Help January 22, 2021

What do you need help with right now?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

At the beginning of every month indie hackers share their monthly goals with each other. Now let's discuss the challenges we're all facing to reach them!

  • What do you need help with?
  • What help/advice/service can you offer others?

Please reply to someone else and help them out — especially if you've requested help yourself!

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    I recently released a new onboarding Quickstart experience focused on helping engineers integrate with Courier rapidly. It features creating an example app in seconds => minutes across all of our SDKs (GoLang, NodeJs, PHP, Python, and Ruby). I posted on Twitter / LinkedIn offering a $30 gift card for a hands-on test and sharing brief feedback.

    Courier Engineering Quickstart

    Are there any resources folks have used to get quick first-experience feedback from engineers? Any other suggestions?

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      That Looks amazing. What's the best way to contact you?

      1. 1

        @launchbeast thank you 🙏

        @dannydouglass or [email protected]. looking forward to connecting!

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          I sent a DM via Twitter.

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      I'm happy to give you some hands-on feedback. I use sendgrid for email notifications already and twilio to send myself notifications on batch jobs I run on my server. Can easily add these into Courier.

      I signed up for an account, but opened the page from my email. When I logged in from my browser, it no longer showed me the handy getting started view. Is there a route that I can use on the website to get back there?

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    I just need to rant. Type something out. Send it into the void.

    I'm a stereotypical obliger. I feel frustrated and resentful that I can get shit done for other people but not for myself.

    For example, right now I have a client and I feel super motivated to get the work they need done and not let them down.

    But I haven't worked on my side project except for a few hours while I've been working for them. For some reason I feel like the consulting client is more important. Even though my ish is important too.

    Basically, I've come to the realization that I need external accountability to get me going.

    I have a mastermind group that I set weekly goals for my side project with, but I feel like it lacks teeth, since nothing bad can really happen if I don't make them.

    I need a believable way to give myself the feeling of "need to please" and "fear of not having income" that comes with having a job/boss/client. I've seen sites like boss as a service, but I know myself and I know I would just blow that off because if I don't make my goals, they'll just nag me. I already have parents and a mastermind group for that.

    Maybe I could "pay" myself and track my time like I do for consulting work. For every hour I work on my side project, $50 goes into my "fun money" account. Or maybe it gets taken out of my bank account and sent somewhere I wouldn't want it to be sent. Or maybe I could find someone who can fit in that "need to please" - someone I look up to that I need to send weekly reports to. Or hire a coach I have to pay whether or I make progress or not.

    Anyways, I need to do something about this. It's really killing my vibe.

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      I also struggle with this. I've been trying to put more time and effort into my side project, and almost always neglect it for my day job. I definitely have "extrinsic" motivation, but without customers, I need to rely on "intrinsic" motivation more.

      Thinking out loud a bit... In order to get myself to exercise, I have a deal with myself that goes something like: "All I have to do is go into the gym locker room. Once I'm there, I can choose to walk right back out and go home." The most important part about this is the choice of the locker room. For me, it represents a kind of mental summit; somehow, I've invested enough effort "climbing" up to that point that the workout itself seems like it's "downhill".

      I've talked to other regulars at the gym, and they also seem to have a "summit": For some, it's just making sure their gym bag is in the car when they leave the house in the morning. For others, it's getting changed and actually stepping onto some fitness equipment.

      Once I identified my summit, I've done everything I can to reduce the friction of reaching that summit: Set my workout schedule at the beginning of the month, pack my gym bag the night before, etc.

      Perhaps something similar will work as well for getting started on side-project work.

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      I also struggle with this too. What works best for me is setting a 50 minute timer on my phone and working on my project each day for at least that long.

      Down to brainstorm ideas here.

      Maybe an app that starts retweeting your oldest tweets if you don't meet your goal for working on your project.

      I also really like Jerry Seinfeld's "Don't Break the Chain" method:

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    I am almost ready to launch SubSocket and it would be great if someone can help to give some feedback about the product and current pricing (do think it is too expensive or too cheap?).

