January 20, 2020

Created the frontend template

Mohit Prateek @mohitprateek

I started yesterday with the thought of finishing it in one day. However, I wasted a lot of time just thinking shit, watching YouTube videos etc.

Then, in the evening, I looked at various templates and decided that I need something simpler and templates would always be complicated. Moreover, I would have difficulty changing it everytime I make a new change. So, I decided to use a front-end designer tool. I found carrd.co. It has a interface and I was able to create a good looking page. But then, I realized that they let you download it for $50 per month which is too much because I don't intend to use that functionality. So, I just hosted it on their site and downloaded html and css. I just need to move ahead. I will come back to this later and modify.


  1. Create a template ✔
  2. Setup database
  3. Integrate it with Django
  4. Get Amazon affiliate key
  5. Integrate it with Amazon affiliate
  6. Create automated pages
  7. Host it on cloud
  8. Blog about it
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