What are you working on this weekend?

What projects or goals are keeping you busy this weekend?

Work or personally related, feel free to share them below.

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    Maintaining a simple open source project of mine 🙃

    👨‍🎨 React-Tailwind-Portfolio: An open-source portfolio template built with React and Tailwind.

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      Dude you are an inspiration , someday I wish I could be as good as you in UI/UX.

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          This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      Great work! Wish you the best on your open source journey!

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            Hey 👋

            What’s up?

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    I spent the day at the lake 😎

    But tonight and tomorrow I'll have to work on the next Zero to Marketing case study. This one is particularly hard for me because it's a niche I really don't know anything about.

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      What do you think about a marketplace for helping people grow their project from 0 to 1? I have severals abandonned projects, and i'm wondering if people like me will be interested from having an help for managing business during a short period of time..

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        Uh, I don’t know... I barely have the time to write these case studies, starting a marketplace isn’t on my to do list 😂

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    Going to take a break to be honest. Been working hard on Astrola for ages. Now it's launched, I'm gonna take a quick break and think of some blog posts to write to help organic growth.

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      Congrats on your launch! What tools/stack do you use to build Astrola?

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    I just released Payment block for Formito.com, so I need to update my landing page.
    Also, I built a favicon maker yesterday. I'm preparing to launch it on ProductHunt tomorrow

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      Love Formito! :) Keep up the good work!

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    Actually this is my first post here on Indie as I just created my account today! :) so going to get more involved with the community here, you peeps are awesome & inspiring!

    Working on SEOly, mostly coding today.

    Yesterday we started writing a blog series about SEO, published the first post Introduction to SEO on Medium

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    Beginning to work on an idea for a marketplace for band merch and vinyl resell. Think like www.grailed.com but instead of a focus on clothing brands, the focus will be artists/bands.

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    Last week when I commented in thread like this I said I was trying to get back into writing more lengthy posts for my blog - I had fallen into pulling quotes from what others wrote (which is the purpose of the blog) but I had stopped adding any commentary myself.

    I did it!

    So good motivational threads like this are maybe a good luck charm... This weekend I am planning / writing the next!

    A Stoic Philosopher in a Hanoi Prison: https://butwhatfor.substack.com/p/takeaway-friday-a-stoic-philosopher

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    I'm working on stonk.space (Stocks portfolio performance tracking) to improve existing features and responsiveness since I had feedbacks from my first users :) I also need the product for myself.

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      Love the name lol

      Can I use the product without having to register?

      Also, I think you should double down on the meme, your current logo / icon could be this bloke


      1. 1

        No you have to create an account :)
        To be honest I was a little bit hesitant with the name because it might be a bit repulsive for most "serious" investors, even though for myself it's just a fun name

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      What stack are you using?

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        I'm using a MEVN stack : Vue.js & Tailwind + Node.js + MongoDB
        Hosting on Netlify & AWS EC2

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    Launched 20+ prebuilt templates for https://siteoly.com
    Was planning to create a small video showcasing all templates.

    Did a first cut video here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXyJGbkOloU&t=2s

    Will be working on making it better this weekend.

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      This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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    Will be working on newsletter post #3 (https://the startup.substack.com) and will also start working on a budgeting tool, a simple spreadsheet for validation purposes.

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      Yup. Newsletter for my early sign ups.

    2. 2

      Nice! I’m working I my newsletter too!

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    Trying to find ways to validate my most recent idea of a live streaming platform https://www.hudle.live focused to provide indie hackers way to monetize their knowledge (by of course live streaming to their followers).

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    Im really new to coding but im trying to learn, going to share my coding experiences with you all in the future!

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    I finally had time to wrap my head around my latest startup story, burning 1 million USD and recently shutting down. So this past weekend I was thinking to write the learnings out in public! I wonder if anyone would be interested!

    This is what I plan to write - check it out!

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    Working on a small app called diydashboard. Idea is to create a newsfeed/inbox from the content users want - their newsletter subs, favourite blogs etc.

    Right now, the app gives you a email id to use for signing up with newsletters.
    Heres the developmental version

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    I am working on my cloud AI subtitles editor. https://subtitles.love/

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    Been working on a screencast course that aims to teach Rust to JavaScript developers in a practical, project focused way. Planning to open up the first two modules to beta users on Monday.

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    Very small React project to help pensioners calculate how much government support they are eligible for. Not-for-profit.

    Its quite sad how difficult it is to find information online that are a direct interest to older folks. People usually chase the new and shiny, and are usually a younger audience.


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    I'm working on "Docker for Everyone", an ebook for learning docker the easiest way and for everyone to get started into it!

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    I am Working on https://socialdeck.io/ (Social media automation and analytics tool).
    MVP is almost ready. Working on Privacy pages.

    Soon, we will be rolling out Beta Phase 1 for 100 subscribers.

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    @rosiesherry I just releases WooDoo.App - A simple task manager. Hope you can drop by and pay Woo Doo a visit. Thanks!

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    EasyWebPages - Simplest landing page builder with tailwind CSS

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    Trying to pull in more traffic to: https://www.usetrove.io/

    Currently traffic is still low, I have started blogging but google has yet to index the posts.

