November 29, 2019

Self-hosted site outranking Medium Publication

Graeme @graeme

"Invest in your own platforms. Building audiences on any other platform can be taken away from you with the snap of a finger." - Van Schneider

I've been running a Medium publication for a few years, but suddenly Medium introduced a paywall which has gated a lot of content to paying subscribers.

As legend goes, 'don't build your house on someone else's land'. With this future-sight, I've always balanced publishing on Medium with doing so on the self-hosted Prototypr platform.

And it payed off - just yesterday a new self-hosted article went straight to #1 on Google for the keywords 'responsive drag drop' (also posted here 🐵: This is a huge milestone for me, as it puts the future of the site in my own hands. Maybe the rank will drop a bit, but now my main site can outrank our big popular Medium publication. See here:

No paywall, no popups, just good technical content accessible for anyone to learn from. My advice for those blogging would be the same as the Van Schneider tweet:

'Use other platforms as a funnel, not as the base'.

I wanted to add a bit more about publishing technical content in the Medium paywall. I think the paywall is great model for the right audience. But traditionally, educational content in the design/dev industry has been openly accessible for anyone on the web to learn from, no matter their background.

I found through trying the paywall model that people still prefer their content to not be gated. This was the reason large publications like Freecodemap and Hackernoon already moved off Medium.

I still keep the publication active and going strong for those who choose to use Medium with us, but using our own platform is much more controllable and better for making content available to anyone.

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