Product Development July 23, 2020

What tools do you use to track user feedback?


More customers of my HubSpot CMS Theme are giving me valuable market feedback and requesting new features.

Right now I'm tracking feature requests in ClickUp and prioritizing them based on how valuable the requested feature will be to the Theme overall.

Wondering how you all are handling keeping track of, and implementing, market feedback for your products. seems great but a lil on the pricey side for me at the moment.

Any tools like (or processes in general) you recommend for tracking user feedback?

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    For a better canny alternative try out - we really like it and it's easy for users to add feedback and upvote. It also has prioritization features.

    Even better, the founder is on IH (👋 @perseaalexandra)

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      Thanks for the mention @mattcrail! 👋

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    We're using Trello as a public roadmap:

    We add feature requests and ideas there, and prioritize every week. The released columns help us show what's been done in the past months.

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    I use Kampsite (by @hlucas) for gathering requests + votes from my users, and I would highly recommend it.

  4. 1 is a good alternative for feature requests and voting. Pricing starts with a free plan for testing/checking. Made for IHs (by IH)