    I can offer the same help for your product!

    1. 5

      Here are my thoughts.

      1. The headline and sub-heading is too lengthy. You can cut it down to few words like- Accept payments easily using Paypal. I'm guessing the bounce rate will be pretty high for this page.
      2. The subheading is complex for ordinary readers. Remember, the attention span of average visitors is 10 seconds. Check what impression you can make in 10 seconds by asking people not familiar with the project to view it for 10 seconds.
      3. In a service related to payments, testimonials are crucial. Try to include and highlight some testimonials.
      4. You may start with a lower price point and then increase it later when you have more traction. That's better than starting at higher point and then lowering it, which will disappoint your early adopters and make them churn.
    2. 3

      The design of your app and its pitch is quite clear. Good job!

      The name subsocket however made me think of a websocket based solution initially. A payments style product name instead might help, IMO. One that is easier to relate to, remember and refer via word of mouth.

      Just my two cents after looking at your product page for sixty seconds, so take it all with a huge grain of salt. Love your site, good job overall! 🤙🏻

      1. 2

        Thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it!! The name SubSocket is composed of 'Subscription' and 'Socket' to indicate that you can easily implement subscriptions (recurring payments) into your application. I will brainstorm on some other names to see if I can make it more clear! (:

      2. 1

        Agree with the naming issue, I didn’t think of websockets but it doesn’t relate to payments for me either.
        Is your own subscription handled by your product? That could give a nice demo of how things would look from an end user perspective (in case you don’t have testimonials/examples yet).

    3. 2

      Generally, it looks great. Very compelling. The landing page may be a little too text heavy. I feel like it's written by an engineer who wants to be precise and complete in everything (which I certainly appreciate), but maybe you could change:

      "SubSocket offers an elegant integration into PayPal's powerful billing engine to create recurring and one-time payments without a single line of code."

      to something like:

      "Quickly Integrate Paypal's powerful billing engine to customize payments. No coding required!"

      You may be able to pass through everything once and look to condense the text in such a matter throughout. (As @Subro also suggested.)

      Good luck!

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      I would echo what @Subro mentioned about the value prop on the landing page, I would think something consolidated could be more effective, such as 'Paypal Subscriptions That Actually Work' or 'Paypal Subscriptions, Simplified'.

      Subheader repeats what could be more direct - 'SubSocket offers an elegant integration into PayPal's powerful billing engine to create flexible payment plans without a single line of code.'

      IRT pricing, if the user is making more money using your platform, I would have expected pricing to happen on a sliding scale - maybe it could be reflected as a transaction window that will be handled (0-10, free / 11-100, $14.99 / 101-1000, $29.99 / etc.) so the more income they realize through the service, the more dependent and valuable it becomes to them.

      App overall looks super sharp, good luck!

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    Need customers!!

    CentiPenny ( is a micropayment service. We facilitate payments from $0.0001 and up.

    Our service can be integrated with as little as 1 line of code and even using the service to drive a shopping page can be done with about 7 lines of code from our API. Once users are signed up, it is very fast. 1-click/no-click purchases.

    We don't have transaction fees or setup/recurring fees. We keep 15% during payout.

    What all can it be used for?

    1. Content paywall - If you have a blog, vlog, podcast, etc we can provide a paywall so that you can charge like $0.05 to access it. It can also be used in conjunction with a subscription paywall, so that you can get money from non-subscribers. The API is flexible, so it can be called on page load or on demand. Micropayments pay $10/1000 for every $0.01 charged, compared with ads which are typically $1-3/1000. You can make a living with 10k users instead of 1m.

    2. For fast checkout of digital purchase. No carts, users don't have to leave the page, just click and done. We are cheaper than CC processors up to ~$2.50. Setting it up is easy. I was able to set up a shopping page demo with about 40 lines of code total (6 from the API) and could purchase everything on it in about 10 seconds.

