What areas should aspiring indie hackers focus their learning on?

My suggestion would be:

  • Ideation (e.g. by reading The Mom Test by Fitzpatrick)
  • Software Development (e.g. by reading the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Hartl)
  • Marketing (e.g. by reading Traction by Weinberg and Mares)

Is there anything you would add to this list? (There are, of course, lots of topics one could focus on. But this necessarily takes learning time away from the other topics and hence is not necessarily a better choice.)

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    #1 thing overlooked by hackers is marketing/sales/distribution. As people who mostly come from product background (code/design), we're biased towards building a perfect product and not selling it.

    #2 — Having said that today indie hackers can learn any skill for building a product online — coding, design, marketing — besides one: generating new product ideas. I've just written a highly actionable book (launching later this week) with no fluff focusing on exactly that — helping hackers to generate ideas.

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      Thanks! Your book looks really interesting and I will read it once the ebook version is available. (In fact, it's a perfect answer to another question I recently asked here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/whats-your-favorite-book-article-or-resource-on-how-to-find-good-problems-ca959752c6)

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    Community is the new name of the game.

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    Focus on building your community, a group of people who care about what you working on, your ideology, and the cause you stand for. Once you make this happen, the chances of your business failing go down by at least fifty percent.

    You will end up making products that people actually want! You can start a community with a simple newsletter or email groups or setting up a community page - whatever the tech maybe but it is important to do this.

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