August 30, 2019

Crossed $20 MRR

Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal

Although I hadn't planned to monetize Pod Hunt right away, I wanted to test if people would be willing to support the service before I invested a large amount of time into building it.

Before officially launching Pod Hunt I offered podcast hosts the ability to become a supporter for a small annual fee.

Being a supporter, enhanced the podcast profile, and displayed a supporter badge where ever the podcast was displayed. Not a large feature list, but enough to match the price.

Since this was a test, I decided to take a no-code approach. I created a subscription on Gumroad and linked to it from a page on the website. Whenever a new supporter signups up, I get an email.

I then update the podcast record in the website database to flag them as a supporter. All every manual, but it meant I was able to launch the feature in 1 night, and given the volume it's perfectly manageable.

All supporters signup for an annual subscription, so I'm dividing the revenue by 12 to get the MRR.

The Gumroad dashboard reports total revenue of $270, which equates to $22.50/m.

Although the package was aimed at supporters, a couple of users have subscribed because they like what Pod Hunt is doing!

Checkout the supporters:

#nocode #gumroad

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