More revenue! — Payments for browser extensions

Things have been going! Stats:

💰Over $100 in revenue in the last 30 days! This is starting to feel like real money! It's not clear this trend will continue since one extension with one-time payments is responsible for a good amount of this revenue and those tend to trail off over time, but we'll see!

📝 134 signups in total with a new one every few days. Pretty good, but I'd love to start getting more users.

ℹ️ For those who aren't following along, ExtensionPay lets browser extension developers easily take payments in their extensions, saving weeks of tedious work. It's open-source, works cross-browser, and is free to sign up. ℹ️

📑 I wrote a content marketing article: How to Monetize Chrome Extensions with ExtPay. I'd like to rank on Google for "monetize chrome extension" which seems to get the most traffic in this space. Any tips for this would be helpful.

• I just implemented proper free trials since a few developers that haven't launched their extensions were asking for them. I hope adding this feature will get them to release their extensions and start making money.

🎥 A Youtuber made a video about using ExtensionPay.

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