What is the one advice you would give to be an indie hacker?

I am a CSE student with some experience in developing and writing content.

Having sufficient time to learn something new, what is the one thing you would suggest for me to try hands-on?

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    Hi Yajur!

    Good to hear that you are willing to become an indie hacker. I would suggest to search for a problem you have faced or still have. From there try to build an MVP in a short amount of time and validate the idea. Good luck with becomming indie hacker!

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    Are you asking what language or technology you should learn?

    What language(s) do you already know?

    Without knowing the answers to those, general advice I'd give is to learn Python. It's the language of choice for a lot of data science and machine learning/artificial intelligence stacks out there. Both of those are rapidly growing areas in tech, so the opportunities will be plentiful for a while.

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      Yes, I am learning Python from the very scratch since the pandemic. I do know C language very well and am familiar with JAVA.

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    Buy a bit fat health insurance if you're going to be a indie hacker, don't sacrifice health for your entrepreneurship as no matter how successful you get with the business, you need good health to sustain and enjoy the success.

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