July 15, 2020

We’re switching to Tailwind CSS

Davide Pacilio @Davidep86

We’re very excited to announce that after 1-year of using our custom CSS framework, we recently decided to switch to Tailwind CSS as the new front-end base for all Cruip templates!

It hasn’t been a simple choice, because we invested a lot of time in building our custom CSS framework, but our long term goal and vision for Cruip has evolved during the time, so we had to change accordingly.

Why we’re switching to Tailwind

The main reason is that Cruip is transitioning from a niche gallery of landing pages to a marketplace of diverse high-quality coded resources, such as landing pages templates, website themes, and application dashboards.

So, the custom framework we initially built just to perform a specific task was no longer able to support the new long term vision.

Why Tailwind

The rationale behind switching to Tailwind is all about the freedom it gives us - we can create almost anything we've in mind without having to worry about the lack of flexibility of the common component-based approach.

Last but not least, we believe Tailwind is going to surpass Boostrap in terms of popularity sooner than later, and this poll we sent to our customers confirmed us just that 👇️


What’s next

Now, we’re getting closer to the launch of the first website theme based on Tailwind (sneak peek here), and we’re working on different new resources that will be released on Cruip.com in the next few months.

Alongside that, we’re also planning to change our business model from a buy and get all templates approach (similar to Tailwind UI) to a buy per single resource strategy - honestly, this is the scared part: our numbers are growing very well with the current model, but we feel that this a necessary step toward the new direction.

We'll keep you posted every step of the way :)

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