    3. For apps, there are several different uses.
      a) just buying the app, if it is downloadable.
      b) for in-app purchases. You can monetize premium add-ons. If you are familiar with Canva, the way that they monetize premium images. For example, a photo editing app might monetize a premium filter add-on for $0.50 or a messaging app could monetize individual premium emojis for $0.05 each. If you are familiar with Viber's sticker packs, think of selling them individually instead of as a pack.
      c) as an alternative to freemium pricing models. For example, if you had a spreadsheet app, you might charge $0.25/spreadsheet and then have an unlimited $10/month plan.

    4. Games: For either selling the game itself or for in-game purchases.

    For apps and games, sometimes cheaper is better. If you get 100x more purchases by selling the app/game at $0.50 than $3.00, because people are just like "it's $0.50, who cares", you make a lot more money.

    Currently, the service only works on web pages. We will be releasing a true in-game/in-app API in the next week or two.

    If you are interested or want some ideas on how you could monetize your app, send me an email or hit me up on Twitter. DMs are open. I can help non-technical people integrate also.

    I can help with advice on JS programming. Particularly in node and sequelize. Also available for just a general bouncing board of ideas.

    1. 1

      Do I understand the product correctly? You need to get both halves of the marketplace to sign up with you. You need content creators (games, websites, etc) to sign up with you, and then you also need users to sign up with you so that you can smoothly charge them some pennies without them entering their credit card info.

      Is that about right?

      1. 1

        Yes, we function similar to a prepaid CC or digital wallet. Users have to create an account and add money to it. After that, they can purchase items with 1-click purchasing or set autopay to automatically make purchases up to a user defined limit per business. There isn't really a way to do micropayments without it due to CC transaction fees.

        If you have an account with $10 and are paying $0.01-0.05 for most things, you probably won't need to reload often. It is getting people over the hump of actually paying for content.

        1. 1

          I think the conventional wisdom is that it's hard to build two sides of the market, but extremely powerful once you do.

          The two sides of it are probably different sales pitches. Different sales funnels. I'd consider getting users to sign up and top off their accounts as the "demand" side, and merchants and/ or content creators to accept payment as the "supply".

          One killer product or service might be all you need to get going.

          There's probably some good potential for advertising revenue in here too.

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    I've made Neoteam ( - a platform for distributed teams to share quick check-ins and updates. Neo can also be used to create a personal log of your daily work.


    Would love to have you test it and give feedback. I'll do the same for you.

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    I want to make an open source ui block library for marketing pages and also full page templates but I don't know which tech stack will get me the most users. I settled on react but I can't make up my mind when it comes to css and ui component libs. What's a safe choice ? What's actually used in agencies and entreprise ?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. 3

      There are a few approaches you can take.

      "What's popular?"

      You want to look at frameworks that are bundled everywhere. For example, Tailwind CSS has an official integration in Rails

      "No reason not to include it"

      Build your stuff in a frameworkless manner. Keep the library modular and the bundle hits small. If a block added 500 bytes of JS and 2kb of CSS, you'd have to be crazy to say "no" to the bundle hit.

      Orthogonal design

      Allow yourself to be able to redesign things later. You do this by separating the following:

      • Render: Generating components
      • View: Decorating the components with meaningful classes
      • UI: Providing the CSS definitions for the classes


      "What's popular" is probably the easiest to start with, "No reason not to include it" is good if you're constantly yelling "I have no idea why this page is downloading 200kb of Javascript to render 10 buttons," and I wouldn't start with "orthogonal design" (I'd evolve one of the other two into it, if necessary)

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    I just launched and would am now working on acquiring users and customers. If anyone knows good channels for user acquisition, I would appreciate the recommendations.

    Have already started working off of this list:

    Also, if anyone is willing to spend a couple of minutes signing up, would love your feedback on the onboarding experience.

    1. 1

      I built to help people find the right channels, feel free to take a look!

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    I need some genuine reviews on my app that i developed during lockdown using 2g internet living in my home town Kashmir.

