Launched Curated Collections

Earlier this week I announced a new feature: Curated Collections.

Curated collections are another attempt at solving the problem of podcast discovery, still focused on podcast episodes and not podcasts as a whole, and a natural extension of what Pod Hunt is trying to achieve.

I wrote more about how I had the idea for a new website MakerPodcasts.com, and why I decided to build it as feature into Pod Hunt instead: https://practicalmvp.com/blog/announcing-maker-podcasts

I was trying to find new ways to promote Pod Hunt and Maker Podcasts seemed like a good way to do that, even as a separate site, but even more so as a feature of Pod Hunt itself.

I'm hoping this will increase the number of backlinks and help with the overall search engine rankings for Pod Hunt.

The first collection is called "Makers" and focuses on Makers who share regular updates on their journey building, launching and scaling their businesses.


What other collections would you like to see?

Update on all the stats I've been tracking:

📄 Pageviews 51,624

🏠 Visitors 11,413

🙍‍♀️ Users 728

🐦 Followers 525

📼 Episodes 847

✉️ Subscribers 311

💵 Revenue (supporters) $470 ($39.17 MRR)

Pod Hunt: https://podhunt.app

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    Love the ongoing focus to specific epsiodes. Loving the new stream of discovery.

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