November 28, 2019

Launched on Product Hunt

Joey Tawadrous @joeytawadrous

Yesterday we launched DarwinMail on Product Hunt and finished the day as the 2nd most upvoted product! Overall it resulted in ~6,000 page views and almost 250 new signups. Here are three lessons I learned:

Refine your website before launching. There were several typos and errors on my site that I could've fixed beforehand if I'd asked a few friends for their opinions.

Spend time designing your launch images, copy, headline, etc. They give visitors their first impression of your product, so a little optimization here can go a long way.

Don't pay attention to the haters. There will always be some negative commenters. Ignore them, try not to take it personally, and focus on the positive.

I'm excited for what comes next!

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