1 Month old today

Today marks the one month anniversary of Pod Hunt (podhunt.app).

I'm very happy with what I've been able to develop, as well as the response to Pod Hunt.

Since the official launch last week, I've been focused crafting the roadmap for next 3-6 months of Pod Hunt.

The immediate focus (based on user feedback) is providing an episode preview.

I've been testing a few different ways to do this, and am conducting a Twitter poll (https://twitter.com/podhuntapp/status/1165635716392595456) to get more user feedback.

Since Pod Hunt passed some important milestones this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to share some more updated metrics.

📄 Pageviews 21,090
🏠 Visitors 5,397
🙍‍♀️ Users 414
🐦 Followers 282
📼 Episodes 284
✉️ Subscribers 224
💵 Revenue (supporters) $220

  1. 2

    Impressive! Great work. How much time have you spent on Pod Hunt so far?

    1. 1

      Haven't really been tracking, but probably an average of about 3h per day so far. Less now that the site is live.

      So about 90-100h so far in total, which is about an $2/hr rate so far 😀

      1. 2

        That's awesome! Do you plan to increase the amount of time you spend on it? Or are you happy with the progress and think 3 hrs/day will be enough?

        1. 1

          Depends 😀

          This is still a nights and weekend project, but if it continues to get traction, and revenue then definitely. If not, I'll keep pushing it forward at the pace I have.

  2. 2

    That's some great numbers, congrats

    1. 1

      Thanks. Very happy with the numbers, but just getting started 😀📈

    1. 1

      Thanks, been a fun ride.

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