Just crossed 5000 page views

Updating my weekly metrics and noticed that Pod Hunt passed 5000 page views in total on Sunday.

Full stats:

πŸ“„ Pageviews: 5,081

🏠 Visitors: 1,284

πŸ™β€β™€οΈ Users: 165

🐦 Followers: 164

πŸ“Ό Episodes: 129

βœ‰οΈ Subscribers: 58

The bulk of the traffic is coming from podcast hosts submitting their episode to Pod Hunt and then sharing the link on social media. I think that means Pod Hunt is "going viral" 🀣

Started seeing the first trickle of traffic coming from SEO, mostly people search for "PodHunt", where the website is ranking 3rd in the results. Made it to the first page for "Pod Hunt".

Almost ready for the official launch that will be coming next week!

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