October 19, 2019

First customer churn ๐Ÿ˜ข

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

I always advocate sharing the failures as well as the successes, so here's one of ours. Yesterday we had our first Teams customer churn ๐Ÿ’”. I think it's super important to talk about these sorts of "milestones" because they are a part of growing a business everybody experiences.

For people who don't know, Leave Me Alone has 2 types of pricing; one for individuals to buy credits for unsubscribing (one-time payment), and one for teams to pay per seat for unlimited unsubscribes (monthly subscription).

We have 10 teams customers right now paying for 1 or 2 seats putting us at $112.80 MRR. Most of these are people who are using the Teams plan for themselves rather than for their team - which is great but we would like to get more small teams and companies on board.

Leave Me Alone for Teams is still in a discovery stage right now. Perhaps it's something people don't want, or perhaps we are terrible at selling it!

We have some upcoming improvements to Teams to better demonstrate the value we are providing; team-wide time & money saved by unsubscribing, team leaderboard for most unsubscribes, and more (suggestions welcome!)

The big wins feel so good, and remind me that we're on the right path and doing something right. However, the road IS bumpy and full of things like churn and unsuccessful sales (after weeks of work and follow-ups), negative feedback, and day with no sales.

As always you can see all of our stats on our open page - more recurring revenue stats (like churn lol) will be added soon!

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