December 15, 2019

$200k ARR

Jordan O'Connor @jordanmoconnor

651 days. That's how long it has taken me to get from my first payment to $16666.66 in MRR ($200k ARR). That's almost two years, for those keeping track.

It's been slow, steady growth. There have been some months where I've worked so hard I felt like I needed a vacation, and other months that I've taken off entirely.

And yes, it's just me. I quit my job in Nov 2019 to work on this app full time.

Yes, that's right, I essentially got to this point by working in the mornings for 2-3 hours before work for two years.

I normally don't make a big announcement about my income since in the past when I've done it people flooded the niche with clones and sub-par apps.

But, I figured now it doesn't really matter. I've got a core base of customers who rely on my tool to bring them income, and as long as I keep delivering and making new features, they'll keep paying.

I feel like my story is different from most people. I didn't try and fail a lot. I didn't sweat the small stuff. I didn't ask for advice often. I just did what I thought would be helpful in a niche that needed help.

I've written a lot about my journey up to this point, and I have the same advice now that I did when I was making $0 MRR.

I think the one thing I've learned, is that anyone can be successful, especially if they themselves take on successful habits and characteristics.

For now, this is the only app that I've made. So technically right now I'm a one-hit-wonder. But, I can tell you that I have confidence I can do it again, and again, and again, for the rest of time.

Because I have invested in myself, and have adopted timeless character building principles in my life, I know I can always be successful.

I don't actually know what the future holds, and I don't know what I will be building or working on. I know I will be working on this app for the next year or so before I venture out into another entrepreneurial endeavor.

But, for now, I'm here to tell you that anyone can do this. It takes time, it takes skills, it takes wisdom, and it takes patience.

It's not rocket science. It's just a matter of serving and helping people with the skills you have learned.

Let me repeat that: if you can help people, you can get paid. Anything you build should help people save time, save money, or allow them to make more money. That's it.

If you can do that with a simple app that has good performance, good documentation, and great customer service, well, then you're in business.

Take action on your goals. Don't wait until tomorrow. Work on your most important task for the day first thing in the morning. In a few years you will have what you hoped for.

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