December 20, 2019

Moon beta tester appreciation thread!

Levi D. @levid

A couple weeks ago I announced the private beta for my Indie Hackers iOS client, Moon.

Here's some pretty cool stats for Moon 0.1:

📆 17 days since private beta announced

👩‍🔬 18 active beta testers (23 invites)

📱 250+ sessions

💬 19 feature requests

🐛 0 bugs

💥 0 crashes

👨‍🚀 1 happy app developer

I'm thrilled with the early adoption and initial feedback I've received from all of my new Indie Hacker friends! I'm going to put all the existing feature requests as comments to this post so that anyone who wants to +1 a request or has some thoughts on it can reply/upvote (I'm still trying to figure out the easiest way for people to leave feedback 🤷‍♂️).

Thanks so much to all IHers beta testing Moon 0.1:

@alxcnwy, @Emolr, @nl99, @The1nk, @mbeinder, @xtbhyn, @ludop0lis, @leonhitchens, @Goldriver, @rob_race, @qvaz, @jki, @travelingflwr, @trulykp, @perryraskin, @toddpgood and @hiramfromthechi

  1. 3

    Avatars next to posts and comments

  2. 3

    Write Access -- Sign in to IH / Submit comments / Submit posts

  3. 3

    Profile pages (in development)

  4. 2

    Good looks 💪

    Forgot to ask—how are you building it btw? XCode? Swift? React Native?

    1. 1

      Thanks Hiram! I'm using Swift and Xcode. Its a big change from the tech I use at my day job and I'm still learning iOS dev but its going well so far 👍

  5. 2

    Notifications view

  6. 2

    Improve the filtering menu

  7. 2

    Product pages (in development)

  8. 1

    @levidxyz Thanks for inviting me to test the app. Although I've switched off of the app (due to missing features we discussed via email) I'm now an IH-regular, due to the kick that jumping into the app gave me. :) As your features grow, I'll definitely switch over to a native app. I'm looking forward to your next versions :)

    1. 1

      Hey Adam that’s great to hear! I’m super excited to get more features into Moon ASAP so it can become the go-to for IHers like you. I’ll keep you posted!

  9. 1

    Ability to set a default feed (Top vs Following vs Milestones)

  10. 1

    Markdown rendering

  11. 1

    Combine Milestones and Posts in the same "Top" feeds

  12. 1

    Following Feed -- posts by people you follow. (in development)

  13. 1

    Tapping the active tab bar icon should jump to the top of the feed. (Ready to ship in Moon 0.2)

  14. 2

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