Where do you post your product when launching?

I know some places like Product Hunt for early startups to advertise their products. Please add here :)

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    Someone here recently shared this awesome list: https://github.com/dehenne/awesome-visibility

    You'll probably find some more places there to share your product.

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      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

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    This is a list of product submission sites that you can use...some you have never heard of..but they have MILLIONS of daily users

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      THIS IS A GOLDMINE!! THANKS A LOT! sorry for the caps.

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    That's basically my list. I have not checked it out, but getworm looked interesting. Also, it is worthwhile developing a social media profile or two. Then maybe start a blog. Lastly contact relevant journalists.

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      @nanopticon Thanks for your advice. The last one is interesting, I have never contacted before. But I'll try to do next :)
      Getworm looks interesting! Thanks a lot :)

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      is this website yours?

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      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

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