January 7, 2020

100 Managers doing 1-on-1s & getting feedback

Abhinav @abhi426

We opened up our Manager's Tool (https://peoplebox.ai) for all a couple of weeks ago. Today we have over 100 managers doing their 1-on-1 meetings, exchanging feedback with their team and taking critical actions on Peoplebox.

Our vision is to build a tool for Managers to help them unlock their teams potential. Managers today struggle to develop highly engaged teams that can give their personal bests to achieve overall objectives. They also want to grow their teams, retain their best performers and transform their average or low performers.

Yet, there is hardly any support/ tools available to help them achieve these. To make it worse, people are becoming managers earlier than ever and have to manage a demanding millennial workforce. The result, 50% of Americans have left a job to “get away from their manager at some point in their career.”

Our goal is to empower managers to help their teams grow and succeed through meaningful 1-on-1s, continuous feedback and most importantly, actions that matters.

Why 1-on-1s? We are often asked, do managers look for a one-on-one tool? What's wrong with Apple Notes/ Google Doc? Is it a big enough market?

There are two distinct things about 1-on-1 meetings . One, its a consistent behavior in today's managers across organizations, very under-utilized and can be significantly improved. Second, it plays an extremely important role in manager's ability to improve their team's engagement & performance.

From interesting warm-up questions, to smart suggestions on what to discuss, collaborating talking points, taking shared/ private notes and most importantly tracking action items, Peoplebox helps both managers and team members in making their one-on-ones really meaningful.

Keen to get indiehackers to try it out and provide some feedback :)

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