December 9, 2019

Improved sign-up rate by 22% with a new design

Frank Heijdenrijk @FrankHeijdenrijk

Time to leave the MVP version of behind us and build something nice.

And it brought great results: the sign-up rate immediately went up by 22% (n=300 so far)

Whenever I build an MVP, I don't completely care what it looks like. As long as it doesn't make me cringe, I'm ok with it.

And there's a simple reason for that: I am testing whether it's something that people want. If the design isn't that great, but people still sign up, it is probably something I should dedicate more time to.

I'd rather test something that I put an hour in building, than build something for 10 hours only to find out there's no audience for it.

So, that's what I did.

Here's the MVP design:
alt text

Here's the much-improved design:
alt text

Old conversion rate: 17,58%

New conversion rate: 21,52% (That's a +22% increase!)

Now, I need to run this change a bit longer. And obviously a full new web design is always something that doesn't really test individual components (which, if you're going to run A/B tests, I much more recommend than just doing a full redesign - but for MVP purposes, this works fine).

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