Website Investing July 13, 2020

What is your favorite marketplace to buy/sell a website?

Alex @Dealsflow

Hi there,

What's your favorite marketplace when it comes to buying or selling websites? Curious to see the poll results.

What is your favorite marketplace to buy/sell a website?
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    Hey, Alex! Can you elaborate on what do you mean by Website Investing?

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      Happy to Dima and nice to meet you!

      Websites are more and more becoming an asset class - just as real estate is and stocks are as well. So you buy them, keep (and grow them) and then sell them for profit. With margins being really nice and a lot of fun on the way.

      I wrote about a bit the whole background here:

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    Hey Alex, have you heard of

    I just used their Free Site Valuation Tool estimator for the software I'm considering selling, and it used a 24x multiplier on monthly net profits from the last 6 months.

    They have a pretty interesting option where they potentially buy your site directly:

    Motion Invest Direct Sell

    • Takes ~5 days to sell
    • Under an hour of work to sell the site
    • 0% fees

    Or, what about

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      Thanks, Mike. 😉

      MotionInvest: Saw them, but never used them. Interesting that they were relatively conservative with the 24x. But their terms indeed sound interesting. Seems like the marketplace competition increases quite strongly these days!

      Microacquire: Ah, good point. Know them, but don't use them too often as their UX is some quite confusing to me. Don't know why. Maybe it's just me.

      Last thought, somehow I am not too strongly against marketplace commissions if they can crank up exposure and buyer interest. I feel that this a heated buyer environment can easily offset the loss in commissions.

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    never heard of any of those.

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      Which ones are you using?

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        i don't use any. if someone wants to buy my domain they just contact me at the whois contact email.

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          Ah, interesting. That's a way to do it too 🥳 I usually use one of those marketplaces to increase my exposure to potential buyers if I really want to sell.