Product Development July 27, 2020

What landing page instant chat software are people using?


We are in need of adding a simple instant chat feature to our product landing page.

What are people using?

  1. 4 for all of our projects! Been using them for a few years for and have added it for & recently. The best part is all of the major features are available in the free plan without any usage limits.

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      For me also, on all of our sites. Not only is it free, but it is actually better than paid options.

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      I second this.

      I have just installed, a few minutes ago on [Wicked Templates](] and I am flipping o how many neat options you have.

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    Shout out to a fellow Indie Hacker @richardchu I’m using Letterbase for this on my landing page.

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      Thanks for the shoutout @csotherden!

      @sebh1234 Feel free to check it out at, and let me know if you have any questions :)

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    We are considering using the Zammad ( ticketing system which has built-in chat. The main attraction for us is that Zammad is open-source.

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    I use Crisp, but far the most feature complete tool we've seen.

  5. 1 is not quite popular, but we are always online on , with the help of it's mobile app

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    Helpscout, good to have FAQ integrated

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    I also use crisp on but only in the members area.

    In the past I have used It's a really nice one because the Slack integration is included on the free plan. And since my head is in Slack all day it makes life easier.

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      Wow thanks, I just added within 20 minutes. Why did you choose to move on?

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        Yeah it's pretty good - I still use it but it depends on the project. For example, crisp had some better integration ability with another feature I needed.

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    I used Chaport. It’s simple, looks good and has a free tier for a single operator.