Bloggers November 2, 2020

What is your "role model blog"?

Dor Sharon @DorSharon123

My last few weeks were all about keywords and content creation.

I found myself struggling with coming up with new ideas, so I looked for a "role model blog" related to WellyBox's world, to be inspired.

After research I fount My role model blog >>>Freshbooks blog.
This Freshbooks blog is a resource for Small Business Owners.
The main topics are: expenses, accounting & taxes - very related topics to WellyBox.
It helped me find new ideas and opportunities for new content creation.

What is your "role model blog"?

  1. 2

    easy: seth godin

    he's been blogging daily for decades. that commitment builds crazy trust.

    1. 2

      Cool. will take a look

      1. 1

        wait... you've never heard of seth?!

  2. 2

    Great question, I never considered it that way!
    But I do look up to

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