    The app is a picture quotes and creator app.

    App link:

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    What android phones are important to include when testing our app for android?
    thank you in advance for any tips!

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    I've put together a Validation Toolkit ( aimed at helping people who have never validated a business idea before and could really use some feedback!

    If anyone is validating would be great to see if this actually helps?

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    We have launched Audrec ( to help knowledge content creators (podcasters, bloggers, writers, video course creators) to share their content creation roadmap (Kanban board) with their subscribers to better discern what type of content they want/ need. Subscribers will be able to upvote different recommended content and make content recommendations.

    Our MVP is out and is being tested by a neuroscience medium writer ( who posted a link at the end of her medium posts.

    Need help connecting with creator for feedback:

    • writers with 1K+ subscribers (substack/ ghost?) to see how helpful AudRec could be.
    • podcasters; i see the comment loop is broken as we listen to podcast while doing other stuff and AudRec could be a different way to reaching out to the crowd?
    • video creators; from Teachable?
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    I am trying to validate an idea and would love some input; the idea is to make a platform where you can easily consume APIs.

    One of the typical issues are consuming APIs which are rate limited. It can quickly be time consuming to make automatic retries, especially when you integrate multiple 3rd party endpoints with different API limits.

    The idea is to create an easy endpoint/proxy which you can forward your requests to which will then take care of throttling the requests for you.

    I am however unsure if I am only scratching my own itch.

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    I've completed my no-code app as a MVP and now need to work on getting testers to validate whether there is a market fit - looking for testers to decide if my mental wellbeing app has any legs :)

    Happy to return any testing!

    1. 1

      i have an iphone... how much time would it take me to test your app?

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    I need help with new users and in areas related to money and money: marketing, patreon, donations, venture capital, press work, etc. My tool is made for many people, from education to developers, etc. new browser and more
    I can help with development: JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, React, React Native, Unix, AWS, SQL / NoSQL, Python, Django, C ++, C #, etc. Any complexity.

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    In a dilemma right now, about whether to make our Hosting application a standalone application (something like Hosting by Listnr) or keep it just one application under the Listnr name -

    • I can help with any product related questions, about pricing, LP Feedback or launch related questions!
    1. 1

      I think you should probably separate them, but make it clear that the two products are run by the same company.

      You want to be able to drive traffic between your apps, but you don't want to cause confusion by having people think that they have to use both or SEO problems.

      Just do a lot of cross promotion to drive traffic back and forth.

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    I recently built a prototype app with a member of my team and I'm hoping to get feedback/investments/help. We are still looking to expand our team and any inquiries would be greatly appreciated.

    1. 1

      What's the purpose of the app?

      1. 1

        would have to request your email so We can talk about it .

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    I would love some feedback on my pricing page!

    1. 1

      To break down your pricing, your pro plan is $0.028/tweet. Your business plan is $0.04 per tweet.

      The primary upsell for the increase in pricing is "Marketing AI". What is that? How does it help?

      In the pro plan, you have tweet threads. How are those counted against the monthly total? What is the AI idea generator?

      Lastly, if you are interested in having a pay-per-tweet tier or add-on to your free tier, let me know. My company is a micropayment processor. So if you wanted to say 50 free, then $0.05 or $0.10 per tweet after that, we can do that.

    2. 1

      This looks great! I like the idea generator option but is there a way I can test before I buy? Thanks!

      1. 1

        Hi Cesar :) Thanks for the interest. Could you reach out to me on Twitter to arrange beta access? My username is @SubDeveloper

    3. 1

      Looks nice and what I would expect. Some ideas:

      • „tweetpop“ in subheading overlaps with blue bubble on iPad, keep it black maybe (I’m not a designer)
      • include info on how you can upgrade/downgrade/cancel
      • cta buttons in free and basic are the same. Would change one of the two, maybe „try for free“ in basic but would check other examples.
      • 500 tweets per month or which period?
      1. 1

        Great :) Thank you

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    I need a sales/marketing services.
    I can over Security/Architecture/Engineering services.

