November 8, 2019

30k Followers on LinkedIn

We've been having fun with LinkedIn page growth. Back in June I wrote that we had 15k followers and now we've managed to double it.

What we've been doing:

  • posting open questions seemed to work well, we aim to have 2 a day at the moment
  • we cross post the same questions to Twitter
  • we have been doing much less obvious promotion/marketing of our own stuff
  • some of the questions have been posted to our forum too, need to up the game on that
  • we also plan to start posting them to our Slack and Instagram.
  • many of the questions are on what we see the community talking about and now we also base them on our upcoming conference talks
  • we've had many positive comments about this approach and lots interaction from the community - our social presence are really communities within themselves

All of the above still takes significant effort, the reuse of content is key for the team as we have limited resources and everyone is a bit stretched.

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