November 15, 2019

Secured $500 sponsorship for December's IndieBeers

Charlie Ward @charlierward

I'm delighted to announced we've secured our first corporate sponsor - FE International (we had an indie sponsor, Folloh, a few months ago).

FE International is the market leading SaaS M&A advisory firm. You may know them from the recommendations of Patrick McKenzie (Patio11 on Hacker News) and other Indie Hacker members.

Nikita Pashkin of FE International has been a friend of IndieBeers since the very beginning, attending nearly every month so far. In addition to being very supportive and knowledgeable, he's just good fun to have around. So shout out to Nikita for helping me put this together. Plus the wonderful Andrea Ferguson for guiding me through the process.

The sponsorship is $500 to cover:

  • a round of drinks for December attendees (booked for Thursday 19th)
  • costs to put on IndieBeers
  • future investment in growth and improvements

Happy to answer any questions.

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