November 19, 2019

Just passed 200 users :)

Mark Thomas Miller @Zeph

I launched MageTools (, an alternative to Chrome's DevTools inspector, about a week ago. I don't have that big of an audience, but I posted it on my Twitter, in, and on my personal website and hoped for the best.

After a few days, I'd gotten 36 free signups. I was a little bummed, so that Saturday, I decided to drown my sorrows by playing a video game. A few hours into it, I saw my phone lighting up from across the room. It had a bunch of email notifications:

  • You have a new user! 10:31 PM
  • You have a new user! 10:34 PM
  • You have a new user! 10:37 PM
  • You have a new user! 10:37 PM
  • You have a new user! 10:42 PM
  • ...

I thought someone was trying to hack me, so I stayed up until 3 AM to monitor the traffic. I wrote a script to check if the license keys were actually being validated, and to my surprise, they were! These were real users. Apparently, MageTools had been posted on a foreign social media site and seemed to be popular.

It has since been a couple days. I've gotten random bursts of signups ever since, and just passed 200 users. Of course, this doesn't make the business valid yet – I've been offering a 100% off coupon for early adopters – but at least it's a start!

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