Product Development June 29, 2020

What's next on your project roadmap?

Hessel Dijkstra @hessel


Everyone has a vision for their project - and a next-step to get them there.

Share with indie hackers the next feature you want to implement, or change you want to make to your project. Feel free to drop a link to your project too.

My next-step with Fifty is to release a new type of project badge (check out the current versions here and here). Also, maybe this.


  1. 2

    I'm writing my first blog post for Letterbase about how customer support tools like Intercom, Crisp, and Drift are privacy-invasive.

  2. 2 - user based file/report download options and email notifications on approval status change

  3. 2

    My next-step with is to write more blogs to attract people from search engine & improve my website UX so people visiting my website will be guided to use my "watchlist" feature.

  4. 2

    I'm adding API forms to, so users can have their own UI and just POST their data to an endpoint.

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    I made Site2Static roadmap open for public in here

  6. 2

    I've decided to niche-down StaticForms to better support web design agencies. That's lead to the next two major roadmap items:

    1. Multi-user support; and
    2. A customer "dashboard" so an agency to give its customers access to their form submissions.
  7. 1

    I created SplashPad ( As you write emails to promote your product, SplashPad suggests words that help you attract attention and sell.

    My next goal is to add more language suggestions that have been successful in top email marketing campaigns.