November 8, 2019

30k Followers on LinkedIn

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

We've been having fun with LinkedIn page growth. Back in June I wrote that we had 15k followers and now we've managed to double it.

What we've been doing:

  • posting open questions seemed to work well, we aim to have 2 a day at the moment
  • we cross post the same questions to Twitter
  • we have been doing much less obvious promotion/marketing of our own stuff
  • some of the questions have been posted to our forum too, need to up the game on that
  • we also plan to start posting them to our Slack and Instagram.
  • many of the questions are on what we see the community talking about and now we also base them on our upcoming conference talks
  • we've had many positive comments about this approach and lots interaction from the community - our social presence are really communities within themselves

All of the above still takes significant effort, the reuse of content is key for the team as we have limited resources and everyone is a bit stretched.

LinkedIn Page -

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    That's amazing, Rosie! Love what you're doing and the community IH is bringing together :)

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    Sounds like 100 pieces of content/day. The Gary Vee fan in me applauds 👏👏👏

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    That’s such a great milestone. Thanks for sharing your journey. I’m curious: how good is Linkedin as a marketing channel from traffic and/or conversions perspective?

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      I value the number of comments over everything else, it's a shame it won't give me stats on that.

      Here are the stats I can get, for past 30 days:
      Unique visitors: 3.2k
      New followers: 3.3k
      Post impressions: 588k
      Custom button clicks: 227 (this one in the hundreds not thousands!)

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    Great strategy for driving meaningful engagement, well done!

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    Interesting. What do you think the critical subscriber mass is to begin with this type of community engagement on linkedin?

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    This is a really interesting insight. Thank you for sharing. We are trying to work out how to use LinkedIn at the moment.

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      I think there needs to be a certain amount of following for the open questions to work. I do similar for IH Twitter and it works great, I'd love to do the same for their LinkedIn, but it just doesn't have enough followers (yet).

      I think the Ministry of Testing audience being focused on a 'career path' is also ideal for LinkedIn.

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        Makes perfect sense. Adding value through content marketing is a good idea in my head but it is very time consuming.

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      Only Buffer to schedule questions in advance. The idea is to post questions for the rest of the month at the beginning of each month. Fire and (kind of) forget. It gets a bit time consuming trying to monitor them too closely.

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        This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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          Nothing formal, mostly a quick scan or being aware of posts that are most popular and use that to inform us better of what does/doesn't work.