August 16, 2019

Got 34 Subs for ProductHunt Upcoming!


2 days ago we listed DeployPlace on ProductHunt upcoming.
Today we have 34 subscribers! 💥💥💥

Though we didn't get any reasonable traffic from ProductHunt Upcoming, but I strongly convinced that being there will improve our awareness on ProductHunt and help us to take the number 1 Product of the Day Badge there.

Did you try PH Upcoming? Please share the results!

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    Hey there!

    Congrats on getting your 34 subs on Product Hunt! I published a product there a couple years ago (using Ship) and the results were mixed. We got a few subs, but most were tire kickers or other entrepreneurs just curious about the launch. Some of that could be attributed to our marketing at the time, of course.

    Though we found Product Hunt's Ship option a pretty steep monthly investment for the return we got.

    I'm not opposed to trying it again for, but I'll have to do a bit more research to make sure there's enough of a target audience on PH (developers in our case as well) to justify the investment.

    -- Jimmy

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      Hi Jimmy,

      Thank you for sharing.

      Can you please share which channels worked for you? Where did you get a paying users from?

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      That's why I haven't used Ship: the price and people had mixed results. If it was affordable then I'd give it a go.

      1. 2

        You definitely right, it doesn't worth, we just wanted to try, but we see that result is very low and most of Ship products cheating with subscribers...

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    That is a sweet looking landing page for a great product. I subbed to your mailing list because I'm genuinely keen to find out more about DeployPlace.

    Out of interest, why do you used user-select: none; on your website? I'm genuinely interested to know if it was a conscious decision and the thinking behind it - it's not a dig!

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      Hi Dave, thank you for such a warm feedback. You are always welcomed.

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      @davedavies Thank you for your feedback! We set user-select: none; to reduce user frustration from unintended selections resulting from interaction that can easily cause them when attempting to carry out the primary task purpose of a control it is used on.
      When we will have more text there, I guess we will allow text selection, but only text)

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    I didn't get that many subscribers through product hunt ship. You would still have to promote your product apart from just publishing it on there to get a reasonable number of subscribers.

    Did you do anything apart from just posting it on ship?