Meta February 5, 2020

What's the best way to message IH Members?

Simon Hakim @nomis_mikah

I love the IH platform and everything about what it stands for. However, I find it a little difficult if I want to DM someone. When I click on their profile it would be great to have a way to just message them directly in the platform. (If there is currently how?). I want to reach out and say hi to @HalinaMakeeva and find out more about how to use Parsers for something we're doing. Does that mean I leave the platform and either email or tweet her?

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    Hi! You can email me [email protected]

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      Thanks Halina. I have done.

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    I believe Direct Messaging is on the roadmap for IH.

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      Ok. Cool. Thanks for the heads up Levi.

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        DM is somewhere on the roadmap, for now emailing or DMing on Twitter if they have their info available. Or tagging them in a post as a last resort. :|