#WhatIf: Funny sender names in emails. #ask-ih

Hey folk, so I'm currently working on sending transactional emails for PropertyPost.lk

I've been thinking.

What if, I were to have randomly generated sender names in the emails?

See, I want PropertyPost to be very interactive with every single user, and include a bit of humor along the way, in places you didn't expect.

There will of course be a disclaimer in the email saying that the sender names are purely fictitious and are just there to induce a bit of humor.

The thing is, once people know that all those names are meant for a bit of humor, they're going to want to see more emails from us.

What do you think?

PS: Nay! Not dirty names, as this is also a professionals platform.

But names like: Hibiscus, D. Duck, Peaches, Goose, Princess Caribou, Oz Stretch, M. Python...



  1. 2

    test to make sure it won't trigger some grumpy spam detection system somewhere

    1. 1

      Couldn't agree more.

      This was originally my concern since a lot of spam comes with the same email but randomly generated from names.

      However, since it's transactional emails, with nicely engineered personalization, I'm hoping I'll be able keep Mr. Grumpy doped (I mean duped).

      1. 1

        Quick random thought: for more fun email customization ideas, look online for sample emails from CD Baby and betterworldbooks.com

  2. 2

    sound cool :-=) - let us know how the results

  3. 2

    Nice idea. Just add a proper reply-to header and I guess you're fine.

    1. 1

      Yeah definitely; Thank you! Issue is, I'm using SendGrid, so I can set a fromname, but I can't have a different reply to name. Wondering how to get around this.

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