experience writing a ..... "Manifesto"....? Nervous I'm sounding self-serving, would love a set of eyes on it.

    Other than that focusing our research on multi-player experiences! Thinking groups, messaging, notifications, etc

  54. 1

    Still finishing up integrating payments, the new Payment Intents stuff threw me for a loop, I'm halfway finished with it now. Another session or two and I'll be g2g.

    Ramping up on a great freelance contract, also started doing more workouts with my pull up bar!

    1. 1

      Good on you for the resistance training - great for the brain. Do you get freelance clients though referalls?

      1. 1

        Yes - these days 100% through referrals. I built up a freelance network around 2015 - 2018, worked W2 jobs til last month to stack up my resume and then jumped back into freelance with the referrals coming in.

        I got my contacts through telling recruiters on LinkedIn I was looking for part time freelance contracts and by contacting freelance groups in my area.

  55. 1

    Launched https://snackwyze.com and now looking to help 10 SaaS founders create an interactive product walkthrough/how-to guide in seconds in the hope of learning first hand the pain points and improving Snackwyze further in the process

    1. 1

      This looks amazing. I don't have a launch anytime soon, but I'd love to try to break it for you, and entertain myself in the process.

      1. 1

        that would be awesome ! thanks🤘

    2. 1

      I'd be interested in this! Our product will be ready for an onboarding/walkthrough in mid-April which is when we're aiming for our early access release.

      1. 1

        Thanks! Would love to help. Plz feel free to grab some time here https://calendly.com/neerajdhulekar/30min

    3. 1

      I might try it.

      Can it work with multiple tabs?

      Like start on my page, move to zapier, move back, etc.

      1. 1

        Hi, Yes, it works on multiple tabs. It can create a static (screenshot) based walkthough and a video based one. You can publish your desired format. Happy to help you get started .. feel free to pick some time if you would like to chat more ..thank you! https://calendly.com/neerajdhulekar/30min

  56. 1

    Building the next generation community platform

    1. 1

      I would love to know more! What are you looking to accomplish?

  57. 1

    Launching March 30th! So I am just prepping for that!

  58. 1

    Im working on a site that lets you create an Index fund with 20 stocks and you can compete with friends and follow its progress. Just for fun.

  59. 1

    Trying to land some more interviews for my newsletter about chemistry, chemical news, and how chemistry is in some way related to a lot of the biggest problems we need to solve in society.

    First issue containing an interview drops tomorrow

    Have another interview set-up for tomorrow morning

    Trying to hit 100 subscribers in March too. I got in the 53 in March.

    Latest issue here if anyone wants to check it out:

  60. 1

    My new passion project is Tough Love Resume --- toughloveresume.com

    Free personalized video feedback on your resume + more! Tough Love Style ;)

    It's an impact project I really enjoy it + I look forward to one day leaving my job to work on it full time! Hopefully soon ....

    Feel free to check out my website / fill out the form / give some tough love feedback back ! =)

    1. 1

      My friend had a friend that got to live on a boat in Hawaii rent free because she traded resume review for a couple of days on a boat. The take away was that if you didn't go to college, there can be soft skills and norms that don't get passed to you, like resume stuff. So there should be an audience out there, besides college grads.

  61. 1

    I have a list as long as my arm of simple tools that could help small businesses.

    All will be gradually added to jumpstrt.co.uk over this month.

  62. 1

    Oh, it's March?

    Trying to launch a beta version of Userveys out the door into the hands of those who have signed up for the beta so far...

  63. 1

    We are improve SEO for code.market – now it's our main goal and we very excited about it.

  64. 1
    • Redesign some customers websites, switching from WordPress to Static Site Gen
    • Learn more about Hugo SSG (maybe try a little bit Golang)
    • Help a friend with Brand Identity
  65. 1

    Continuing work on my framework-agnostic website builder. I really want to get a blog up, but my goal is to dogfood its development with the tool that I'm building!

    Goals for this week - dodging browser specific intricacies like crazyyy. Get the editor ported over to using iframes, start work on component definitions so you can create simple interfaces for manipulating HTML

  66. 1

    Uber for Marketing https://www.150birds.com/ rearchitecting the platform so that the process flow is moreefficient for our customers.

    1. 1

      Hey Rickshant, I was very intrigued by your service, and I tried applying as a freelancer but the page keeps hanging on step 2 of the sign up. Any way I can get to you directly?

      1. 1

        Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  67. 1

    I finished with new features this week on https://uptime.onl:

    • frontend errors notifications
    • TLS certificate and domain expiration

    Now it is time to do some marketing

  68. 1

    Going to be working on my Twitch tracking app, StreamKit. I haven't had much time to work on it lately, but I'm getting pretty close to launching it so the pace has been picking up.

    I've been livestreaming myself while I build it at twitch.tv/mostlycoding. It's been fun! Some indiehackers have stopped by and chatted for a while.

  69. 1

    Honestly, the winter lockdowns hit me really hard, so I didn't make any progress on building Expert Machine, my content writing agency. After some rest & recuperation I've got a spring in my step, so it's time to go big on client acquisition.
    I've been playing Factorio recently so I'm in the mood to build some systems!

  70. 1

    Trying to get an MVP version of my book https://cutintothejamstack.com/ ready for shipping. Daily I'm writing pages, touching up the book outline, and updating code examples.

    1. 2

      Nice, I love the JAMstack. Have you considered preselling the book on gumroad?

      1. 1

        I'm on ConvertKit currently, but I've heard great things about Gumroad. Have you presold anything on there?

        1. 2

          No, but I've pre-bought things on gumroad. 😁

          Preselling is a common practice for books. It's a nice way to validate the idea before investing too much time writing the whole book.

          1. 1

            I agree! Was planning on selling an early release version this month but you're right, I'm definitely going to consider pre-selling a little bit harder, like maybe offering the full-price version up front. Thanks!

  71. 1

    We're starting work on a new feature to help our users manage and optimize cost with their Kubernetes clusters.

    1. 1

      That's awesome. I'm still in the middle of figuring out what Kubernetes through Max Sharzamuller's udemy course ( I'm 1000 percent sure I misspelled his last name )

    1. 1

      Sounds like a huge surface area to cover. How are you able to do it as an indie hacker?

    2. 1

      Sounds cool! How would it compare to something like Zapier?

  72. 1

    I want to create a new no-code automation tool on PowerImporter.com.

    I have plenty of ideas, but I need to validate them before I start writing a single line of code. 😁

    1. 1

      How do you plan on validating this idea? Curious.

    2. 1

      Awesome! I'm starting to get really interested in learning more about No Code tools in general. What got you interested in this project?

      1. 1

        My friend was having a hard time managing his Webflow CMS. So I built him a command-line tool to update his CMS with CSV files. Then I though... "other people might need this". Yadi-yadi-ya, I now run a nocode SaaS business. 🤣

        1. 1

          Nice! That's a classic way to start a start up haha!

          Was wondering if I can get in touch with you through email for a couple no code related questions? :)

          1. 1

            Ask your questions in the no-code group and I'll answer them there so more people can chime in or benefit from the conversation.

  73. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  74. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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