January 8, 2020

First Paying Customer for Nocodery!

Gonçalo Henriques @Gonelf

Only after 9 days on soft-launch, we got our first paying client before we officially launch so, how did we do that?

Let me start from the beginning.
We started nocodery with the idea that our own clients would be employees and people that needed an expert to solve a specific problem in webflow or bubble.
After we finished the MVP I started to reach nocoders and nocode tools for validation.

So, I went to twitter and used the power of my 12k twitter followers (from my short YouTube gaming career) to reach the maximum number of nocode people I could and started to search for nocode communities.

A couple of days later I learned that there's a need for a nocode job board and I got the interest of some people in posting a job after the launch but, one thing stood out of the crowd.
There was a founder of a nocode tool
that reached me asking about what was the roadmap for the tool and that was hard for him to get beta testers.

So, the seller inside me made what he does best, sold the idea of a page where the tool could expose the benefits, prints, videos, and links before developing or designing anything. The response was amazing, he quickly asked for pricing and I didn't have pricing in mind but that didn't stop me from pitching a price without any benchmark (dumb choice)

I quickly understand that I was clearly overpricing because not only that person didn't buy anything but also all of the other tools I pitched turned it down. (sad)

After some thinking (and benchmarking) I decide to cut the price down to a price that I thought the was cheaper than the starter but not super cheap that would ruin the value of the product, also I added a launch promotion offering a one month sitewide free ads and put a value on that too so clients understand the value of the discount. Also, I added that this was only available to the first 3 tools.

And that worked much better, I got the first client after a couple of twitter messages and a bunch of more tools interested in getting on board, asking for our metrics, asking to save them spots before the launch (because of the limited spots).

This was how I nailed the first-month objective in 9 days :D

I'll be back here in a couple of days because we're launching officially tomorrow on Product Hunt and HN!

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