  19. 1

    I am trying to understand how or other fantasy sport applications handle money transactions as it pertains to"gambling". Stripe and others seem to have strict policies around this. Curious if there is any solution for this.

  20. 1

    Rosie - Allow me a brief into. For the last 40 years I've been starting, building and running my own businesses, in partnership with my wife. For the last 14 years we've been running a small digital printing and logistic support service for a couple vary active corporate trainers - that is until March of 2020 when our client's businesses were shut down due to travel and gathering restrictions.
    Over the last 6 years I've been helping people to understand how to start, build, and run their own businesses by answering questions on the platform. I currently have almost 2,500 answer postings on my profile. I'm also running my own group on Facebook - DIYBusinessStarup sharing some of my Quora posts and other pertinent info.
    I'd like to start publishing my own monthly Startup Newsletter. I'm looking for feedback as to the viability of doing this and if anyone would pay $12 per year ($1. per month) for this kind of information, ideas and support. Thanks for you help.

    1. 1

      I would say that is a very crowded field to get into. There are thousands of companies like that.

      Will you be giving advice on a single business type or something like here are 5000 different business ideas that you can do and how you get started doing it?

      It will be difficult to maintain a subscriber base if you aren't focused on a particular niche. However, you need to have a good differentiator from the other 200 people doing the same niche.

      Even for general business advice, e.g. here are the legal issues with small business, here is accounting basics, etc, how are people going to not outgrow it quickly and how will you keep it fresh for both new people wanting to start one and for people who have already started one?

      If you are doing a lot of different ideas or general business advice, you might be better served selling videos/PDFs and having a free blog/newsletter that basically drives traffic to your guides. If you want to go down this path, my business is a payment processor, shoot me an email and I can give you some ideas on that.

      Whatever you want to do with it. Start by googling search terms that you would want to use to drive traffic. See how many players are already in the field and figure out how you are going to differentiate from them.

  21. 1

    Define my target audience. I keep reading about this one being important in so many steps of creating great marketing, but I have not totally nailed it down yet. The tool that Im trying to market is a productivity app for people that work in their browser, have too many tabs, want to be focused, and so on. Whats steps do I take to narrow the audience down even more?

    1. 1

      who have you talked to so far?

      1. 1

        A bunch of users, including students, UX designers, programmers and so on. The conversations has mostly revolved around feature request so I have not really gained any insight into who they are more than name and profession. I guess I can draw some conclusions from doing that though.

        1. 1

          ... i interviewed thousands of folks. when i hear an entrepreneur that's done < 50... or even < 100...

          ... i'm like... you haven't odne enough yet.

          1. 2

            I heard Rahul Vohra talking on a podcast about interviewing thousands of users as well... I can understand that patterns will emerge when I talk to more and more users. Do you have any favorite tools for your interview/research process?

            1. 1

              nope. i use basic stuff. keep it free.

    2. 1

      I think you should look at existing competition in this space. Check their reviews and see what type of user base they have accumulated. This may be a good place to gain clarity on who your end users may be.

      1. 1

        Thats great advice @subg, thanks

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    I made a Firefox extension ZuckFeedsBGone and I don't know how best to promote it. I've tried posting in a couple subreddits and here on IndieHackers so far.

    I have an existing extension with 3k daily users and it took two years to get there. Hoping for a faster trajectory this time around. I genuinely believe it to be a useful extension, has helped me reduce time wasted on Facebook and Instagram.

    1. 2

      Would be great if you added a description to the page on Firefox addons that you have linked. Currently it just says "Remove the Facebook news feed and Instagram Explore feed." As a potential user, you've made it clear to me what this app is going to do, but it doesn't tell me why I need it. Why should I remove my FB news feed? What benefit does this give me?

      Try to write some good copy which is in the 'pain, agitation, solution' format. Maybe something like will help?

