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What brought you here?

Aidan @adawg4

I'm now working on a privacy-based popup blocker ( and a bunch of other stuff here and wanted to see how you found your way to this amazing place!

This place was honestly a godsend when I discovered it from someone who launched a profitable project (


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    I saw IH launch in the early days via HN. Actually I think my husband showed it to me as I don't really frequent HN.

    I then plucked up the courage to do an interview. It was one of the early ones, number 17, or something like that.

    Never thought I'd end up working here 🥰

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    I don't remember how I found the site but the 2 things for me that I love about this place are:

    • getting inspired by other people's success stories
    • holding yourself accountable by showing your progress
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    IH is such a great and open community. I come back almost everyday.

    I've been getting a lot of feedback to make my side project better.

    So that's why I am doing the same, helping other people.

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    Honestly it was for all the new stuff I get to see being made here every day!

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    I got referred here by a friend of mine. Not sure how he knew about it, because he doesn't have an account 🤔

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    Somebody forwarded me a newsletter, and it was a link a podcast episode, I can’t remember which one, but I ended up falling in live with the site! After lurking for a few weeks, it’s gave me the confidence to start to my own side project!

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    The energy, the knowledgeable creators and makers, the eagerness to tinker, share experience, and help.

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    I came here from HN. It has been my desire to become a financially independent developer for a long time, so I just kept following along to get a grasp of this whole indie dev thing.

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    For me it's looking how people are keeping themselves so busy.
    All the creative ideas flowing, helping others and seeing how to build a better network.

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    10 years ago, lead by my curiosity, I went to the world of startups to explore and play with my creativity.

    Then everything became standardized.

    And then I discovered the wonderful world of indie hackers: a wind of freedom and possibilities is blowing here. I enjoy it before the movement gets bigger and ... start to standardized itself :D

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    Actually, I was very curious about the term "Indie" and then in one of the portfolio website of a developer, I found written "Indie Hacker".

    I googled it and found the platform. It resonated with my goals a lot & hence, I am here :)

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    Failure. I launched a handful of products that nobody wanted. When I realized that coding new features didn’t work, I started googling and listening to podcasts. The indie hackers podcast interviews resonated with me. Listening to others who succeeded where I failed and thinking about how I could change my approach brought me here.

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    I came to learn and be inspired by the cool projects everyone was working on. But the community seems to be the thing that keeps me here. I asked one question and got so much positive and constructive feedback. Everyone on here seems to have similar goals and are willing to help each other through it.

    Thanks for asking this!

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    Looking for accountability and community.

    Thanks to @Janice for hosting standups, helping with both of these.

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    Optimism. I love the optimism of the folks on indie hackers and that is what led me here. I also quit a few social networks at the same time. ❤️

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    Inspiration. There are so many great stories and milestones shared everyday.

    I did a post kind of like this one with some pretty cool replies.

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    I love seeing all the cool stuff that people build.

    Also, I am great at starting projects but not so much at following through. This seems like a great place to learn from lots of cool, smart folks.

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    I actually found it when working on a project with stripe and it came up in the SEO 😅

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