November 29, 2019 weekly update, week 64

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Oct 30-Nov 5 $2,074.29
  • Nov 6-Nov 12 $2,402.65
  • Nov 13-Nov 19 $1,757.6
  • Nov 20-Nov 26 $1,783.8

ARPU: $57 (0)
Lifetime value: $1,540 (-22%) Significant drop. 🧐
Churn: 5.2%


  • Current MRR: $8,146 (+4% vs. Oct) The ultimate goal in Nov is $8,333 MRR ≈ $100k ARR We’re getting there.
  • Hyper-active users total: 7,015 (-3%) Thanksgiving season has began!
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $8,016 (+7%)
  • Total paying customers: 149 (+2)
  • NPS: +55

Karma for Slack:

Karma for MS:

  • Active teams: 2,216 (+6%)
  • Paying teams: 49 (+2)

Karma got featured at Firstline Workers Productivity Tools for Microsoft Teams: Focused Integrations in Microsoft

How did you hear about Karma? 2019-11-29 16.03.35.png?dl=0

Customer feedback:
Tomohiro Takano, CEO, Genomelink

A great tool to create a positive culture for a remote team. Most of our team works remotely, so Slack is our office. Karma bot helps us to share good momentum within the team and help others to visually praise it. It makes a positive and supportive culture even when we do not see others in person often.

We want to praise others, but sometimes there are barriers to do so casually. Karma bot helps us to do it easily, and also having this kind of tool itself has a message to a team that we care about the culture.

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