$10k Month + New Website (JSON Statham Loves It!)

The Gravity website has been a collection of random blocks of lego gradually added over time and held together with sticky tape. I promised myself that I'd do a refresh once I got some validation.

Hitting $10k of sales ($4.5k standard + $6k bespoke boilerplates) in the past 30 days seems like an appropriate validation marker.

So, I'm delighted to reveal the new site today! Built with Gatsby, it's a huge performance increase and I've added a number of UX optimisations aiming to increase my conversion rate.

Don't take my word for it though, JSON Statham loves it!

"I used the new Gravity website to purchase a boilerplate for my new film - Crank 3: Callback Hell - in which I play a software developer turned assassin, seeking revenge on the Rails developer who replaced all my async functions with callbacks. It was a great experience; the new site is blazing fast, and I like the rounded edges."

Check it 👇

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    Congrats Kyle!
    BTW, the design of the pricing table is broken on my Brave browser: https://nimb.ws/W1YVQr

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      Yikes! Thanks for pointing it out :-)

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    Congrats. But this price is really high. Is it for web dev agencies mostly ?

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      If you think about all that you get, I think it's actually pretty cheap. If you wanted to pay someone to do all this it would cost significantly more. You could do it yourself for "free", but it would take a lot of time.

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        Thanks @smithgeek!

        @dimatall to reiterate what Brent just said – it would either cost a significant amount of money to build, or time to build it.

        It's aimed at developers who want to build products faster – writing plumbing code is largely a waste of time and has little value for customers. I've used it myself in 2 projects and it's allowed me to ship something in a few weeks vrs a few months.

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          Thank you for reply @kylegawley !

          There are two types of hackers:

          1. Which has no money to invest yet (for tools like yours for example). And they do all the stuff be themselves.
          2. Which has some additional income to invest.

          So you probably did not spend much money (not time) on developing your Gravity tool? You have done it by yourself from scratch using some free stuff, haven't you?

          I belong to first type now. That's why it's a bit pricey to me as a customer.

          I have tried a demo web dashboard and just what to notice that it looks a little empty for a Demo.
          I suppose it would be more attractive for customers, to add more content there.

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            Hey @dimatall,

            Thank you for the feedback. I totally understand where you're coming from and for many years I built things from scratch myself - it's still a great option for many people.

            I used to sell Gravity for $99 but it wasn't sustainable. In order for me to invest time in the product and provide the level of personalised support and help that I do with my customers I need to charge a higher price. I still believe $597 is too low, and this will increase again in the near future.

            Re: demo – what other things would you find useful to see on there?

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              I thought about some visual promo content with your features "under the hood".

              But now I got that people will be confused after purchasing with only two sections instead of all that promo sections. So it's probably should look like the same dashboard that user will get.

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