Landing Page Feedback February 14, 2020

What extra features would make feedback better?

Kieran Parker @kjparker

Hi all! I have been inspired by the landing page feedback community and decided it is an area which would be improved. It is often a section that gets either 0 comments, or too many, and typically a lot of contradicting comments.

So, I figured maybe a system that gives individuals a bit of credibility/weight behind their feedback, as well as a way to "follow up" with feedback given/recieved would be helpful, but I wonder what you indies think of this?

Also, whilst I am here I would be a hypocrite if I did not ask for some feedback on my super simple MVP beta sign up landing page.

Is the messaging clear?
Are there any bugs?
Is the content/wording a little confusing?
Maybe someone can help me make catchier headlines/talking points?

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    Hi, your landing page is Nice it explains what problem you're solving in few lines . However you need to change something.You have placed your roadmap link beneath the subscribe button (email ) and this is another call to action .
    Try to simply change this in order to increase your chance to have suscriber.

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      Hi @newletsgetit !

      Thank you for your reply, you are absolutely right! It was silly of me to put a CTA under a primary CTA that will take users away from signing up!!

      thank you! :)

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        You're welcome.
        Also, I forget it but since you are talking about the catchier headline you could improve something in that direction.
        You have put this as your Last headline :
        Reputation to help build relationship

        I think you should enhance it, first add a verb to show what users earn (for example earn reputation to help build relationships)

        You have forgotten a( u) in the world valuable(valuable members of) in the last paragraph

        1. 2

          Yeah catchy headlines are really something I struggle with, as is spelling apparently! haha.

          I shall go through and spellcheck everything, as well as think of a better headline for that section :)

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            OK cool, Good Luck if you want another feedback send me an email.

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