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    Ughhhhhh, I'm trying to create content so I can post content. Writing is hard! ✍

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    I’m working on an alternative to Expensify. Tired of them losing my receipts and not responding to support requests.

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    My garden - Other than that, I am trying to figure out the best website building platform to build an online directory. Turns out no one on the big web can tell me how or the best web building platform to use.

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    After two weeks of learning Godot I've created a bullet hell game inspired by Sega Genesis games I've played as a kid.

    It's called B.U.L.L.E.T.S.

    It's really rough for now but I plan to add more features to it.

    For now it would be awesome if someone could give me some feedback on it.


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      Played it for a minute, that was a fun throwback 😊

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    Taking a break after a busy week buidling mindfold.co

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    We're validating our new product ideas for our Media CDN for Websites and Apps (VividEngine.com), trying to iron out the development plan before we start really digging in on development process this week.

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    Building a Go-to-market strategy! And to execute over the week.

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    Just started my Watch newsletter on Substack: How I ditched waffles for watches

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    A development community 👀🧙‍♂️ all I can say for now. All will be revealed in due course

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    I am working on the new landing page for Wicked Templates.
    I am removing Bulma templates and just building with Tailwind.

    You can see here the actual one.

    And the one I working on this very moment.

    new wt

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    Our AppSumo promotion went live on Friday, so that kinda dictated my weekend ;)

    It's all good though. Things are swimming along just fine.

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    Also just launched my new youtube channel documenting re growing my brand this Winter! Putting it all on the line, full transparency and revealing exactly how I create FB ads, create emails, design clothing products etc!

    If anyone's interested link is here https://www.youtube.com/c/ScottFlear117/featured

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    Summarising a video for Monday's issue of Course Creators Weekly, and building a small tool to generate my email content, to replace what I've been doing for the past 16 weeks: manually copy-pasting into an email template.

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    Added a way for btfy.io users to set a 404 Redirect URL in case their links are broken. Also trying out substack to send updates on my users. Check it out here.

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    I’m working on creating a dockerized environment for a real time pvp Yahtzee game. This is a side project I’m working on to level up my experience with docker, node, react, typescript, and xstate

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    My plan for this weekend is to work on my landing page for Inoffice. I don't think my title is good enough to convey the product and problem I'm working on.

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    I worked on the onboarding for Goalio.co today - developing that more and tweaking the landing page.

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    Trying to figure out how to find some more customers for Cloakist. I've made it completely free to try now - that's meant I'm generating leads, bit scared the conversion will be low though. Also - wondering whether it's unhealthy to be working on the weekend.

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    I'm putting together a productized service. Looking to launch this coming week!

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    I'm going to make a landing page for my project BookClients.com

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    Will be putting my two hours into Podcast Ping for one hour saas, and the rest of my spare time this weekend on a new secret project that I can't talk about yet 🤣

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      If your doing this with 7 hour weeks...I must be incredibly inefficient :)

      Neat concept!

      1. 1

        It definitely is inefficient, but doing it as a "challenge" and to document my journey as people as asked me to do.

        Been fun though and enjoying building up a YouTube channel too.

        1. 2

          Haha. Actually, I’m meant to say that I am inefficient...because I’m spending WAY more than 7 hours a week on my project!

          I will check out your channel. Thanks!

          1. 1

            oh lol yeah, the time restrictions helps to focus the work, but very happy with the progress in the past month.

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    heygamer.co is really started to generate some attention. This weekend is about leveling up the product-market-fit game and actually go and talk to potential customers.

    I am marketer/dev but I must say that I love these "figuring out" parts of the business even tho I am actually in this business domain for a while :)

    At least I am lucky that I know people in this domain so it's not that hard to reach people and steal some time from their calendars :)

    1. 1

      Neat, cool UI! Best of luck.

      One tweak that's bugging me - https://i.imgur.com/Ug8btzO.png (add a bit of margin to the tags) so they space out hehe!

      1. 2

        Noted it, thanks for the feedback. I will definetely get back to "UI perfecting" after solving main issues. I already took this in my backlog thanks. :)

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    I released my dream journal yesterday. Working on some improvements based on the first feedback.

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    Planning the next steps of my newsletter: 🌀Refactoring

    I would like to schedule my time precisely, every week, dividing it between:

    • Research — read material that will turn into posts
    • Write — write the actual posts
    • Growth — develop and execute a strategy for growing subscribers

    Happy with the results so far 😊

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    can't decide yet :D My heart wants to work on new features or refactoring, but my mind tells I need to focus on sales/marketing/feedback collection :(

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    I'm working on Rosie.land — going try to sell some of my articles packaged up on Gumtree, hopefully get it out shortly. 🤞🏽

    Also, struggling with being a parent today. Send help.

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    Wrapping up an article about using a Sparkfile!

    1. 1

      What's a Sparkfile? 🤔

      1. 1

        More about the Sparkfile concept (and article) in these two recent livestreams.


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    Working on starting a newsletter about new developer trends 😎

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    Just finished adding the ability to zoom in on the animations. Here is one promotional animation created by one of our users.

    Toonclip - Lemon Drive

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