      1. 1

        This is great advice, thank you! I wasn't aware of the 'pain, agitation, solution' format but that sounds like a great way for me to start improving on the marketing side of things. Much appreciated.

  23. 1

    I'm going to launch the Pressto community by offering to do a weekly "group-build" of a newspaper, and I'll send everyone a copy. Thinking of using Crowdcast. Anyone have feedback??

    1. 1

      use whatever is fastest / cheapest. you can always move later when things are really cooking!

  24. 1

    I did not find yet a prefect way to grow The website reaches only 8 visitors / day and only 2 people subscribed.

    1. 1

      I won't repeat what has been mentioned in the other comments, as they cover some good points already.

      Just wanted to also highlight that your website is not very readable on mobile. I'd suggest switching to a different template or doing the work necessary to optimise for mobile. This would be good for both your readers and for SEO.

    2. 1

      We help you improve your life and productivity in new aspects every month.

      ... i don't know what this means.

    3. 1

      When I scroll down on this, I see blank sections and the animations only load seconds later. I think the time to show these sections should be reduced to make sure users dont miss them!

    4. 1

      Can't help much with the traffic coming in, but my first instinct on opening the page was to try it out for myself as the visualizations looked to be representations of the app but couldn't see an option to.

      Before signing up, seeing the app in action or at least a screenshot of it on the main page would help me decide whether or not to initiate the two month trial period.

    5. 1

      Here are my two cents:

      1. Your headline is very generic. Above the fold text is - We help you improve your life.... this will turn down users.
      2. The image in the right doesn't add anything to catch user's attention- it's not helping in any manner. Try to place it with a more relevant image.
      3. Think what impression people get by viewing this website for 10 seconds. Try to sum up the key benefits in crisp points that people can digest in 10 seconds.
  25. 1

    I made my first mini course product as a pdf guide - almost ready! I gathered all my best 7 tips for better/faster results with FB ads.
    But what can a good title be, that would make people buy my course?

    My challenge is to create a concise title without promising too much - as can be hard with FB ads...

    First things first, I want to test the cover-image and copy on my audience, but I need a spiking title before I present the finished result to them...

    Any ideas? 💡

    1. 2

      Would any of these work?

      7 tips for better Facebook ads

      Improve your Facebook ads with these 7 tips

      Grow revenue with these 7 Facebook ad tips

      7 Facebook ad tips for more sales

      Get more sales with these 7 Facebook ad tips

    2. 1

      The current title is:
      7 easy tips to faster results with Facebook ads

      • My best tips that give you better results!

      (course is in Danish - so sorry for not 100% translation)

  26. 1

    I launched as a tool for writers to annotate the web, publish their work, build a following, and eventually monetize similarly to substack. I can't find authors that want to build an audience who are willing to try a new tool. I feel I have a unique tool with wonderful benefits for writers, but those with an existing audience don't want a new tool and those without an audience want to tap into larger existing platforms. My tool is free for writers too. I don't need beta testers, I know it works, I need people who are willing to build on something new.

    I am happy to help with non-technical anything for other indie hackers - customer experience, preparing for investors, pricing, and more. I've founded and ran a startup accelerator, partnered with fortune 100's for outsourced innovation and deal flow, was a successful headhunter, and did enterprise sales. Happy to help whomever.

    1. 2

      I'm struggling to understand this service. Are people annotating their own webpages?

      1. 1

        Anyone can download the chrome extension which gives them the ability to annotate any webpage's text. When someone annotates, their work gets published on their profile and on the website's feed in the form of a 'text conversation'. Think of these annotators as providing expertise, opinion, reactions, and more on top of the news.

        Readers who want an outsider's/different perspective on the news they read can search for articles, subscribe to authors, and see on the main feed all of the annotated webpages. One benefit to readers, in addition to reading the news with a preferred voice on top, is to only read the parts of the article that the annotator highlighted. This reduces how long it takes to read the article, and adds additional context/analysis on top.

