3000 app users in 20 days with no paid ads

I launched an app in the app store in December called ChartBot.

After launching the app, I was posting content on Facebook groups on a daily basis and was trickling in new users. From December to March, I got up to about 500 users from that strategy.

On April 6th, I made a tutorial video using the app and uploaded it to TikTok. Since that post, I've been averaging about 100 new users per day and went from 500 users to 3080 users in only about 20 days.

The video has 60K views and is still growing. I'm getting ready to post a few more to reach my yearly goal of 10K.

Moral of the story, TikTok has an insane conversion rate if you can figure out how to make content native to the platform. You need to get to 1,000 followers before you can add a link to your bio.

If you want to check out my app, search for ChartBot - Stock Screener in the app store.

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    What's your tiktok username?

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    Very interesting Rob.

    Never expected Tiktok to drive traffic to productivity/finance based apps.

    What's your 2 biggest learnings in making it work on Tiktok

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