600% Increase in Company License Sales

Two months ago, around mid December, I tweaked the Doka Image Editor license model and price tiers, I wrote about the changes here

In short:

  • I renamed the "Developer" license to "Individual", better describing the customer group.
  • I renamed "Team" to "Company" for the same reason, will probably change this to "Small Business" later.
  • Limited the project amount from "unlimited" to "one" for the "Individual" tier.

These changes should trigger companies (web agencies) to purchase the company (unlimited usage) license and not the "Individual" license. At the same time it shouldn't have to big of an impact on the "Individual" license, if you're an individual you're probably using Doka for one product.

Normally I'd sell one maybe two Company licenses a month, but in January I've sold eight! 😱

Now, I suspect this is related to the license changes, if that's the case then I should be seeing an increase this month as well. If it's on the other hand an anomaly then I'd like to ask the universe to stop playing mind games.

Fingers crossed 😅

Edit: After submitting this I had some doubt about this being a Milestone or not. I've decided to leave it in place as I feel it is a Milestone because it's the desired result of better fitting the product pricing to the customer base.

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    then I'd like to ask the universe to stop playing mind games.

    Let the universe play whatever games it wants as long as it doesn't mess with your sales.

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      Haha, thanks 🙏

      With this relatively low sales volume every change in sales feels like it's a result of a change to the product page, it's difficult to not jump to conclusions.

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    First time I'm seeing Doka, but you've done an amazing job, beautiful product!

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    Very nice results from the plans change!

    I was a bit confused by the landing page, I thought it was a SaaS, not a product/script (and I was wondering why would anyone use a SaaS for client-side image editing).

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      Thanks! and thanks for the feedback, I’ll see if I can make that more clear :)

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    Congratulations! 🍷Thanks for sharing the insights.

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    Reminds me of that book "Freakonomics", which is all about the human psychology of economics.

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    Awesome finding....

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      Thanks! I’m not sure what you mean, I’ve averaged out the total licenses sold, which is around 1.3 so 600% is factual, right? For the record, it wasn’t meant to be clickbait.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      That would be so crazy!

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