        It's a new way for authors to get their voice out and leverage existing popular content, and it's a new way for readers to read news with not just the original author's voice.

        Authors that build a subscriber base will be in the future able to charge readers to see their premium annotation work to earn a living.

        Does that make sense?

        1. 2

          Ok, I think I'm understanding.

          So the extension basically allows me to "edit" the copy of the page in my browser. Then the extension saves the url and my edits. Then if I or someone else with the extension visits the page, you grab my edits from the database and inject them back into the viewer's local html copy of the page.

          Am I understanding the concept?

          1. 1

            Any thoughts/feedback/etc? Thank you!

          2. 1

            Yes, however, readers do not need the chrome extension since that would prevent a lot of readers from using the service. Only authors do to make the annotations. If readers get the chrome extension they can see the annotations on the webpage itself, but, without the extension readers can still read all of the annotated text and annotations directly on the annoup website.

    2. 2

      Your site link doesn't work for me.

      1. 1

        Thanks for letting me know! just updated the link

  27. 1

    I need help getting schools to use . I can help with software development.

    1. 2

      your SSL cert is private, you need a global cert to not get that error.

      1. 1

        I think it's fixed. I changed the domain to

    2. 2

      I hit an SSL error when following the link - if I was a school, protecting personal & sensitive data would be high on my list and to a non-technical person, a warning like this would drive them away before even hitting the site.

      1. 1

        I think it's fixed. I changed the domain to

      2. 1

        Thanks for the note, I'll have to look at what's up with the ssl certificate.

  28. 1

    I have two concerns about an idea of mine.

    The first is about the .com domain. The actual .com is unused but considered premium, with a price tag nearing $100,000. This is a good thing because it’s unused, but my plan is to buy a similar domain with the word “get” in front of it. Is that a bad prefix? One thing I can say is grammatically, the phrase with get in front of it makes sense and could potentially be considered clever/intentional.

    The second concern is about the model itself. I might be in a two-sided marketplace area, which I know is always bad. I want to get a type of marketing information from people (willingly, by filling out a form), and then provide the data to businesses behind a paywall/subscription fee. This means I would have to get my site in front of the people - to get them to provide the info - and then get the site in front of businesses as well and convince them the value of the data. Tough one.

    1. 1

      We did a similar thing here @ Courier. We started with TryCourier everywhere and eventually negotiated the domain. Others will get the same domain w/ a different extension (e.g. .io was/is a popular one).

      We still have plenty of places we are TryCourier, which is not ideal (e.g. Social Channels).

      1. 1

        If you don’t mind my asking, how much did cost? I’m in a similar position where I have a .io name and the .com is taken but not being used, and trying to get sense of what the price range for a premium .com is these days.

  29. 1

    Need help: interesting project that worth my time. Trying to practice Paredo principle.

    Some background: 17+ years in the tech industry. I built pc, embedded devices, smartphones, web apps, mobile apps. I've done strategy, product management, project management, engineering leadership from startup to large corp. Past 5 years, I've been specifically helping startups, from building mvp to executive leadership. But in reality, I am making/losing more in stock market every day than all my revenue/profit in last 5 years combined. I should've used my business analysis skills and just tell these startups that they will most likely fail from day 1. Perhaps that's much better help than gone through with them.

    What help I can offer:
    -Business Strategy
    -Competitive Analysis (landscape, technology, roadmap, cost & pricing)
    -Technical Product Management (product & roadmap planning, technical marketing)
    -Project Management
    -Product development (Web: Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, React; Mobile: iOS & Android; embedded system: system architecture, power management)

  30. 1

    Hi Community!

    I am stalling a bit while trying to grow my audience on Instagram for the account of my new blog: @goldink_blog. I am currently at 60 followers but my monthly goal is to grow to 100 by February 1st. Do any of you have any tips or suggestions?

    Happy to provide help/advice/service in any areas where I could be helpful!

