What are your copywriting book recommendations?


I'm new to copywriting (currently midway through a diploma), and was wondering what books other copywriters would recommend reading?

My focus is going to be SaaS, so I'd appreciate anything around that area, but I'd love to hear any recommendations.

So far my favourite book I've read on the subject is Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy. I found it inspirational, and it gave me an insight into the psychology behind writing copy.

I look forward to reading your suggestions

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    Hi Jon,

    Former copywriter here. Take a look at Everybody Writes by Ann Handley, and read articles from the Copyblogger and Stacking the Bricks both of which have excellent content for copywriters.

    Best of luck!

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    I would probably say:
    Great Leads by Michael Masterson.

    That gave me a very good big picture look at how to write good copy.
    Then there's nothing better than just looking at swipes from other real world examples.
    (Just make sure it's from stuff that you know is working! and generating good amounts of sales.)

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    No book, but this blog post is one of the best I have come across on the topic https://growthlab.com/sales-copy-template/

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    Hi Jon! I haven't read Ogilvy on Advertising, but I highly recommend you reading:

    • Copywriting Secrets
    • The adweek copywriting handbook
    • Everybody lies
    • Contagious

    I'm sure you'll enjoy them! (And you'll learn a lot of course)

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    @WildcardCopy, while I havent read any copywrting book myself, what i can recommend you is to check out VeryGoodCopy.

    When I started out building my product, ruttl, I had to learn copywriting myself in order to create the convincing landing page. During the process, I came across verygoodcopy and it has been absolutely fantastic at teaching the various principles of copywriting.

    I would highly recommend you to check it out (There is a course on mastering fascinations, make sure you go through it.)

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