  31. 1

    Need help with testing candidate-employer matching platform:

    for candidates:
    for employers:

    Can offer help with:

    technical (software) advice
    testing product

  32. 1

    I just want to see if this would be helpful for anyone>> .

    Also, If you need help with some audience building I wrote a basic article on this. Feel free to reach out to me if you need somehting.

  33. 1

    I'm validating a SaaS, and I want a gut check on my approach

    It is currently hosted at

    I'm planning on doing the following:

    1. Redesign the landing page based on the Harry Dry post on the frontpage, some feedback that I got, and user research that I did this week
    2. Redo the pricing page based on user+market research that I did this week
    3. Point some Reddit ads at it to see if I get some initial signups

    (Iterate on 1-3 as necessary)

    1. Start email conversations with people in my target demographic with the goal of getting signups
    2. Write content relevant to communities in my target demographic with the goal of getting signups
    3. Start cold emailing people in my target demographics
    4. When I hit the Patrick McKenzie numbers of 500 emails, 25 great convos, and 10 commitments, start building

    Does this seem reasonable?

  34. 1

    Choosing a credit/debit card payment method (gateway, collection) for my upcoming store that can be set up from Serbia.

  35. 1

    I could use some more user interviewees. Specifically folks who live in the US and travel - pre-pandemic travel of course :)

    I can be a user interviewee for someone else. I'm a founder, self-taught iOS and web dev, and former market researcher and marketer.

    1. 1

      Hey, I also live in the US and traveled a lot pre-pandemic. Would be happy to be an interviewee

    2. 1

      Hey, I live in the US and traveled quite a bit before the pandemic, both domestically and internationally. I'd be happy to be an interviewee for you.

      1. 1

        Thanks so much, I noticed you're a fellow Bostonian as well! Here's a Calendly link we can use:

        1. 1

          Hey, I got an error from Calendly when I clicked that link that the invitation is no longer valid.

          1. 1

            So sorry about that! Here's a working link:

  36. 1

    I need help with ways to scale up my mailing list from 2000 to 5000.

    I can help with growth hacks and tips for scaling a mailing list from 0 to 1000

  37. 1

    What I need - system you use for avoiding procrastination ?

    My major reason of why I fail everyday to finish my tasks is I don't have that urgency to go ahead and make things happen. Lots of runway and nothing urgent to solve for either. So I tend to postpone my schedule toxically forward. I don't waste time either I read articles and learn about "better ways to code" or sometimes code to make my app better. How do I deal with this ?

    I'm good with code, react, react-native, backend, data science.

    Please do send help my way if possible.

    1. 2

      Give this a read. It has drastically helped me:

      1. 1

        Wow that directly hits the core point. Thank you so much for help @NickBiggs

    2. 2

      DM me on my twitter if you need accountability buddy. I’ll totally help you out :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for the help buddy. DMing you.

    3. 2

      Use Pomodoro technique, it never has failed me.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the help @okrums I'll definitely try it.

    4. 2

      Pomodoro timer technique might be useful if you have never tried it?
      Plan out blocks of time to include those laborious tasks as well as those you enjoy doing. Having a set timer to try and complete a task might create some urgency or become a goal to achieve.

      1. 1

        Thanks @TonnnnUK I'll give it a shot. I've used it before but I'm like that burst of energy person.I'll make a goal of completing some set sessions atleast for a week.

    5. 2

      I use Asana (you could just use Google Sheets or something like that too) and plot out what I need to get done with ridiculously low goals for every day. Momentum builds momentum and it starts with feeling good about what you accomplished that day.

      1. 1

        I just use simple todo's with todoist.Will give asana a try. 👍 Thanks for the help.

  38. 1

    What do you need help with?

    • Getting beta users

    What help/advice/service can you offer?

    • I can test products and provide product/tech/design help
    1. 1

      Can you send a link of what's need to be tested?

  39. 1

    Could use some assistance on data visualization for a project in the streaming space. We've spent a lot of time on the backend, but having trouble figuring out how to display a wealth of a data in user-consumable formats.

  40. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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